Just found a recipe for pancakes without using flour.Mash one banana,whisk two eggs,add together,pour some of the batter into frying pan,fry with butter or oil.Flip over.Hav'nt done it yet.Don't have a banana.Perhaps someone could let me know if it's any good.


  • We did it once - it was good. We froze some after cooking for later.

  • I skip the middleman and just freeze the bananas. Yum!

  • Sorry, you lost me at banana.

  • My lovely wife went shopping one day and came home with a set of square dishes which I could not complain about because I didn't want to go shopping with her. Anyway, the next Sunday, I got up and started making pancakes and got a plate out to put them on....and I looked at the plate...then I looked at the pancake...
    Long story longer...I made a stack of square pancakes. My son thought it was stupid. If you can't make 'em laugh, make 'em mad.

  • When our children were very young my wife made alphabet pancakes, mostly in their initials but lots
    of spelling at breakfast and sometimes dinner. Did it with the grand-babies too. As they grew they
    made their own "concept" pancakes. "what's that one"?? say I "Can't you tell Papa? gee, you're getting old"
    Now we have grands one of whom is a chef, one a cook dinner at home 'cause Mama works and one gymnast, none
    of whom really like pancakes anymore. My wife still makes pancakes occasionally - just round ones.

  • I have a similar sort of recipe for Xmas steamed pudding - no flour and yes using banana

  • I'll have to try this as I have one very good friend who is actually, really, gluten intolerant.

  • Pancakes for supper!!!

  • Thank-you all for you'r contributions.I am awaiting a consignment of bananas this Saturday.I'm sure you are all waiting the results of my culinary expedition.My wife has warned against it.She envisages splodges all over the kitchen.She may well be pleasantly surprised at the out-come.If you don't hear from me after Saturday,you know she wasn't.Bye all!

  • Talking about bananas,Chris makes a very tasty banana cake.Best using over-ripe bananas.Surprising what you can do with a banana.

  • splodges == a delightful word.

  • My kitchen is splodge colored anyway. It should blend right in.

  • And banana cake....pls send some via avian bovine

  • I always use fresh bananas in my banana cake - always very moist. Old bananas are just gross to deal with

  • Thank-you all.Homedoggy,flying pig on it's way.

  • I'm with Jabba on the overripe bananas. I've made the pancake recipe twice. Both times it was enjoyable. I wonder if that would work with applesauce???? Graeme are you well and not repainting the kitchen?

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    I have made these, it's a good recipe, particularly if you're eating gluten/grain free. Add a few slices of bacon, a few sausages, and a cup of tea, and you're set. ;) If you want to save time and trouble, you can slice the bananas into the frying pan, brown them a bit, and then toss in the eggs. This works well with greenish bananas, if you don't want to wait until they're mashable. Looking forward to the news on Saturday...

  • Banana pudding is a Southern delicacy. I'll let you find the recipe online but mmm mm... some kinda good.

  • Jack Johnson - Potato Pancakes

  • OOOPS !Banana Pancakes hint don't eat French Fries while sending message, lol

  • My apologies to you all.Will receive the bananas on Sunday and will send you the results of my culinary achievement then.Sage,do I throw the cup of tea in as well?Seems a waste of a perfectly good cup of tea,but if needs must.Chris is threatening extreme measures if this backfires.What can go wrong?

  • Hello Fireweed.All well here.Still on lock-down.New anti-body test coming out shortly.Could change things for the better.Lets hope for the best.Stay safe everyone until this beast is finally caged.

  • homedoggy, does your wife know you called her kitchen splodge colored. Or for graeme should I say "coloured"?

  • Love it.

    edited May 17

    LOL, graeme... No, don't waste perfectly good tea or the whiskey, either. Rather a full "English" breakfast with pancakes, but not everything in the pancake. Sainsbury's what were you thinking?

  • What kind of full English is bangers?,,,,no beans?

  • Eww - for me it would be no black pudding

  • Just looked at the website. What a waste of good bacon!!! Somehow I don't think this pancake is what I would call a pancake. But what do I know? I live on the western side of the pond in one of the colonies.

  • Finally produced the pancake with a dribble of honey on top.Chris not impressed,says it's just an omelette with a banana in it.I put this down to professional jealousy.However,I left the kitchen in pristine condition with no blobs or splodges to be seen.Mind you, it does need redecorating and I've put it down on my list to do.............sometime.Starting to run out of excuses.Never mind.Play on!

  • Full English.Now you'r talking.Who needs pancakes anyway.Bye all

  • What about a Welsh breakfast?Bacon,cockles and laverbread.Don't know what you'r missing.

  • ...or a southern breakfast. Eggs, grits, and buttermilk biscuits with gravy.

  • With the whole world to chose from why do some still eat porridge? My brother-in-law swore by porridge and glazed mixed peel. In the commonwealth, Canada, I've had individual Steak and Kidney Pies, outrageous. In Natchez the biscuits and gravy were simply amazing. @graeme, the cockles and bacon sound perfect, I won't talk about the laverbread which sounds like a cousin to Vegamite. Cheerios are not breakfast, and I wont comment on the banana pancakes but I am on Chris's side I think.

  • MMM Bananas, think I'll go down near the lake and pick some. We have a forest of banana trees by our lake. My wife has been making banana bread, pancakes with bananas and her favorite bananas Foster. Bananas in Corn Flakes or any cereal for that matter. mmmm.....

  • dautilus.Do you live in paradise?

  • Have to agree with homedoggy - Southern Delicacy Banana Pudding is awesome

  • You people are making me hungry!!!! Being a southerner I have to go along with riverrat and homedoggy; bacon with buttermilk biscuits and gravy. But graeme and others talking about the banana pancakes, breads and puddings sounds good too.....yum.

  • Bread Pudding is awesome

  • I'm glad grits were mentioned. A perfect holder for butter.

  • dautilus, have you been drinking too much whiskey or wine or is the isolation getting to you?

  • Everything sounds delicious! Now I'm hungry! I was gifted a tomato, mushrooms, and poe-tay-toes, today, so I'm looking for a recipe for the Hobbit version of a full English breakfast. ;)

  • If I could have poutine for breakfast every day I would - so moorish. Curds are not widely available in Australia and I have to drive a fair way to get to the nearest place that has them. I tend to prefer a savoury breakfast, but it depends on the day I guess

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    Hello @jabba! I don't know if poutine would be considered Moorish or not. I do know that it originated in the province of Quebec, Canada, mais oui! And it's the right gravy or sauce that makes it.

  • Well, depends. As I have mentioned before my wife and I live on an island on the West Coast of Florida. Balmy weather for 9 months of the year and tough thru the summer, very humid. We have a lot of fruit growing around us, other than the bananas. Across the road there are Mango trees, which produce copious amounts of fruit. Orange, grapefruit, lime and the biggest Meyer lemons ever seen, big as oranges. My wife thinks its paradise, so she's happy and that's all that matters. Not too many cases of the "virus", most of it is on the East Coast, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, etc. The State actually blocked the two interstates 95 and 10, from the NE and Lousiana, for a time, to prevent more people coming and infecting the rest of us. We're pretty open now, 50% in restaurants, beauty salons and barbers are open. Golf courses are mostly open, so, slowly returning to some normalcy. You'all be safe now.

  • So do live in paradise!

  • I do like that side of Florida.

  • Across the street from my house is kudzu..,.looks like a bumper crop,.

  • kudzu is just getting started here. Been a 6 year battle but my yard is kudzu free...till the next vine tries to sneak in. But I shall remain vigilant! It's NE Georgia.

  • I would mix up RoundUp in a 5 gal bucket and put it in a Super away

  • pancakes to RoundUp. I do love this group.

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