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  • Fast computer, fast fingers and lots of practice, especially using the shortcuts.

  • Love the name, addeeos54. Some of these game, freecell included, will allow you to make a supermove by right clicking on the green part of the screen. This moves all the cards up that can possibly be moved...and also counts each of those moves for you. @kat14 told you the rest with the possible exception of 'touch screen' computers. There is a video that somebody might post for you to show you how it's done.
    Have fun and practice.

  • The reference to "52 moves"* in the title of this thread reminded me of an analysis that I did several weeks of the number of moves in one game--coincidentally the very game featured in the thread that @fingsaint cited (
    Using a screencapture video, I counted the number of moves: 88.

    According to my notes at the time I did this, the number of moves reported by Green Felt varies was 82; today, following the steps spelled out in the table above, the site is reporting 81.
    Being mainly a speed player, I don't usually pay much attention to the number of moves, but I'm curious what @david & @jim think about the discrepancy.

    825 x 466 - 137K
  • *re: the reference to "52 moves" -- in the game the original poster cited, the lowest number of moves was actually 85. And the fastest _time_ was 34 seconds, not 22 as @addeeos54 reported. That time probably just came from a different game.
    As to the 52 moves, safe bet that that was actually the score...


    So I looked at our move list for what I think is the game you described above. It was tough to find, you played that game to completion 134 times. You got 82 moves on five of those games. The one I found seems to match with your tap positions most accurately. But it doesn't quite line up because you click so fast that some of the "auto finish" moves happen later.

    Step 5 in particular looks like kicks off an auto-finish job that moves 4 cards:
    1. The AH to the foundation when you tap
    2. The 4D to the foundation between step 6 and 7
    3. The 3H to the foundation between step 7 and 8
    4. The 4H to the foundation between step 8 and 9

    Step 10 was another auto-finish step and it only moves 8 cards, where you marked it as 14.

    Step 11 was another auto-finish step and it has 21 cards, where you marked it as 16.

    So those are the main ordering discrepancies I found. The game counted those auto-plays as 33 where you counted them as 32.

    So the real count discrepancies are due to how we count super moves (with super moves being defined as moving whole stacks in Freecell and SHT).

    Step 7 you count as 7 cards, but we count freecell/sht super moves as 1 move, so the QC and JD move to the KH in a single move.

    Similarly, step 8 and step 9 both move 4 cards at once from the top of the pile and so those count as 1

    That means you counted 10 moves where we only count 3. That's a difference of 7. I think with your count missing the one auto-finish card somewhere (you should have counted 89 instead of 88), that brings them into line (89-7 = 82).

  • Only 134?!??!?!!! I would’ve guessed closer to 500 on that one. [yes, I know. I have a problem. Thinking of starting a Freecell Anonymous chapter...]. Seriously, though, I almost certainly played a bunch more either anonymously or logged in as one of my other alter egos. [okay, maybe I have 2 problems. But multiple personality disorder isn’t all bad. At least I’m never lonely.]
    FWIW, I get the same results (82 moves reported) when playing at the speed of mere humans. But when I’m in greased-lightning mode and timing is just right, I definitely hit cases where a series of auto-finish operations get strung together so I don’t have to tap a blank spot after each super move.
    Anyway, thanks for investigating and reporting what you found. Interesting to understand better how the system works.

  • Jeez Deus...see

  • 1 PM appointment with Dr. Freud for Deus.

  • I wish I could understand what he is saying.It does sound very clever though.In the meantime I will continue to play on.Bye all.

  • @DeusExMachina ...
    @david's ability to solve problems might necessitate him absorbing your nom de plume.

  • 22 seconds is doable even without supermoves. Look at the games of the week with 80 plus moves in 5 or 6seconds

  • @graeme ....I kinda felt bad that you were having a tough time understanding and I tried to translate from English to err...English which wasn't working. So I used the Manual Override system and I think I got it in language where you can make heads from tails.
    The O.P. thought something was a bit skew-whiff and cack-handed about folks playing quickly. Kat14, fingsaint and I told him this was codswallop and people pulled a blinder and everything was bog-standard.
    Then DeusExMachina had a chin wag and gave jim and david a tinkle on the blower. Deus wasn't trying to be smarmy and throw a spanner in the works but catch a clanger before things got pear shaped but he did over-egg the pudding a tad and make a doodle into a dog's breakfast. All the while we got to curtain twitch along.
    david, being quid's in... called bagsy and was on it like a car's bonnet and Bob's your uncle...everything is tickety-boo and we can wind our necks in.

  • Thanks home doggy, Out of that lot I made fish pie, pear upside down cake with creme caramel and fed Treacle

  • oh yeah?

  • I think I got it now, homedoggy. Everything was discombobulated but now all is copacetic.

  • Can't say no more than that has already been said ! Hello, Rev,homedoggy, grame , Treacle and the rest of crew. Not here to win just to have fun.

  • Thanks homedoggy for that very erudite explanation.I can stop taking the tablets now that I have finally seen the light.It's a very sobering thought to have a genius amongst us.Is DeusExMachina the new generation of technobobs?Hello Trinny you will now have a best friend in Treacle.The pear upside down cake sounds mouthwatering.All the best to Rev,homedoggy,Gerald and everyone else who's contributions make this site so enjoyable.Rugby today.Barbarians against Argentina.Love from Treacle who has just been groomed.Not happy being clean and tidy.He'll soon rectify that.Bye all!

  • Hello Trinny,just a thought.Are all your pears grown upside down?The marvels of nature.What next,I ask myself.I'm sure DeusExMachina could quite easily explain that with one of his equations.

  • I actually understood everything homedoggy wrote. Deus.........not so much.

  • I am newish here and want to know if it is normal for players to play the same game multiple times in order to get a high score?

  • @aeschy ...For various reasons a player might play a game multiple times. High score...fastest time...beating a friends score...figuring path to completion..
    The good news is that there are lots of games. Don't get another game.
    Have fun.

  • @aeschy ...You can click 'High Scores' before you even play the game, if that helps.

  • One case where you can count on at least the top scorers having played multiple times is the Game of the Day. That’s one of the reasons that that game typically ends up with >30,000 plays whereas other games have only a few thousand.

  • @homedoggy, just read your translation to @graeme...absolutely brilliant. Thanks for a good laugh.

  • thank you for your help. I'm not frustrated really, just curious about how scores are calculated, and the extra weight given to time over number of moves. Often i will look at the high scores and it has taken up to 10 more moves than me, and realizing that i have unconsciously trained myself to pay more attention to # of moves than speed. I used play another freecell game, ( so maybe that's where i picked this up. I'm not really competitive, i'm 70 yrs old so pretty much over that shit.

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