Premium subscription service that has additional features

First let me say that I really like your gaming website. Have you thought about creating a premium subscription service to generate revenue? I don't think people would pay alot, but maybe something like $1/week / $3/month / $25/year. The main feature that I would be willing to pay for would be to see the history of the games I had played along with statistics of games attempted vs completed and how well I fared against other players that came after me (I envision something like the present leader board, but with just my scores/times/moves relative to the average of all other players). I recognize that could be done manually now if I recorded the game number of each game I played and went back and checked at somepoint in the future and tabulated in a spreadsheet, but that would be fairly tedious and cumbersome for games where multiples are played in a given session like freecell, flower garden, addiction, etc. Also, I had asked previously if it was possible to write a computer script to play each game like flower garden, canfield, yukon, freecell, spider solitare, etc and assign a difficulty rating (so that and individual could determine if game was solvable and how challenging a game would be before attempting)--I never got an official reply, but was told that I should check high score board and see if anybody else had solved. I have noticed that most people playing (at least in the case of flower garden and canfield) give up in the 1st few minutes on a hard game when a fairly good percentage of the more difficult games are solvable. This "difficulty rating" could be another feature that is offered only to premium members.

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What would you like to see?


  • Do you do anything to just relax? Have fun? Everything in life isn't a challenge or competition. Many of us come here to enjoy the less stressful things of life. Or to challenge ourselves, not compete with others. I can't speak for creators, @Jim and @David, but they have successfully created and managed a site without charge for I believe nearly 20 years. This they have done in their off-time. These men have jobs, and other duties, i.e. lives. Asking for more, even at a price, is too much for games and puzzles. At least that's my opinion. I'm grateful for what they've given us, for all we have. If you're suggestions are your true desire, develop them on your own as your passion my friend.

  • gmaterre
    Yes, I do come to play games here to relax and have fun. Not trying to start a philosophical debate, but despite popular opinion these days, I firmly believe that nothing in this world is "free": somebody somewhere has to exert time/effort/money to accomplish anything worthwhile. And as you mentioned the developers of this website have likely exerted considerable time and effort over the years (and I assume ongoing expenses) to operate this website. I would like to see them at least somewhat compensated for their efforts--otherwise if the ongoing effort/expense vs reward ratio becomes too burdensome then the most likely outcome will be abandonment/neglect. Or as often happens on many websites, there will be constant annoying ads streaming while you are playing a game. The problem, as I see it, is that there is already considerable competition in similar games that are already bundled with computer operating systems/phone apps, but those games don't offer some of the features I mentioned--and likely never will. So as an incentive for the developers to create some of the features that myself and others think would improve the site, personally I would be willing to pay $25/year. ASIDE: Not sure what part of the world you are in, but that equates to about a half tank of gas or dinner in a sit down restaurant or 2-3 trips to a coffee shop in the USA. I have no idea how many people frequent this website, but I would imagine that there are at least a small percentage that would be willing to help support monetarily.

    FWIW: these people are all requesting basically the same feature:

  • Good idea @lcc123 ...wish I'd thought of it.

  • howdy lcc123, i like to think outside of the box, to preface my suggestion for u let me tell u about my late great aunt Mary .. .. .. she had a master's degree in math, solving complex equations, calculating probabilities from statistical information was fun for her (i believe her luv of baseball had more to do with collecting stats than the sport itself) .. .. .. anyway, it occurred to me that perhaps somewhere in ur community is a brilliant mind going to waste in a rest home or retirement center and would be thrilled at a chance to help solve ur problem .. .. .. just a thought, good luck!

  • This request sounds like it came from a spoiled child who needs a sitter to watch his every move and keep track of it. Why would David & Jim even consider such a request that would not only require their full time but also a full staff. Would you like pie on the side?

  • I thought the request sounded thoughtful, well intentioned, though perhaps not in tune with most (?) of the players who post a lot. It was not aggressive, snotty, nasty or argumentative as some posts have been recently. Thankful for small blessings.

  • homedoggy, that doesn't sound like you.

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
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    @sierrarose I agree, different players enjoy different aspects when playing greenfelt games. There is no hierarchy of enjoyment. Each to their own.

  • I think not!The attraction of these games is that they are open to all players regardless of ability

  • lcc123 posted his request in the category "Feature Request". Why would Jim and David give us this category if they didn't want people to post a request? They have said in the past that we are all welcome to ask for features. I don't recall reading that we are no longer allowed to do that.

    Personally I would like to read this forum without others being ridiculed and called names. The world is nasty enough without reading it here too. About a couple of weeks ago David asked us all to be a little kinder. I think we all need a little more kindness and consideration for others in a very trying time.

  • bink... I was referring to my April Fools gag

  • Sorry doggy, didn't make the connection and really didn't mean to lash out like that. Just had a little personal issue going on, was feeling down and just took it out on whomever. XOXO

  • Hello binky3.You have to be very acute with homedoggy's sense of humour,it's very finely tuned.Never mind,Xmas is coming,season of good all men,women,dogs,cats,and especially to 1cc123.Stay safe everyone

  • But you're right, bink, complementary and supportive doesn't sound like me

  • Thanks guys, I can always count on you for my much needed pick-me-up.

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    I agree with @gmaterre

    @lcc123 If you've spent any time in this forum, you know how people are free to gripe, and complain about "issues" they want solved the minute they mention them, as well as suggest "improvements", on this free site. Can you imagine the nightmare that the forum would turn into if people were paying for this site, felt that they weren't getting their money's worth or exactly what they paid for? And how many people would it take to run this site, 24/7? Honestly, when you start charging people, Green Felt would have to change into a completely different site of the type that most of us are here to avoid. There would be have to advertising to start with to help pay for the extra time and manpower needed to keep the site running smoothly, and deal with all the additional above mentioned problems, as well as subscription issues. Also revenue wouldn't be without its own complications, and accounting, and the extra effort that would be needed for all that would entail. And what about the hundreds of people who'd not be able to pay for the site, would there still be a free, uncomplicated, site for them? Would @jim and @david think it was worth their while to devote even more of their time, and effort, to run a paid site?

    Honestly, when I see a post like this, I can't help but wonder how people, for the last two hundred years, who used to play solitaire with a deck of cards, managed to find fulfillment strictly in their own ability to play the game, without algorithms and statistics that tell them how well, and how fast, they're playing.

    That's my gripe for today, thank you. :D I will now drink my tea and play cards. Good evening, everyone...

  • I dig ur comment, Sage, u actually addressed lcc123's request with specific and thoughtful answers, not the usual dismissive stuff i see here all too often .. .. .. WTG! :smiley:

  • Hello Sage.I couldn't have explained it better myself,if I had the capability.Having spent the last two hundred years playing with a pack of cards it's a refreshing experience to be part of a site that obviates that lengthy procedure.Not forgetting the companionship that it engenders.If I may say,this post has been conducted in a very well mannered and informative way.Tea and porridge for breakfast.Have a good day everyone.

  • remember paper cards? i got the retired decks from mom's bridge club .. .. .. there were always 3 or 4 warped ones where someone had spilled a cup of hot coffee, and the ones that stuck together with "chocolate" from those raisens in the bridge mix .. .. .. they were still usable so i would replace the missing 6 of hearts with one of the jokers, get the cribbage board and my grandpa and soon enuff it was 15 2, 15 4 .. .. ..

  • I thought the "request a feature" was for the site developers to consider rather than have the members give it a rubbishing, perhaps this shouldn't be in the forums at all.

  • @Keithw A great thing about this site is everyone is allowed to voice an opinion, regardless of their qualifications. ;)

  • @Arborist That's exactly the problem with free sites, people do voice an opinion regardless of qualification. I'm incompetent at site development so I know my comments are worthless which is why development requests should be put to and answered by only the people that developed the site.

  • hey keith, come back and let us know when u get ur own site up and running, i'd luv to see how it should be done 😜

    edited August 26

    "wow! dissmissive AND condescending .. .. .. this must be the new kinder, gentler forum we've heard so much about .. .. .."

  • don't forget rubbishing LOL LOL LOL

  • My sister loves to play solitaire while watching TV, she has a small table top (no legs) on her lap and a VERY old and worn deck of cards. I've mentioned Greenfelt to her but she loves her cards. It's her "thing", she is in charge, she has the tactile assurance of the cards, she deals the hand and plays on. She is happy and content with her game.
    She is one of the people who, as @Sage pointed out, aren't keeping score, analyzing and/or comparing statistics.
    Aeons ago my wife dragooned me into a church "social" group, picnics were all I ever attended but I remember them
    well for one sad reason. There was a gentleman that - as soon as we settled in - would organize a volleyball game/tournament. Church families - ages newborn to well retired got teamed up. If we had played for exercise
    or just for laughs it would have been a joy but our fearless leader kept score and was "in charge". I sat out the
    "games", I refused to play against a 3'6" 6? 7? year old and be excoriated for not "killing". I am a player that,
    very occasionally, will actually be #1 - for a brief moment - usually I am content with a much "higher" score.
    I soldier on and am happy to spend the time. There are all kinds of people with all kinds of needs and drivers.
    Greenfelt caters to all levels and abilities, let it be. Play on.

  • Well said, ptownpapa. Your sister sounds like my kind of people. I still go back to the cards sometimes. :)

  • Well said, @Ptownpapa. Greenfelt has a diverse user base. Each player is here for a different reason. I wish for more tolerance, fewer snide remarks from our 'posters.' Myself included. Many a time I refrain from making a post because of the snarky, perhaps 'put down', remark just waiting to roll off my fingertips. Peace, brothers and sisters.

  • Well spoken.A good example of how to speak in a well-mannered and concise way.How to make friends and influence people.....very nicely put Ptownpapa.

  • graeme, you would know because you're the kindest and best example of a gentleman and friend a person could ask for.

  • I echo @binky3's remarks. @graeme is the epitome of a gentleman, kind to all, and a friendly person to all. Please to be aquainted with him. Blessed to think of him as friend.

  • That's very nice of you to say.Sets me up for the day now.It's nice to know and converse with all you,my absent friends.May it continue.Take care.

  • Hello @graeme and thank you for the compliment.

    Yes, very well said @Ptownpapa

    Yes, I know what you mean @sierrarose I do refrain from commenting myself a lot, for the same reason, and because I know that 99% of the time the person I'm aiming the snark at will not "get it" and others will just think I'm uncouth.

    I know, though, that there are many ladies and gentlemen here on this site and it's a joy to be in their company. I curtsy to all of you... Have a good evening and may the cards be dealt in your favour.

  • howdy Sage, i got the snark, i'm not as stupid as y'all think, but i hope u know that my comment that u quoted back to me was not directed to u in any way .. .. .. u r the most couth person here, imo .. .. .. someone told me recently that in Canada, just thinking about being impolite is a misdemeanor :D .. .. .. sierrarose , i believe ur onto something, becuz of ur comment i will be more careful what i post in the future, ty rose .. .. ..

  • Hello tucsonsky.We all gripe or say something out of tune with others on this site.I certainly have.It depends on how you feel on a particular day.Whatever you'r remarks,someone will disagree with you'r comments.Anyway,what's wrong with a gripe now and then?............I'll bet someone will disagree.Roast chicken for lunch.Cheers!

  • hey graeme, i'm in agreement with u and don't recall saying anything to the contrary, help me to understand why u directed ur comments to me, thanks :)

  • Hello tucsonsky.Because,as I see it we are all one on this site.We say our piece and have our disagreements and squabbles,but as someone famously said ,'it don't amount to a hill of beans'.I just felt you may be put off contributing you'r views in the future.We all try to be careful about what we say but in all honesty I see nothing wrong with you'r comments.Look forward to hearing more from you.Just had my porridge and raring to go.Keep safe my friend.

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