Hi homedoggy.I'll make a note [excuse the pun],of that.At the moment i'm quite busy with our new puppy.........Treacle.A very sweet addition to our household.Hope you and yours are o.k.


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  • riverrat55

    Hey graeme, good to hear from you , seen your post on secret games, I messaged you the other day about Golf Wrap Around , it is listed amongst those highly classified top secret games in FAQ , give this game a shot as sent you some game numbers for this game to help you get started it is a fun game and fast. Grab yourself a mug of tea and get your putter out for a fun quick game, Good Luck , Let me know how you did will watch for you at # 1 top score since lot of people don't know about this game. Give it a whirl. Take Care my friend.

    September 25 Comment
  • riverrat55

    Golf Wrap Around Game numbers
    397726730 1203860410 211541948
    161871623 170280566 77275495
    you will see monkeynotale on there alot , if you remember her
    Hello to family and Treacle, Take Care my friend

    September 23 Comment
  • riverrat55

    Good Afternoon graeme seen your posts on forum and message to my wall so after few rounds of @Golf Wrap Around on FAQ under secret games one of the few games as play all 3 versions of golf and Klondike then once in blue moon play Forty Thieves, Don't know if you have played Golf Wrap Around it's an easy game to play , just go in number sequence, not many play it as seen on scores and usually first to up to 5th place , so if you start playing your will normally finish first , give it a shot it is easy game to pick up and as said lot of time you will get 1st place, so you can brag and pat yourself on back , promise you will love game normally finish it in fast game around 1 minute , and you will thank me later instead all those tough games. Just wanted to say hello and say all is well here , hopefully after 27 days of no rain and high temps and heat index high , got a brief shower earlier as we have some pop corn storms around our area as we call them since they pop up out of nowhere,

    September 23 Comment
  • riverrat55

    September 15 Comment
    • riverrat55
      Red Tail Hawk came to visit me, him and another hawk had a squirrel for dinner just missed the other one when I took picture he flew off.
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