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  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
    edited August 7

    A follow up, here is Georgie napping in one of his favorite spots.

  • At least your cat fits in a sink. Our late and lamented sink dweller definitely needed a bigger sink. Georgie has beautiful coloring.

  • That's wild. Did the cat also like the pimento? Or were these ones with the pit? I like both. That cat & I could have been great pals.

  • No, just the green pitted olives. I think it was more licking off the liquid. Some weird craving.

  • kat14kat14 REGISTERED
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    Pokey (a tortie) loved banana bread. Malcolm ( a long furred apricot who looked like a lion) loved creamed corn. I don't remember which one liked brusselssprouts -- but it was probably because of the butter. Most of our cats would lick the whipped cream off the beaters. Then there was Tatters who used to bring his treasures home: a piece of leftover pizza, a tortilla, and once even a 1/2 used bag of dry noodles. I have no idea what he actually ate on his outings. He was fed well at home, although he had to compete with 6 or 7 others.
    The little beebee parrot we had years ago used to drink grape juice or cantaloupe juice out of a little medicine cup. He'd just put his right claws over the edge of the cup and tilt it up to his beak. Really cute, but he got mean and would bite. (Having had 53 cats and numerous other pets, I have lots of stories.)

  • Ours tend toward sweet or oily. But we keep them on cat food only. Except for the special occasion whip cream.

  • My grey dog likes the snow pea pods and the ginger likes the peas, they grey also has a thing for strawberries. My cat liked pineapple.

  • Pineapple? Wow.

  • funny!! :)

  • Can I hear a MEOW?

  • Of course you can have a meow. Here’s an older pic of Catastrophe, looking literary.

  • We had a cat that would sit on your shoulder while you peeled potatoes and shoot out a paw, grab the peeling and promptly consume it. I promise you that we were feeding it cat food regularly but this was his daily ritual

  • I love Catastrophe -- both the cat and the name! After marmalade cats, blacks are my favorite.

  • Why do they have a World Cat Day? Someone told me that was every day (but I've never said it out loud near my cats or my dogs.)

  • @jilwil I like the mental image of your shoulder potato peel cat :)

  • Thanks @kat14! We do too. And the potato peel snatcher sounds like a lot of fun, @jilwil.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited September 11

    I was perusing facebook memories and found this one of our beloved sink cat. This is just one of many when he let us pile things on him. Note his long suffering patient face.

  • LOL...that's so funny!! :)

  • Our girl Kirra has passed - renal failure and other complications (she was the one with ginger tones in the photo). We miss her deeply.

  • jabba, so sorry to learn of Kirra's passing. I know how much that hurts. Be strong for Kirra's memory. 😢

  • I am so sorry about Kirra...She was a beautiful girl. And loved.

  • @jabba I'm so sorry to hear about Kirra. It's always hard to lose a pet.

  • My heart goes out to you @jabba . Losing a pet is like losing a human. They are a member of the family. May your memories of Kirra always be happy ones.

  • Sorry for your loss - Easy to say. As @gmaterre said "my heart goes out to you" The pain will become sweet memories. Been there, as have all pet owners eventually.

  • Such a loss. So sad. Always difficult to lose little friends.

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone

  • Hello jabba.Sorry about you'r loss.We have lost three to cancer,two English sheepdogs and a Grand Basset.All three had to be put down.Two,Bess and Lady died in my arms.You are left with that terrible silence when they are gone,but, as someone once said,'better to have loved and lost than never to have loved......'

  • As always @graeme your words are spot on.

  • Hello Ptownpapa.Nice of you to say.It's heartbreaking losing a faithful friend.The last one to die was Bumble.Two months later we had Treacle.Life goes on.Cherish Georgie.Keep safe.

  • I found this to comfort a friend who had to let his dog go: “To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace.” Milan Kundera. Perhaps it could be adapted for @jabba : “To sit with a cat on warm lap on a lazy morning is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace.”

  • Well said @sierrarose , well said.

  • howdy pet lovers! check out The Dodo, this website is all about critters who get fostered by humans, like this tiny ermine .. .. ..

  • tucsonsky, that was so interesting. I enjoyed it very much. Between videos like this and all the dancing videos you're posting, I feel like I'm getting a really good exposure to nature and culture. Thanks. :)

  • Tucsonsky -- great video. Thanks!

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