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[Title was "Ranting, cursing, & insulting posts- please ignore them"]

All they want is attention...please don't give it to them. It's so tempting to post the perfect putdown, but indifference is just so much more rewarding and so much less stressful. Let's just have fun-enjoy this site and play us some cards.

I think @jim and @david would love to see those posts just sink to the bottom.



  • It just really irks me to see David and Jim abused when they don't deserve it. But, @barzonymous, you are right. Ignoring the awful posts is the best way to make them go away.

  • I agree with you, barzonymous, but I just couldn't resist answering the douchebag...particularly since he/she was so nasty about it. And, too, I worry sometimes that Jim and David are going to just say "ok, I don't need this crap anymore". But, still, like you said, it's best to ignore them.

  • I had to almost bite my fingers off not to respond to that moron-but I'm working hard at ignoring all of

  • @kat14-I think your cat and our boy would look quite cool together.

  • replace 'evil' with 'trolls'

  • Excellent post, @sierrarose.

  • barzonymous, you keep changing your cat picture....I'm getting dizzy. :)

  • Beautiful cat, by the way. Yours, too, kat14. I love cats!

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited July 24

    @justthere, the first cat pic that I have used for awhile, was not my boy...I just grabbed one that kinda looked like him. But he's annoyed that he isn't being represented, so he made me (never disappoint a cat) put one of him up. There may be one more change, because we recently adopted a sister for him.

  • I once was "owned" by a cat. :). He did something stupid one night, don't remember what it was but it made him fall off of the table. I started laughing so hard and he looked at me like "really?", then he jumped up on my lap and starting slapping me...two fisted. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes...and trying to defend myself. I ended up apologizing...of course. He finally gave me a go-to-hell look and walked off. I nearly died laughing all over again. :)

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited July 24

    That is a great story. We once were totally possesed by an amazing cat who loved to sleep in the bathroom sink...yup, we brushed our teeth in the shower for months.

    BTW-for future reference-cats never do anything stupid. Should you ever get owned again.

  • LOL...that's so funny about brushing your teeth in the shower...cats absolutely do rule!! And, you're right...cats never do anything stupid. You'd think I would have learned. :)

  • Barzonymous -- Doodle is just one of eight, but his (tiny) picture is the one that shows up best. Cats are a treat! I couldn't live without at least one. Yours is beautiful.

  • It was our fault-the first time he slept in the sink-we applauded. He just gave us what we so obviously wanted.

  • Thank you. @kat14, Doodle is gorgeous. I do remember a couple of other cats you posted-also beautiful.

  • barzonymous, thanks for the was nice...brought back some really good memories. :)

  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
    edited July 24

    !! I thought our inherited 5 month old - Georgie - was the only aquacat. The sink is his nap spot of choice, especially if its just been used, he loves being wet. Maybe he's not a cat? Jumping on the loo seat that was, sadly, not down he landed in a "messy" deposit one afternoon, MJ bravely hoisted him out and bathed him, he loved it - purred through the soap bubbles. If he slows done enough I'll try to get a pic that's not a blur.

  • I understand the blur thing. Our new girl is so fast and hates to have her picture taken. Our boy poses for days.

  • I'll wait for nap.

  • Good luck.

  • Here's hoping @sam drops by and plants an emoji.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited July 25

    That "idiot" post will never die because people keep commenting on it... It's futile to comment and it really needs to drop. Again.

  • Maybe the mods could delete or close comments on troll-y posts so they don't get any momentum?

  • Yeah, @david posted the perfect response-the equivalent of a mic drop- and then everyone chimed in. I would love to see "comments closed."

  • @barzonymous, I hadn’t seen your comment before I posted my (same) question!

  • Thank you!

  • I haven't been able to get on for a few days (busy having my leg rebuilt and now just lying in bed, but I agree. DON'T feed the trolls.
    And I love all your cats and cat stories. I've got 2-1/2. (The 1/2 is wld and is really skittish.)

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited July 26

    When you are up and around, I would love to see a picture of all 2.5 cats. But get healthy pics can wait.

  • Still waiting for aqua Georgie to pose. WonAlternation, been there - my replacement parts are nearing 15 years old
    asked about replacement warranties - no response.. It will get better, just don't give up. Play on

  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
    edited July 27

    Got it! Now to see if I can paste it here.

  • Awwww....she's a beauty!

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited July 27

    Perfect.... really cute. Love the eye color...

  • Oops, Ptownpapa....I mean "he". :)

  • What a character. We know now who rules your roost

  • He's a tackler , I've almost stepped on him several times when he zooms in and lies down on , not at, my feet as I'm about to walk and I don't see him. He want's to play says MJ. You can't keep plants on the window sills - their in my way says the cat as he knocks them off. Other than that he's a charmer, rub his belly and he purrs like an engine.

  • There goes the neighborhood.

  • Now homedoggy, that sweet cat would be welcome in any neighborhood. Great picture Ptownpapa. Sometimes I think they just dare you to step on them.

  • Bumping this one up-because the "idiot programmers" cursing and ranting post will NEVER die.

  • Never mind.

  • I like this thread better than the grumpy ones. Here’s my overlord:

  • Beautiful!

  • I think our cat needs a better picture... There are some fantastic felines posted here. How about some cool canines?

  • Don't we all just love that "delete" button?

  • Just deleted two "comments" , hence the "never mind". No need to poke bears. murphymouse you have a beauty,
    black cats have power just by their existence, I imagine he swaggers as he struts.

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