I,am fed up with this card game i want to cancell this of of my acct. it is so wrong other people ha

Game: fortythieves
Game #: 1083189707
Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:72.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/72.0
JS-Version: 2019-12-16_02:50:12_e23c93728e643b4d6eec18b99a1e9c704700aef7

Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible:


  • Calm down, your post is ambiguous - do you want OUT of Greenfelt, or do you want 40thieves to no longer appear on the list if games? The second, I believe, isn't possible, the list is integral to the App/Program/System - everyone sees it. If you don't like the game, don't play it. The first iI'm not sure of, I would imagine if you went to your settings,
    "account options" the wheel to the right of your name, it might be there.

  • Try this. First, how many aces are missing or, in other words, still in the deck and not visible. Next, how many two's. Now, where can you start a linked set of numbers? This gives you somewhere to start. You may do as well as 50% of the others, or, now and then, you may win. USE THE UNDO as a tool, not a failure. It is part of the strategy. You may find yourself addicted to forty thieves rather than frustrated.

  • I'm addicted,but not very good.Who cares?Play on and enjoy.

  • I've tried it occasionally, the UNDO never occurred to me. I'll give it another afternoon.

  • Having fun is my favorite way to play, as sometimes the worst forty thieves player ever, it doesn't bother me I just keep playing it , and as mentioned there are other games on this site some have more or less difficulty in how you play , as been here have gotten somewhat better the more I play and as a friend of mine says practice, practice, play on have fun.

  • Switching to decaf may help as well

  • Forty Thieves game#189771956 Score: 50 Moves:50 Time: 4:29

  • 153 moves sorry was cheating

    edited January 22

    mike50 has posted, before, that he never wins a game. So, perhaps, that's why he wants to cancel his account... https://forum.greenfelt.net/profile/discussions/9041/mike50

  • I submit that mike50 should be "cancelled ... of of" the forum for leaving us all hanging. I mean, I don't care so much about what is so wrong, but what have other people done about it?!?!??!?!?!?

  • I know it's a really new concept (sarcasm implied), but perhaps-Mike should play a different game or...practice, practice, practice.

  • not sure if your question mark was in response to my post, @graeme. If so, take a good look at the thread's title

  • Be a great help if he would complete the sentence.I'm assuming it's just another gripe.We probably won't hear from him again.Have a good day.I'm just off for bacon and eggs for my supper.Bye.

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