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  • graeme

    Hello my friend.Yes we will.I hope things get better for you both.What a year! Sincerely hope that as the year progresses our fortunes will change for the better.Will see Cath Sunday for tea,at a distance.In the garden if the weather holds.If not,in the conservatory.First time for nearly four months.Seems like a bad dream.Expecting to wake up any minute.Love to you both.Take care

    June 9 Comment
  • graeme

    A very touching reply.Sad,bitter-sweet.memories come flooding back at times like that.They say time is a great healer.........time will tell.Cath still well,deaths reducing but still high.Long way to go yet.Still worry.Little we can do.Never thought I would say this but thank heavens for Skype.Last time we actually saw her was three months ago.May be a couple more yet.We live in uncertain times.Just thought I would reply to you'r very moving account.Chris and I send our love to you both.Having been given special dispensation by Chris,I will follow my Saturday-night drink with a large pork pie......far superior to a small one.I wish you both well.Take care.

    May 30 Comment
  • graeme

    Hope you and Annette are well and you'r area is free from this scourge.Still bad here.Still on lock-down but all fine.Been very active lately,painting,gardening in this very fine weather,doing things I was hoping to avoid for a few more years.Look after yourselves.My regards to Annette.Will keep in touch.Cheers!

    May 30 Comment
  • $irSpin324

    Damn Skippy..

    May 29 Comment