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  • graeme

    Hello Gerald.I'm glad it's good news and I hope you'r mother will continue to make good progress.Always a worry when someone you love is very ill.I hope you are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel and everything works out well for you both.I will be off line for a week.Going to sunny Charmouth in Dorset tomorrow.Chris,Cath,Treacle and yours truly in a caravan on the beach.First time for Treacle.I may need another holiday after this.In the meantime play on.Cheers!

    May 17 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello my friend.I'm pleased to hear that you'r mam is home and seems to be on the road to recovery.Chris and I have suffered chest infections these last two weeks but on the road to recovery.Treacle is his usual self and still keeps us busy.How are you?Hope you are coping with you'r mam's health problems.It's never easy.Will keep in touch and hope things work out well for you and you'r mother.In the meantime,look after yourself.

    May 3 Comment
  • graeme

    Thank's for the message.Hope everything goes well for you'r mam.How are you bearing up?Let's pray everything works out well for you'r mam and she makes good progress.Fine weather here.Working in the garden most of the time.All well here.Treacle fully grown and full of energy.Love and best wishes to you and you'r mam.Will keep in touch.Look after yourself.

    April 24 Comment
  • graeme

    No problem.I'm always here if you feel you need to talk.In regard to the other matter.It's the person's problem.Don't make it yours.Hope all goes well for you and you'r mam.

    April 17 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello my friend,thanks for the video.One of my favourite tracks.Hope all is well with you and you'r family.Noticed you on 40 thieves,nice to hear from you again.Will keep in touch.

    April 16 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello riverrat55.Thanks for your message and change of name.I will keep an eye out for you on the every day games.My family and I are all well.Treacle up to no good as usual.I wish you and your family good health and well-being and look forward to seeing you on the leader board.Take care my friend.

    April 15 Comment
  • riverrat55 changed their profile picture.
    April 14 Comment