let me play the game not you i will click cards to move not you ok your spoiling it for me , fu que

Game: freecell
Game #: 2047430605

What would you like to see?


  • You'r not fooling anyone.Take you'r bad language and attitude elsewhere.It's not wanted on this site.Preferably wash you'r mouth out.

  • He/she was only trying to get a rise out of someone. Either that or he got out of bed on the wrong side and stepped in dog poo. I hate when that happens and I say some things that aren't so nice. JK...my dog is not allowed in my room.

    @Charltonb....have a cup of coffee and try again.

  • No matter how you spell it @charltonb ...you're a class act.
    Don't look at me @Nan01 ...I'm housebroken.

  • Soap didn't work for me, I was given Caster Oil for my Potty Mouth, still cuss like a sailor !

  • How many times does this exact same post have to be posted? It's asked and answered.

  • Out of 13 Forums, titled "Let me play..." is on there 9 times, as Nan said he/she just wants to get a rise out of people!

  • Hereby ignoring this post and this poster. Feel it in me waters it won't matter.

  • I'll go along with that.Time for tea.

  • Now there's something.A housebroken homedoggy.Best wishes for you'r family and good progress for Grayson.I'm now going to have another cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit........or two.

  • I agree, @barzonymous, there's absolutely no point in replying, to @charltonb's posts, if all previous replies haven't made any difference. Oh... am I too late for tea and chocolate biscuits?

  • Of course Sage,anytime,but I've eaten all the chocolate ones.I do have some digestives left.Apologies for my recent reply to this idiot.I would return to the naughty step but Treacle's already there.In the meantime play on and enjoy yourselves.Anyone for tea?

  • graeme chocolate ones sounded good , too bad they are all gone, now you made me hungry for some fresh country buttermilk homemade biscuits and milk gravy. hope all's well for you and family, Treacle across the pond. I am raising my Dr. Pepper in toast to you. have to forgo the tea. too bad the varmint you mentioned just can't have fun and enjoy themselves and ask for help from one of us here on site......... will leave that comment to myself while I drink my sodie pop , Those that are affected to the East -Southeast that are affected by the recent hurricane on the coast and the Bahamas my thought's and prayers go out to all.

  • Hello riverrat55.Everything fine this side of the pond.I just saw the aftermath of the hurricane.I can't believe that so much damage can be done by a force of nature.My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost everything in this disaster.Enjoy you'r sodie pop and will keep an eye out for you in Klondike.Regards to you'r mam

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