Not a Freecell Super Move player? Well you gotta try it with *this* game

Game #: 686960134

If you don't normally use super moves much if at all, I encourage you to experience their power with today's Game of the Day. It's possible to play the game entirely with super moves, all from the very bottom of each column. That is, you can win without tapping any individual cards or even partial stacks. About the only way it could be better set up for super moves is if the columns were arranged in a the sequence that you play them, but even in that regard it's remarkably straightforward. (Yes, I know, cards could be layered such that a single tap would run the whole board. But where would the challenge be in that?!??!?!!?)
I'll even spell out the steps. In all cases, tap the bottom card in the column (e.g, in the first move, that would be the 4 of Diamonds)
1. Double-tap Column 7 (or tap a blank spot first, then 4D. That reduces your move count, but I find it's a beat slower...)
2. Double-tap Column 6
3. Tap Column 3
4. Tap Column 2
5. Tap Column 1
6. Double-tap Column 5
7. Tap Column 8

If you get the pacing of your taps just right, you can get away with single-tapping in steps 2 and 6. So it's possible to complete this game in 8 taps. (Which explains my the legit 3 seconds score on this game.)


  • WOW, that was cool. I have never had a freecell score so low - 16s (just followed your instructions). Thanks

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited January 2019

    Today’s Game of the Day is not quite as straightforward as the one above—at least I haven’t found that clean a solution, but still a super-mover’s dream.

  • Well that certainly explains why the moves and times can be so few and quick! I’m fairly new and have bee dumbfounded by some of the scores. Question, when 1000 people have played a game is there someone in last place?. Are these score over the “life” of the game?

    edited February 2019

    Welcome @ZMN! There is always someone in last place as long as someone has played at all. We keep the scores for each game (i.e. “shuffle”) around so you can go back and play old games. We try and steer people to games that others have played in general and we choose one game each day as “The Game of the Day” and send everyone there first.

    @DeusExMachina, I like the highlighting in your replay! Are you adding that by hand afterwards? Or did you inject code to do that? ;). @david, Seems like something we could add as an option by adding an animation to the black highlight.

  • Thanks @jim. I add the highlights in the video editing app that I spend many hours testing as my day job. The highlight animation is what we call a “motion graphic template,” which are chiefly for titles. They’re pretty slick, powerful, and easy to use. I’d guess it takes me about 10 minutes to add them for an average game.
    I’m not giving the app’s name to avoid using this fine site to promote a product I’m associated with. But I’ll happily fill in the blank for anyone who messages me directly.


    @jim, I'm not sure we could add those kind of animations. By adding them after the fact @DeusExMachina can make the animation start before the click happens. But in real life we can't anticipate the clicks. We could of course animate the click after the fact, but it would add lag to the game. Maybe that would be fine for making videos, but it probably would make the game feel very sluggish.

  • Check this one out:
    Winnable in 11 taps!

  • @david, @jim: suggest you put @DeusExMachina's fine explanation re game #686960134 in a FAQ about "cheaters", "impossible times."

    edited March 2021

    Love the video,. @DeusExMachina! Those highlights really make it. We should do a tutorial video at some point.

    I agree, @sierrarose.

  • One more Super Move dream game:
    Thirteen taps gets you there with this’un.

  • @DeusExMachina, thank you for all this, most helpful.

    Might I suggest that you drop into this thread all the "supermove-friendly" games you encounter? They make good practice for those of us coming up the curve.

  • Does "Super Move" just work for certain games?

  • @jezzbelle: From a quick survey of most of the card games, they all have some degree of Super Moves. They're quite powerful for the only two games I've played: Freecell and Spider. With some other games like Pyramid, the power seems pretty limited, but that's based on very limited trials so I may be totally wrong. If so, I trust others will correct me.

    While I'm a huge fan of Super Moves for visible cards, I think that playing hidden cards goes too far. With face-up cards, you could conceivably anticipate where each card is going to go. But in games like Spider, using Super Moves to play face-down cards doesn't feel right: the program is leveraging information that's hidden from the player. Don't get me wrong. I still do it. But I feel a little guilty...

  • Works in 40 Thieves. Not as often as in Deus' explanation but once in a while can get a string of 10-12+ cards moving at a time.

  • There is a super move that gives a zero time for the solid Hopeless game. I always get 1 second so I'm looking for that super move.

  • @sierrarose Will it work on a non-touch screen computer?

  • It does. I tried @DeusExMachina explanation. I'll have to try it on 40 Thieves sometime.

  • @jezzbelle Confirming, yes, works on non-touch screen. I use a mouse.

  • Yesterday’s Game of the Day was a dream for supermoves. Have a try!

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited August 2023

    Today’s episode is actually from the Game of the Day from a few days ago… it’s the first time I recall three players breaking the three second barrier.

  • @DeusExMachina hall of fame game!

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