Hi homedoggy.I'll make a note [excuse the pun],of that.At the moment i'm quite busy with our new puppy.........Treacle.A very sweet addition to our household.Hope you and yours are o.k.


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  • riverrat55

    yeah have been attempting to learn how to play other games , tried 40 thieves, but my few brain cells want allow me to figure it out , have been playing klondike off and on for the last week, just trying some new things , from the games I am use to playing and also in the recent forums from some I was playing game # number to try to figure out what their issue was . I sent the video as had seen your forum that Dreams by Fleetwood Mac was your favorite song and dedicated one of many versions on your personal page and my forum What is your favorite music video, have always enjoyed their music, and have always been a big fan of the beautiful Stevie Nicks , not just a good looking lady from England, but I love her voice and listen to her music when for personal issues her solo career. So am and always will be a fan of Stevie Nicks and the music of Fleetwood Mac, as have some favorite artist from England like Ozzy Osbourne, and England/Scotland roots and music of Jethro Tull. Take Care

    April 16 Comment
  • Monkeynotale

    Hi graeme. Slowly healing so no triple lutz for awhile. Hope all is well on your side of the pond.

    April 8 Comment
  • Gerald64

    enjoy a true comedian talking about farting apples

    March 22 Comment
  • Monkeynotale

    Hello Graeme
    Sending healing vibes and warm thoughts. I'm a six year breast cancer survivor. I know what darkness is like. If you ever need to talk....I'm here. Monkeynotale aka Joyce

    March 14 Comment
  • Gerald64

    Hello my friend, glad you liked the video, am a big Jeff Dunham fan, was just looking at MSN Weather and got idea to look for South Wales since don't know exactly where you are from since I can bring up on favorites as have some for homedoggy in North Carolina, not being nosy, saw map and found closest to South Wales was Liverpool I will go with that, and seen you have 25 mph winds and hazy, about as bad here in Milan, Tenn at 19mph with thunderstorms coming in again tonight thats all we need is rain, tho it is 63 F, guess yah! use Celsius scale so you will have to convert it. I am feeling better ready to get out and start walking to get in some shape since hopefully rain and cold should be gone soon, time to get off my butt and do something since last year couldn't do no work around outside of house, and have a lot to do , and hopefully as you see my photo on my page is one of favorite swimming holes on Tennessee River, can't wait to jump in. lol Take Care!

    March 13 Comment