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  • riverrat55

    Thanks for message, had seen your cute fish on your username, was just goofing off, the pic was off Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency website was just checking on pricing off Fishing Licenses , and it has news on the river and seen that , don't know the woman, that one was 82 pounds, I caught one years ago in my favorite spot of 68 pounds with 21 pounds of good meat. The record near Pickwick Dam is 181. would have to have about 8 of your fish to have a meal for me. tho don't know its breed. We have 7 different catfish around here. Take Care,

    April 22 Comment
  • Gerald64

    far2old here is a few suggestions since you may like games where you might place higher than those in normal lists like Free Cell where ridiculous scores and times by the super movers and computer advanced geeks,
    also go to FAQ in upper left on any game screen you will see a blog page when opened , scroll down to #12 under secret solitaire games you will see a list not on normal list , you will see games like mentioned above Golf Wrap and Golf Hide the kings haven't figured out other games some people and new players are not aware of these games, since you where thankful enough and may not be technically advanced and as you say where being fast is not concerned , me am slower than a slug but golf Wrap have placed first cause sometimes only I have played that game, yeah ! first place , yeah! ok no more bragging , click on feed above am sending you, and check out games on FAQ , Take Care

    March 23 Comment