Scary Movies

It's a little early, but let's share our favorite scary movies. It needn't be a Halloween movie, just the one that really scares you enough that you can't watch it alone.


  • Not exatcly a Halloween Movie but close- A Clockwork Orange

  • Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump

  • First War of the Worlds movie (1953). I had nightmares for at least a year after.

  • I love true scary movies. But I detest hack n slash. So it's hard to find one that sends shivers down my spine. The 1st War of the Worlds movie is a good one. Must admit I've never seen A Clockwork Orange. I know that this sounds silly, but when I was in the Army and living in the barracks, I lived on the 2nd floor. I went to see Jaws. That night, I woke up from a nightmare that the shark was attacking.

  • Jaws.I remember sitting in the cinema with Chris and Cath who was eight then.When the head fell out of the bottom of the boat I jumped out of my seat.Still haven't lived it down.Happy Days!

  • Stir of Echoes was one that stuck with me back when I first saw it. Not sure why it scared me so much; but not "hack n slash" if that helps.

  • Jaws. All psychological.....the fear of deep water and not being able to see or know what is down there.

  • Rocky Horror

  • homedoggyhomedoggy REGISTERED
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    ... but seriously... The Exorcist

  • justherejusthere REGISTERED
    edited October 12

    Oh, really, homedoggy....the Exorcist. I don't even want to go down that road!! :). Rocky Horror, though, absolutely hiliarous!

    edited October 12

    I couldn't find the first movie I thought of, from the last century, (and grossed myself out looking for it :D ) so I'll give you the second...

  • My favorite classic scary series of all time has to be the 4 Dr. Hannibal Lecter Series , even more scary reading them

  • How about Young Frankenstein

  • Homedoggy, you've found the most entertaining, funny scary movies. I like those choices. I've never seen any of the Dr. Lecter stuff riverrat55.

  • Anyone who has missed Rocky Horror Picture Show has missed a classic. There's nothing like seeing Tim Curry in bright red lipstick, black fishnet stockings and high heels dancing. I fell in love with his acting then and there. 🤩

  • @gmaterre movies or books by Thomas Harris in order
    1) Red Dragon
    2)Silence of the Lambs
    3) Hannibal
    4)Hannibal Rising

  • gmaterre...that scene in Rocky Horror was just THE BEST! I've loved it from the moment I first saw it...way back in 1979! ROFL. (Maybe, just maybe, it was early, early 1980...can't really remember. :))

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