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  • graeme

    All safe here.Cath rang.She's lost all her stroke cases to Corona virus.India will suffer a lot.This is a country that spends billions on nuclear war-heads but little on it's people.Keep safe and don't worry too much.We'll outlast this thing.Just had my porridge.........look out Corona.Wishing you and Annette well.

    April 1 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello my friend.I hope you and Annette are bearing up under the terrible strain of losing you'r beloved son.No parent expects to bury their child, and when it happens it's heartbreaking.Our daughter,Catherine lives and works in the Gwent/Newport area of South Wales.She's a Lead-Dietitian in the local hospital.She is working from home now but this area has one of the highest rates of this virus.We are in isolation and,because of her risk to us we can't visit each other.She suffers from arthritis and is at high risk herself.We worry about Cath but there is nothing we can do but hope and prey she will remain clear of this scourge.It's a bad time for everybody now.I'll ask Chris what our e-mail is.You may realise how semi-literate I am when it comes to computers.We'll all get through this in time.In the meantime we'll play on.....it's all we can do.Regards to Annette bless her, it's especially hard for a mother to lose her child.I hope the pain will go in time.Time is a good healer.

    March 31 Comment