just scored 20th out of 31. This is a weekend! Where are all the players? kirchjo@century.net

Game: klondike
Game #: 377684619
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    Many people have requested to have, and been given, the evening off from Greenfelt. Grass cutting and barbeque season must be starting or something. And it is Sunday. What are you going to do... :/ Don't worry though. I'm sure as soon as they're able, and have time, they'll be back to play. Yes, I'm still here. :p

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    You know-this is about the 5th time he has asked this question. The answer is never going to change. He should really check the forum before he asks it again.

    But here:


  • I do love Sage's answer.

  • some people in southern US are ducking for cover in basement or storm shelters in some states due to tornadoes , luckily am good here storms is state south of me gonna be a little rough in the south for few days so will be one person playing a lot of games while indoors , Hello Sage, barzonymous

  • graemegraeme REGISTERED

    I haven't noticed.Perhaps it's because I'm out cutting grass and enjoying barbeques.

  • I'm riding my pony.

  • i noticed not many online this past weekend too, and noticed with less 'pros' on here its much easier to scōre in top 10!!!!!!😜

  • Good one @Sage. We bbq'ed last night. (Plus s'mores)

  • Yum.

  • Gee...I miss one day and I miss everyone missing everyone else who's not here. No one missed me 😥. Wished I'd been bb'qing.

  • graemegraeme REGISTERED

    Hello terregma.I was only thinking of you the other day when I was cutting the grass and barbequeing.You could have joined us.How far away are you from Wales?

  • I get to see graeme, who by the way, is slaying Klondike again, being at the top of new strange looking score board. @riverrat.... see that you are really climbing the top ten board as well. I like seeing all my other friends on forum as well....seems like we're a big ole family. Hope everyone is well. Love to all.

  • I would just tell people that I finished in the top 20 and leave it at that.

  • Hi, homedoggy. Doesn't really matter to me where I finish, but with this new strange score board my move count has not been so good. Can't understand why, but I used to do OK (to my liking) in that category.....with the change, not so much. Hope all is well with you.

  • @binky3, my scores are slipping downwards with the new strange score board as well , I thought it was just me getting rusty, or monitoring recent storms around here as they hit in some of my favorite places when I lived on river , will cast more to new scores but getting bad as well , and as you said I only compete against myself , Stay safe and to my friends @graeme & @homedoggy , and the rest of green felt family

  • OOOOOOO (that would be hugs) to all. (I'm all over the score board. Been feeling either lack of concentration or not so good hands dealt in Forty Thieves.)

  • Seems the count only includes those who complete the game.

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