BRILLIANT CARD DESIGNS: Swiss National Day, August 1

HURRAH! HURRAH! Happy Switzerland Day. Switzerland is a confederation of 26 autonomous cantons (states), with 3 completely different levels of political government and 4 National languages (German, French, Italian and Romantsch), all in a tiny country (8,7 million only). In medieval battles, soldiers wore widely different uniforms and to recognize their compatriots, soldiers carried a RED ARMBAND WITH A WHITE CROSS. This became the National Flag of Switzerland. Every country in the world has a RECTANGULAR flag for normal purposes, but a square war flag. Uniquely, only two have a square war flag for normal use, Switzerland and the Vatican! How about that for peace loving countries!! Thank you, David and Jim


  • kingfisher...I don't know anything about it but, Happy Switzerland Day to you, too. (thanks for the history lesson) :)

  • Oh, neat...just saw the cards! :)

  • Thanks! Cards are cool will give these cards a go for while , Happy Swiss Day to you, always enjoy seeing the Kingfishers on Wild Earth Show, very beautiful birds.

  • Amazing cards for Switzerland Day. Nice.

  • Why do I suddenly have a craving for some cheese?

  • Cheese and chocolates, @azgal, I'll send you some. Or you are invited for the traditional Cheese Fondue tonight.

  • Chocolates and Almond Amaretto Cappuccino is sounding good

  • kat14kat14 REGISTERED
    edited August 1

    I wondered yesterday what you were talking about, but now I see. For some reason, I'm finding these more challenging than some of the other "fancy" cards. I'm not complaining -- I like an occasional challenge -- but just commenting. Of course, I've got 75 year-old eyes
    which doesn't help matters much. And it's nice to see David & Jim acknowledging other places and cultures. Thanks kingfisher for the history lesson, too.

  • Switzerland has brought us more than cheese and chocolates. It's about culture and the beauty of another country. (But I sure could use a bit of cheese and a chocolate or two) 😋

  • kat14kat14 REGISTERED
    edited August 1

    Chocolate does sound good! Cheese, too. But chocolate . . .

  • Some of my ancestors were Swiss. I fondly remember doing the Grand Tour more than half a century (!) ago and both eating and buying (to bring home to family) a LOT of chocolate in Switzerland. Souvenirs lasted to about Spain. Good job Jim & David.

  • Happy day @kingfisher ... and thx for the lesson.


    Glad you liked it, @kingfisher. I had completely forgotten about this! You had asked for this last year, but it took us a few days to get it done, which meant that practically it took us a year. :smile:

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