Election results

Well....it all comes down to North Kackalacky.
How bad do you want it?



  • What is the unit of measure?

  • Oh, so bad....please take care of that for us homedoggy!!!!!

  • I want a recount

  • I vote early...and often.

  • You can't!! Unless you live in Chicago, then it's $20 extra.

  • Let's all join virtual hands and pray really, really hard.. Won't cost a penny.

  • Voting is great. I reccomend doing it often.

  • Or is it recommend. I think it's 1 c and 2 m's. Sorry guys

  • How sweet it is, my little yam.

  • You all need to be ready for the zombie apocalypse once the counting is done!

  • @gmaterre ...I demand a recount.

  • Recount? Someone is trying to stop the 1st round of counting. I don't know whether to take a chill pill or start happy hour early. Aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  • Australia's truly a democracy and that's because we've had compulsory voting forever. Sandra.au

  • @binky-we got this. Joe's handling it like an adult. I know-go figure.

  • Being an ozzie....agree with sandra.....there are several states in the US which have over 100% of votes recorded.. .......which means not all votes lodged are registered voters.....I would say that is suspect in my mind.

  • Thanks @barzonymous.....sure hope you're right. It will be so nice to have a leader who is not always angry, dishonest and likes us. I've been crazy about our hopeful new one since Obama days. I thought they made a great team.

    If I have to leave, (ha), sounds like Australia would be a great place to go. From pictures it is really beautiful, not to mention it has the Hemsworth brothers (wow).

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    @BlueDeck-that has been debunked several times. No fraud in Wisconsin or Michigan. There are no states in the US reporting 100% of the voters have voted. As usual, we have people staying home. Not quite as many as usual.

    Bigger percentages of people have voted in comparison to previous years, but that's not suspect-that's taking an interest in who runs this country. I think you misinterpreted increases in percentages-some states have increased the amount of registered voters voting by several percent over 2016.


  • Guess I don't know enough about geography or government.....ooos.

  • Come to Wales.No voting fraud here.In fact there's nothing happening at all.We're all on lock-down.

  • Thank you, Graeme! You brought a smile to my face so quickly.

  • Thanks graeme....you already said you'd welcome me there. I've watched enough Escape to the Country I believe I'd fit right in, think I could even get the accent down. The scenery is so beautiful; doesn't seem to be anyone screaming and yelling at each other and so much politeness. Don't think I'd need to watch so much TV. You're a great friend, graeme.

  • Stay safe graeme and to your family our thoughts and prayers go out to you and to all individuals on this forum

  • Same to you riverrat, haven't heard from you in a while. Sure hope all is well with you and your mom. Personally, I'll be glad when the vote counting is over so I can breathe a sigh of relief. (hopefully)

  • Told ya! Break open the champagne!

  • Donald Trump you're firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddd !!!!!!!

  • Congratulations U.S.A.! Enjoy the celebration...

  • Y'all I can barely contain myself. Gerald, not only fired but I wish off to prison. I think he's probably already out of the country and in hiding. @barzonymous, great idea, this calls for a little day drinking. Thanks @Sage, you've been a great supporter. YEAH USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He's not hiding-he's filing legal challenges-wasting taxpayer money again.

  • It is really too bad that Donald Trump can't accept defeat like a true gentleman as Joe Biden is

  • Many are taking a deep breath now that the waiting is over. Worldwide I'd imagine.

  • Now comes the hard part, putting the "US" not "YOU" and "ME" back into "USA".

  • You are so right Ptownpapa. Never understood why there has to be sides, why there has to be a right or left. I think Biden has the same understanding and love that Obama has, not being afraid to show us how he cares about everyone and stop all the nonsense. Don't know if it's just me but I already feel much less stress and discord.

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    Spanish proverb: "They tried to bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds."

    America won...and eventually trump and his family will be out of the WH.

  • With malice toward none; with charity for all - let us strive to finish the work - to bind up the nation's wounds.

    Lincoln's second inaugural address. A good start

  • Heres the go......The Election is far from over........................from an Australians point of view.. The media have called the result. There will be a recount in several key states with infra red scanners checking the validity of all mail-in voting forms. The election is far from over. Cheers.

  • Cheers @x11 I think you’ll find that this assertion of voter fraud is rapidly losing traction.
    In other news, what’s the weather like Wodonga way?

  • G'day fingsaint....Trump is a smart man.....the dems have fallen into a trap. Wait and see. Trump was aware what was going to happen with the mail-in votes.

  • Hi @Apt_Source good of you to register all the way from Paris ;)

    The great thing about democracy is that every one is entitled to their opinion. Good luck with yours. :)

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  • barzonymous--thank you for george and paul

  • You are very welcome. Music hath charms...

  • It's Veterans Day here in the United States so I'd like to thank all those who served both here and for your own respective countries. In honor of this all the picture cards have kind of a military bend to them and there's no "normal card" button.

  • Thanks to ALL the Veterans, both active and retired. You sacrifice so much to keep us all safe and are very much respected and needed.

  • Well, I received a ballot in CA for my daughter, as well as her alias. Her alias was created when I added her to my dental insurance plan and her first name was misspelled. I work for the government and it took a long time to fix. In the mean time, the alias started getting jury summons and other mail, despite my telling the agencies there is no such person. Now the alias can vote for the president. I have the alias ballot right here and wonder how many other fictitious ballots are out there.

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    Hi @madamclerk I’d guess odds-on that those administrative glitches of duplicate voting opportunities have been present at every election including this one and the 2016 one and the ones before that. Probably inconsequential in numbers and unlikely to be widespread enough to have made any significant in-roads into the eventual results over the years, including this one. What puzzles me is the assumption made in certain circles that these glitches only fall into the other team’s hands. Surely by definition of their arbitrary nature these duplicates could be misused by both sides, if they were so inclined to fraud.

    It’s a touchy subject this whole election issue. I do hope it resolves itself before long without too much animosity and division.

    Green Felt is a much enjoyed pleasant distraction. Thanks again to Jim and David.

  • I agree with you on all points. Had my daughter used either of her ballots, it would not have been for the one complaining, but if this can happen on accident then it can manipulated, which leads to question.

    All I know for sure is that Green Felt has a pleasant distraction as well as free therapy for past and present times. Thanks Jim and Dave.

  • Glad for alternative media....cant believe a thing being said on main stream media. Honesty and law will overturn the vote count. Its happening now.

  • @Apt_Source: You seem to have mistaken this fine gaming forum for 8kun or 4chan or OAN. You’d be much happier among your kin on one of those wonders of free thinking.
    p.s., What color is the sky in your delusion?
    It’s blue here in the real world.

  • Thank you DeusExMachina

  • Excuse me Deus....The topic at hand is called "Election results". If you cant handle other ppl giving their views then why bother looking at this particular discussion regarding "Election results" Really just for you Deus maybe bitchute would help you with reality concerning the election.

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