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  • graeme

    Hello my friend,thanks for the recipe.Don't know if my digestion will take it.I may stick with laverbread.Thanks for the info.It's Saint David's Day on March 1st.He's the patron saint of Wales.. I can wait another year.I'm pleased you'r mam is making good progress and things are getting better for you.Treacle fully grown now.Still up to no good but good company.We are all fine here.I think I will fry up some more cookies and paint my toes red for Wales.Good to here from you and I wish you and you'r mam all the best for the future.

    July 2 Comment
  • graeme

    Thanks for you'r message.I'm pleased you'r mam is starting to make progress and getting out and about.Has to be a great weight off you'r mind.Hopefully,she will be back to her old self again.Holiday went well.Good weather and a chance to spend time as a family.Treacle well behaved,somewhat.I need another holiday to recover from this one but enjoyed it none the less.I'm glad things are starting to improve for you and you'r mam.I'll keep an eye out for you on 40 thieves.It does become addictive.Will always keep in touch.Give my love and kind regards to you'r mam.Nice to hear from you again.

    May 30 Comment
  • riverrat55 changed their profile picture.
    May 21 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello Gerald.I'm glad it's good news and I hope you'r mother will continue to make good progress.Always a worry when someone you love is very ill.I hope you are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel and everything works out well for you both.I will be off line for a week.Going to sunny Charmouth in Dorset tomorrow.Chris,Cath,Treacle and yours truly in a caravan on the beach.First time for Treacle.I may need another holiday after this.In the meantime play on.Cheers!

    May 17 Comment