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I would like to know why when my score is for example 67 out of 1200, and 5 mins later I get on the top 10 list, its out of 100 or less people? Whenever I get on the board, the total number of ppl are ALWAYS less than when I dont. There are also times when my score is higher than some on the board, but I didnt make it on the list. Seems like a better system is needed.


  • Will someone block that name out with hearts <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 it is not appropriate for this site,

    edited June 2019

    Let’s say the same 1000 people play enough games for you to know that you always rank about 50th on average. Now let’s say we choose 100 of those people randomly and you play against them. You will likely rank 5th. Sadly it’s not our system, it’s just math.

    If we implemented @MountainAsh’s suggestion of adding a percentile rank then you might find your percentile rank’s fairly constant given 100 or 1000 plays (the 5th (or 95th?) percentile for the above example).

  • Thanks Jim! I like the percentile idea. I'm generally playing against my own personal best, so it's only a big picture / ballpark / trend thing I'm looking for. Same when I look at my "average times" on the NYT crossword, just making sure my brain is still in one piece. (I guess it's a little like reading the obits every morning and checking that you're not listed . . .)

  • Do @lasso and @jabba get graded on a curve?

  • Oops...getting graded on a curve favors the weaker player (like me).

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