please respond to us as to expected date of maintenance being completed and klondike back in action

Game: klondike
Game #: 1802803417
Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/81.0.4044.138 Safari/537.36
JS-Version: 2020-05-16_19:41:12_-0700_f06495f1711fe3a4108f10f14aebc2cd651b89d9
Errors: 4b4af3c307

Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible:


  • As of this minute, Klondike is working perfectly fine and has been as there have been no other complaints. Perhaps it's an issue with your computer?

  • Same as sage , all is good here ?

  • Good here as well.

  • perhaps we were unclear. klondike is most decidedly and definitively not working. we insist, nay demand, that the proprietors of this virtual establishment undertake whatever remedies are required to rectify this intolerable outage. we furthermore adjure them to both declare an estimated time for resolution and to broadcast in a timely manner once the maintenance has been completed and klondike is back in operation.
    and before some nasty third-rate person comes along spouting fake news that "klondike is working fine" and asking what exactly the problem is, let us make it clear we're not going to spell it out. you know what the problem is. the problem is very obvious to everybody.
    if you look at what's gone on and you look at now, all this information that's being released, and from what we understand that's only the beginning. Some terrible things happened and it should never be allowed to happen on this site again. and you'll be seeing what's going on over the coming weeks.
    and that's all need to know about klondikegate

  • I'm trying to choose between the six insults running through mu head right now but I sincerely hope someone can help you with your problems....perhaps Dr. Phil.

  • Very funny, in a trollish way.

  • It's somebody trying to imitate a Certain Person is my guess. The imitation fell short, if that's the case, since I don't think that Certain Person knows all of those words (for example "adjure") and he certainly doesn't talk in complete sentences much less entire paragraphs. A more accurate imitation would also have randomly capitalized words instead of no capitals at all. He would never use "nay". Never. The unjustifiably angry tone, unsubstantiated accusations, and certain key words (I especially liked "nasty") are well done, but overall I'm afraid I must give this a C-.

    If it's not an imitation, then we're left with deciding if the poster was serious or just being funny. In either case, there's just not much to say, though the irony of the poster's use of the term "third rate" could be tempting to discuss.

  • I've only just got up.Having read the above,I think I'll go back to bed.Too complicated first thing in the morning.Better still.I'll have a nice strong cup of tea.

  • OK, I'll say it. Trump, is that you??? You need to take your pill now and settle down.

  • In unknown, mixed company steer clear of politics and religion. I'm with @graeme, good tea or good potables and back to Klondike, which, is working just fine.

  • Dear Klondike, I did not write that long rant by someone posing as kirchjolove. I only wanted to know if you could give us an idea of how long you expected Klondike to be down ............... and I asked respectfully and politely ........... not like the imposter posting under my Klondike username. I love this game and thank you for giving it to us and servicing it for us to enjoy.

    Sincerely, kirchjolove

  • Kirchjolove, have you tried restart? Shut down Greenfelt, shut down your browser, shut down your device and restart all in reverse order. Frequently works a treat with a problem that appears to be targeting you and no one else.

  • Dear kirchjolove,
    Thanks for your love. It warms my heart.
    You must have tried playing me when I stepped out for my once-a-year breakfast. (A big stack of sourdough pancake with a side of smoked salmon. Mmm!)
    Apologies for the interruption.

  • This doesn't require a response as it has been fine for a very very long time. Don't bother this site with trivial matters.


    @kirchjoIove (with a capital "i"): lol

    @kirchjolove: The "Errors: 4b4af3c307" in your report indicates there is some sort of browser extension installed that is injecting incompatible code into the Green Felt web site. This is almost certainly the reason Green Felt isn't working. We recommend checking for malware on your computer and/or trying to remove any weirdo browser toolbars/etc you might have (accidentally?) installed.

    edited May 23

    Hi @kirchjolove,

    It looks like you have something installed in your browser that is affecting Green Felt. We’re not sure what it is, but we can confirm that we are seeing errors from your browser. Try removing any installed extensions. Maybe try Chrome or Firefox?

    Good luck,

  • dang Russians

  • We're at risk of being injected with incompatibles now,leave alone the virus.Is this the end as we know it?

  • I was going to suggest pancakes or whatever it is that the people on the other side of the pond eat for breakfast.

  • My Nan used to make a lovely bread pudding.Two slices of that and you need both belt and braces to hold you'r stomach up.Not something you would want to drop on you'r foot.Not to be eaten for breakfast,I may add.I'm off for a cup of tea and some treacle tart.Bye all.

  • Thanks friends for the suggestions to fix my connection to Klondike. I will look into all of them!

    Thanks again, kirchjolove

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