Grayson came through his 2nd treatment like a champ and in good spirits. If I wasn't proud of him already..... Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes.


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  • graeme

    Good to hear of your son's progress.He's young and mentally strong,this will keep him in good shape during the treatment.I know what he is going through and he has my admiration for his courage.Look forward to a successful resolution.Give my regards to your wife and especially your brave son.Had a good holiday,good weather and time together as a family.Treacle in his element.Don't know about re-charged batteries.I now need a couple of weeks in a rest home.Can't grumble.Will keep in touch.

    May 29 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello homedoggy.How is everything with you?How is Grayson getting on?I hope progress is being made and his health is improving.How are you and your good wife managing?He must be well into his treatment now.I'm off for a week.As I told our mutual friend Gerald,tomorrow we will depart to sunny Charmouth in Dorset [it's raining at the moment].We will spend a week in a caravan on the beach.Chris,Cath,Treacle and myself in close proximity.I may well need another holiday after this.Treacle of course,will have the time of his life.........I don't know about the rest of us.No Solitaire for a week.Talk about cabin fever.We send our love and pray that all will be well.Play on,it's all we can do.The rest is in the hands of the God.Will get in touch when I return.God bless.

    May 17 Comment
  • graeme

    How is you'r lad?Almost half-way through his course I believe.Hope everything works out well for Grayson, and that Annette and yourself are bearing up under the present circumstances.Lots of love and best wishes from Chris and I.No sign of Treacle.Probably excavating the garden.Will keep in touch.

    April 24 Comment
  • graeme

    Hope your lad is bearing up and both you and Annette remaining strong.Hope good progress is being made.Prayers for you all.Lots of love from Chris,Treacle and last and certainly least your's truly.

    April 17 Comment