I'd like to see my score during the game. Is there a way to do that?

Game: fortythieves
Game #: 45714886

What would you like to see?


  • I'd like to see my score as it accumulates during the game.

    edited November 2019

    No there isn't. Why would this be necessary?

  • Sage, Maybe if you were trying to match or beat the high score. In particular, Scorpion is difficult to score in my head.

  • It probably isn't necessary but it might just add to this player's enjoyment of the game. There is no harm in asking. I have always thought that Jim and David have been open to "Feature Requests". They will either consider them or explain why they can't do them.

    edited November 2019

    No, there's no harm in asking, I was just asking seattlesue why she wanted this. It's far too complicated for me to think about, or check, my score during a game and would take away my concentration, if I'm attempting to complete a game as quickly as possible. I wait until I've finished a game if I'm interested in knowing where I scored, in relation to others' scores. If I don't complete a game, and think it's doable, I play it again. If I complete a game, wherever I am on the score board, I move on to the next game... but that's me.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    Me too. Agreeing with Sage.

  • oh for goodness sake, nothing on this site is "necessary" .. .. .. including snooty attitudes, nor are they appreciated, thank you

  • oh for goodness sake, did YOU just say that?


    Hi @seattlesue,

    We have decided not to implement a visible numeric score for the solitaire games. Nonetheless, the sum of the top cards on the foundations is usually a proxy score for most games.

    Have fun,

  • I suggest a cup of tea with a cream bun.

  • Now that sounds good!

  • Almond Amaretto Cappuccino for the wind , cold, rain and possible snow later this evening.

  • Amaretto cappuccino sounds excellent!. As for the scores, I'm glad it isn't constantly visible while I play. But, especially for scorpion, I do sometimes wish there was a "check score" button that would tell me my current score in a pop-up box without submitting yet, giving me the option to keep trying.

  • Yes (on Scorpion), especially when I use undo to try a different scenario, I can never figure out if I've helped or hurt myself!

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