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  • We have not had a black cat in quite a few years, but @Ptownpapa is correct. They radiate power.

  • He looks exactly like my cat that slapped the peewadden out of me when I laughed at him. :). Definitely a beauty there, murphymouse.

  • and bump.

  • I knew I should have edited the title of this thread to "Post Your Pet Pics."


    All these cat pictures have me thinking…

  • THANK YOU @david (Green Felt Guy) but think twice before you commit to a feline, it will take over your home, bring mayhem at the drop of a hat and demand more than any other partner you have or have ever had.
    BUT - to paraphrase George Carlin - "They love you"

  • Thankee! He does indeed. Our first cat; a neighborhood stray who invited himself in in January, and now this is his house. Though he hasn't taken over the sink yet -- pretty orange cat you have there!

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    @david,you should get a cat. There are a lot of cats without homes now. Get a cat. You will never regret it. They have only one flaw-they don't live forever.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    This little gray darling is our latest addition-she's two and faster than the speed of sound. Also able to leap tall buildings. This is the only time we think we'll get her to pose:

    We adopted her after her former people dropped her off at a rescue, because they were afraid their baby "might be allergic" to her.

  • gmaterregmaterre REGISTERED
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    I can't imagine my life without my Snow White. She's 14, but you'd never guess it.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    They are life enhancers, to be sure. Do you have a pic of her?

  • I'm trying to load it.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    Wow-regal! Also the perfect name for a black cat.

  • Thank you. I always say, what color was Snow White's hair? When they reply, black. I just smile.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    Brilliant. She is really beautiful. And those eyes. Mystical. Maybe you can set up a play date with @murphymouse's cat.

  • This is my husband's cat and her strange sleeping habits.imageimage

    576 x 431 - 487K
    576 x 462 - 547K
  • Hey, is there any way to rename this thread? Cats are great. I love Snow White.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    I'll message @david and ask him. I'll suggest "Post your pet pics here."

    Love the sleeping cat pics, @kat14.

  • Thanks @david.

  • @kat14, thank you for the compliment on my Snow White. Your husband's cat is gorgeous. And those sleeping habits are awesome.

  • Kat14, I love those sleeping pics! David, thanks for renaming the thread.

    I'd wanted a cat for years, but figured I wasn't home enough to get one settled. Also my husband was against. But with the pandemic we worked from home over a year, so we were around to notice this demanding fellow when he showed up in January loudly demanding food. Now he has all the food, loudly demands attention, and has my husband convinced he's his. He named the cat Catastrophe. :-)

  • gmaterregmaterre REGISTERED
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    I've got a confession to make. I'm not really a cat person...I'm a multi-species parent. I also have a dog. Mocha is a 10 year old Shih Tzu mix. Mixed with what? Don't know, don't care. He and Snow White get along very well.

  • here's our girl, we call her patty .. .. .. her brother we called burgers, he's all gone now .. .. .. burp 🤭

  • Was he a good boy? 😂

  • Kat14, that is not a tail - it's a feather duster... love the pics
    barzonymous and J&D thanks for the new thread. Georgie has discovered the TV, I'll have to
    keep him away from my office desk, he'll think his brother and sisters are back.

  • oh yeah, gmaterre, he was a big hit at our 4th of july bbq

  • Somebody gave me a cat once and wanted me to call her Ashely. I said no'... if it's my cat I get to name it. I saw her a week later and she asked me what the cat's name was and I said all I've been calling her Dumb Cat as in "get off of that couch you dumb cat ...get off of that chair you dumb cat" so the cat's name became DC

  • my son brought home a stray which are named Alley for Alley cat but then we took it to the vet and found out it was a male so I change the name to Brian Setzer

  • Cat pic will have to come later as I am at work right now - lets see if the dogs will attach.image

  • gmaterregmaterre REGISTERED
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    Impressive pooches @jabba. Be sure and give us their names when you're able to send pic of their cat sibling.

  • They are rescue dogs so I didn't give them these names. The more grey one is Simmi and the ginger is Kirra.

  • Beautiful dogs, @jabba.

  • @barzonymous your little gray girl looks just like my elder gray gentleman, down to what I call the (white) squirrel medallion on chest. Years ago he would daintily balance on gazebo rungs to try and get squirrels eating persimmons off tree in yard. Thank goodness, nary a one. No squirrel pie for him! Love all the cat and dog pix.

  • We call that her heart. Neither of our kids are allowed outside, so they hate squirrels from afar.

    Do you still have your guy?

  • jabbajabba REGISTERED
    edited August 2

    Here is Fudd - he passed in Feb this year. This is the only sink photo I have, though he was not fond of water.

    1944 x 2592 - 578K
  • RIP Fudd. What an amazing face.

  • I am sorry for loss. He looks the image of Georgie. A sweet face.

  • Sometimes not so muchimage

    480 x 640 - 99K
  • My Mocha was a rescue as well @jabba. I kept Mocha as his name because he'd suffered enough trauma already. Three owners in less than a year. But he's got his forever home now. We've been together 8 years in November. I'd have named him Lover Boy or Casanova. He likes to suck up to everyone with his "I'm so neglected, I just want some love" pitch. Such a con man. I love it!

  • I was really just teasing when I asked for the name change--but I'm glad I did and I'm glad Barzonymous and David & Jim agreed. It's great to see all these pets! And it's so nice to see all the positivity. In our 53 years of marriage we've rescued 53 cats, and loved every minute of it, although losing them doesn't seem to get any easier. They are all beautiful! (Even the dogs). These are not my cats, but I loved this meme.

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  • kat14kat14 REGISTERED
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    This is another favorite--again not mine. Although sometimes that's how I feel.

    263 x 237 - 113K
  • KarenDavidsonKarenDavidson REGISTERED
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    Hi, oh how I love animals, I can not have my own cat yet, but to look at other people's is a great joy for me))) So, thank you!

  • FWIW: both my old guys (15 & 16) were rescue cats. One had had a broken hip, the other a broken pelvis shortly before I adopted. Arthritis has set in. A product called Glycoflex2 has been of great help; restored the evening "zoomies." They eagerly await their 'treat' morning & night. @kat14 love your memes. Thank you David & Jim for changing thread title. A refreshing change of posts.

  • @sierrarose, we use cosequin-which is also great for speed and agility for our boy. I'll check Glycoflex2.

  • Fireweed -- I don't know that I'd like seeing that in my yard. Yesterday a coyote walked across my front porch and on several occasions a bobcat has stared at me through the window, but a bear is a bit too much for me. That (and the hawks and rattlesnakes) are why my cats are indoor only.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    So, what's the strangest thing your pet wants to eat? Ours consider "whip cream" the best. The fake cream from a can.

  • gmaterregmaterre REGISTERED
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    When I was a kid, my grandparents had a parakeet that liked red maraschino cherries. "Cookie" also said a few phrases. One was, "Pretty baby Terre"

  • I love that. And that the parakeet knew your name. We once had a cat that loved olives (green) and the filling in a donut.

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