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  • riverrat55

    Jim , sorry to trouble you , here lately when posting video messages , I have noticed a URL name appears in next message box available , and have tried to on my my favorite video forum , have used youtube or Vevo to send video but when I click copy then paste , and it sends previous video as in yesterday it didn't post video I wanted and it was a repeat, is it a glitch or bug or something on my end when I see a URL of previous , was just curious, we all make mistakes but have noticed issue recently, any reason that it comes up in next box , Thanks , hopefully will hear from you when you have a few minutes of your time,

    May 7 Comment
  • Gerald64

    Jim tho have never been out of the US , I went online and looked at International Themes and went to images for international themes there is a lot of sites that may be beneficial as a reference for our many players outside of US as I have talked to people from South Wales/England and Canada it has themes for many countries outside of these few players that may benefit others from other countries, has seen your request for suggestions and am enclosing my idea for card designs for all . Thank You!

    April 2 Comment
  • Gerald64

    Thanks Jim , the emergency was my mom , nothing serious and is being dealt with at later date, I will leave the video for now but try to monitor more closely on content. unaware in how to delete videos?

    March 31 Comment
  • Gerald64

    Jim, I was wandering if you or David could implement a way to change Fonts on messages say I like Segoe Print, as you have emoji's and other features above the Activity box or message box. Can you in any way add this as a new feature or would it cause problems on maybe server? Thanks Jim and David.

    March 22 Comment