Cheaters/Greenfelt Solitaire

Why are cheaters allowed to play the game? Those top scores in Greenfelt Solitaire draw 3 are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!



  • If it's not the cheaters it's the holiday cards - sigh!

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited March 8

    I'm so bored by these never ending posts about either the holiday card colors or people using everything they have to win a game-which is,you know, not cheating. Can't we just play the game-it's not actually a contest where a trophy or money prize will be rewarded. I consider any time I get a win, it's a win.

    BTW-St Patrick's Day is coming-get ready for the card color outrage.

  • Totally agree with barzonymous. When did Solitaire become a competative sport?

    I just won 2 Klondike 3-turn games in a row. Last one #940585469. I don't usually play 3-turn but just wanted to see what would happen. I promise I'm not a cheater -- my brain can't even handle super-moves. If I finish in the top 10% I'm thrilled.

    And I'd love to see holiday cards every day -- always with the option to return to normal cards. Of course, the number of complaints would probably cause the server to explode...

  • The Wiley ones figure out how to succeed (win) the losers spend the time whining. My concept of cheating is to break the rules -What are the rules for solitaire?

  • The person at the top of the mountain, didn't just get dropped off !!!! (author unknown)

  • How funny would it be if holiday cards were the norm and on holidays we got normal cards! >:)

  • I would love it...

  • The whining will continue ad infinitum.

  • I just thought if it was the norm, it might weed out the whiners before it became an issue that everyone has to put up with. They would just hate it and never come back.

  • my dad used to say “some people would complain about being hung with a new rope”

  • Mine would say "you'd complain if you were hung with a golden rope". Dads had quite the selection of sayings.

  • I'm not sure I get the point of those two rope sayings.....I want to go on record as saying I would complain about being hung by any rope regardless of how expensive it is... B^)

  • Anybody wanna go snipe hunting?

  • The expression refers to complaining about the rope, not being hanged. A rope used for hanging has to be prepped by boiling and stretching to remove any springiness.

  • Interesting observations.


  • Heaven forbid that it might be springy

  • To waste time on accusing others of cheating is as my father used to say "you were hoist by your own petard".

    The only real cheating in cards is with POKER. The most famous poem is by Brett Hart (1870):
    (It was actually written as a parody against racial discrimination.)

    I CHEATED to write a plagiarised version of the poem with the top 10 fastest scores of SHT. It was an April Fool's joke when the card colors changed.

    Happy cheating everyone, Kingfisher (alias Anonymus)

  • Love how these topics evolve
    "Give em enough rope and they'll hang themselves" - How much do I order?

  • Thanks kingfisher on the blog post feed and poem very amusing and Trinny no charge on order.

  • the point is, u got a noose around ur neck and ur STILL complaining .. .. .. LOL .. .. .. ur last words, a complaint! get a life, oopsy, too late ROFLMAO

  • cheaters solitaire song

    edited March 10

    I would love to go snipe hunting, Gerald. ;) I hope there's time for lunch, as well. This is a fascinating conversation, everyone. Thank you...

  • Good to hear from you Sage, thanks for the message, yeah! will go out for lunch , Take Care my friend.

  • almost forgot you bring the stick and burlap bags and will go out for happy meal , bout all I can afford.

  • Hi Gerald,

    How is your health now?

  • I am living with returned lung cancer now. Anyone who prays, please say one for me. o:)


  • Hello xnewyorker, am doing much better than I was 9 months ago from my heart surgery in June of last year, it has been a trying time not just for me alone, and family, and to several members of this great site was their for me in my time of need still have a ways to go but that will come with time, will think of you now in your time of need in your recovery , I hope and pray you get better, am grateful that you are back here on your forum , as mentioned to you and others I am here to only have fun , cause this game site and many players on here have been my life line at times of need. and truly grateful for that , thou have to realize there are many players that within last year have developed methods to achieve low times and better scores, cause some on site are more technically advanced in computer skills in the many games available on this site that was freely given to us by Jim and David and many players are grateful to them. regardless of what games I play I don't focus on scores, times, etc. I am here just to have fun , I try not to complain thou not always without my faults, that is why you see my posts on all forums is me just having fun thou again sometimes I go to far , and make bad choices and have to apologize to them , I am human I make make mistakes, am not perfect. I have learned to play newer games just to broaden my skills and have a better time to escape everyday life cause these last months has not been easy for me, if I finish 1358th in Free Cell am happy. I put my best effort in having fun, I am not good at competing with other players and don't play for record times or top 10 scores. sorry for changing your forum to having fun it is a character defect of mine, no offense I don't call people cheaters they are just as said more computer savvy and technically advanced and have developed skills. I don't know if I said anything to help you or anyone else, may have not said anything that means anything, nothing against you , and hope you get well in your time of need and will pray for you . Take Care,

  • In conclusion.... am grateful you messaged me to reach out , I don't know which games you play , might look at forums were DeusExMachina and few others have posted videos on shortcuts to obtaining higher scores such as This game is a bear or message him see if he might help you or send a video to you, you reached out to me , we are here to help in anyway we can , I realize you are going through medical issues and we all hope you get well, in your time of need, again Take care get well my friend.

  • shillelagh's , 4 leaf clovers, leprechauns , pots of gold under rainbow for St. Patrick's day cards,

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