Grayson came through his 2nd treatment like a champ and in good spirits. If I wasn't proud of him already..... Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes.


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  • graeme

    Hope your lad is bearing up and both you and Annette remaining strong.Hope good progress is being made.Prayers for you all.Lots of love from Chris,Treacle and last and certainly least your's truly.

    April 17 Comment
  • graeme

    Glad to hear that you'r son is in good spirits.Brexit is toxic and has split the country in half.No signs of any resolution yet.I voted leave,my wife and daughter voted remain.That's a good representation of the politics of brexit.However,I have an ally in Treacle who has promised to vote in my favour........providing I give him more treats.Unfortunately,he's too young to vote.As always,our prayers go out to you,Annette and Grayson.Incidentally,my first name is very similar to you'r son's,it's Graham.I had to change it to register.Too many Grahams in this world apparently.God bless.

    April 7 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello my friend,hope your lad is bearing up.Early days yet but as treatment continues so you may start seeing some results.Give my regards to Grayson,he's a stand-up guy.I'm sure he'll come through with flying colours.With your love,support and prayers,he's well protected.As always,lot's of love and prayers for you,Annette and your very brave son.

    April 6 Comment
  • Grayson came through his 2nd treatment like a champ and in good spirits. If I wasn't proud of him already.....
    Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes.

    March 31 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello my friend,hope your lad is making good progress.Early days yet,I know,but time goes on.Hopefully,by the end of the year,the treatment will be behind him and he can look to the future.Lots of love to you and Annette.

    March 28 Comment
  • Monkeynotale

    I was just thinking on those very same thoughts. Happen to see that your son is doing chemo? I'm a six year, stage 4 breast cancer survivor. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Cancer is very treatable if caught early enough. My thoughts and well wishes go out to your son and all of your family.
    Yes, my surgery is on April 3rd. I should be home the same day.

    March 22 Comment
    • goodtime2
      @Monkeynotale and @homedoggy I wanted to send you some good thoughts & prayers as I know you're both going through a tough time right now. I am a 6 time survivor of the Big C. that started many years ago with different types of it but am in remission at this time for a little over a year. Monkeynotale, I wanted to let you know that I am sending you best wishes for the a good outcome in the next week or so. I will also keep homedoggy's son in my prayers as he goes through his treatments. Its a tough journey to be on but we can be strong, keep our hope and strong will to succeed. much love to you and your families.
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  • Gerald64

    Hillbilly comedy from Roy D. Mercer

    March 23 Comment
  • tucsonsky

    howdy homedoggy! i keep going back to the fav vid thread, so many cool clips .. .. .. i noticed that u r a Miles Davis fan .. .. .. did u happen to see the movie “Miles Ahead” with Don Cheadle and Ewan McGregor? is fictional but totally enjoyable, thot u might be interested, have a groovy day!

    March 20 Comment
  • graeme

    With all that support you'r son can't go wrong.We send him our love and wish for a good recovery.Will keep in touch.

    March 18 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello my friend.Lots of love and best wishes to you and Annette and special thoughts for your son.Tell your son every chemo and radiotherapy I had I knew was one step nearer to where I am now.And that's good health.Chris sends special regards to Annette Knowing,as a mother,what she is going through.You'll never be far from our thoughts and we look forward to good results.All the best my friend.

    March 17 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello my friend.Mentioned to Chris.She sends her love and prayers to you,as do I.Look forward to a good resolution.

    March 14 Comment
  • graeme

    Hello homedoggy.I perfectly understand.During my chemo I was advised to drink copious amounts of water.As a result I had few side effects.I always kept busy,as I still do.Radiotherapy a lot easier on the system than chemo.Support of family paramount.In my case,the power of prayer.Never failed me.Others may read this so I will be careful.You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers.Medical science is such that most cancers are not only treatable but cureable.It,s good to hear from you .My regards to Annette.Will keep in touch.

    March 14 Comment
  • Gerald64

    Hello road dog, thought I'd say Hello as was giving a shout out to graeme, and monkeynotale , couldn't leave you out, hope all is well there , and that you are well and dry, want be here for to long since have more thunderstorm from southwest , with wind advisory at 19 and suppose to get stronger winds when storm comes in just looked at MSN Weather radar for you , graeme, monkey as have High Point ,NC in my favorites so can monitor your areas weather , started walking so can get in some shape to catch up on some work in yard that am very very very behind , and try to hit the river and jump in the river at Paris Landing as you see my photo of spot will jump in , and since have 8 campgrounds and many swimming areas on both sides of river , and over in Dover, gonna throw some meat on grill and a baked onion and tater for later before storm , Take Care my friend.

    March 13 Comment
  • graeme

    Thank-you my friend.52 years.How we made it this far is a surprise to us both.Thanks more to Chris than myself.I hope you and Annette are well.Always keep an eye out for your videos.I still laugh at the first one you sent.I wish you both well and have a nice anniversary when it comes.

    March 11 Comment
  • Gerald64

    Snow in Milan Tennessee , light snow forecast for no accumalation, for several hours, brrrrrrrrrrrr......

    March 3 Comment