Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.
Thank you for the Canada Day Cards!


  • Happy Canada Day from Tennessee
    aka Gerald64

  • Kenyon they are celebrating Canada Day with the Canadian Maple Leaf on the cards, I know that Jim and David are of have Canada ties and I believe live there.


    Jim and I are from the US and have no ties to Canada. But they have an easy day to celebrate so we added it. We would love to add more countries, too, but we lack the worldly knowledge to know which holidays are actually celebrated and feel quintessential.

    If you want your country celebrated, we're happy to consider it, just let us know what the day of the most appropriate holiday is and how it's traditionally celebrated…

  • Australia (Straya to the locals) Day is 26th January

  • Watched fireworks show from Canada tonight while on the Port Huron ship watch.

  • homedoggy's birthday...March 29th. Not a 'national' holiday but
    you only have to do it once every 4 years.

  • I 2nd the motion on homedoggy's birthday, he gets to celebrate with the likes of Cy Young(Baseball Legend) Sam Walton(Wal-Mart founder) Lucy Lawless(Xena) Terry Jacks( Music writer) source ,

  • Saint David,patron saint of Wales,March1st.Red Dragon cards please.I'm happy to wait another year.I'll second homedoggy's birthday.Perhaps we could have a national homedoggy day.Just in time for tea.Bye all.

  • Homedoggy, I'm curious why we would only celebrate your March 29th birthday every 4 years?

  • homedoggy is an enigma within himself.

  • sorry,.,.,.Feb29
    I was multitasking

  • a leap year doggy!

  • We're called leaplings.

  • Multitasking?Whose a clever boy then.

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