Greenfelt Membership Fee Due by Next Wednesday

While jim and david are away at a software conference, they asked me to remind everyone that the $25.00(US) membership fee needs to be postmarked no later than next Wednesday, April 1st.
Firstly, I'd like to remind everyone that membership is not required. You can continue to play on and enjoy Greenfelt as you always have, free of charge. But the perks that come along with membership sound too intriguing to pass up and I'll touch on them briefly.

1) Easier 'Game of the Day' selections.
The games selected for 'Game of the Day' will be rated much easier than the games non-members will be forced to play.
2) Fewer moves and a slower time clock.
All games for members will knock ten moves off your score and virtually insure that your time on each game will be under
one minute.
3) Exemption from holiday cards.
Just in time for queen of jellybeans or eight of bunnies.
4) Filtered forum.
All complaints about 8 second games and members dominating the leader board will automatically be deleted from the forum.
(worth the price of membership by itself)

Let me are not required to pay the membership and you can enjoy the site as you always have...but for only $25(US) a player can easily dominate the rest of the field.
Make checks payable to Greenfelt and place your username in the memo, and mail to;
P.O.Box 36657
Follly Springs Ca. 27745



  • Glad I got the lifetime membership when it was available.

  • I got the gift membership. Christmas. Thanks, Jim and Dave.

  • We've been granted an extension for filing our taxes, can I please beg off until my $2400 comes from the Fed?
    AND I am really put off about these gift memberships being available to "friends". That's low. They should have been donated as prizes in a lottery, and I can't believe members won't see legitimate complaints about obvious cheating, how else will this chicanery be forced to stop? I'm going to write to the California Better Business Bureau and my congressman.

  • Homedoggy, you do realize some are going to take this seriously, right? :)

  • Thank-you homedoggy.Have already done so and seen my scores improving already.This is long overdue.The bonus,of course,is that no longer will the malcontents be allowed to complain about our excellent times.

  • I really hope there is a Queen of jellybeans! :)

  • Is there a link so that I can purchase a membership? I have enjoyed this site since 2017 and now it is time to reward Jim & David for a great site.

  • Love all youse guys :D

  • I have to admit I nearly fell for it. I could sure use the point discount though.....

  • It was professionally worded.

  • It is finest kind - be safe all

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited March 2020

    To clarify, this is a free site-generously donated to us-

    We were just having a little fun-no one can purchase a membership-because there is no membership. FREE! Beautifully free-Play on. For free!

    But excellent job on the original post-perfect. Thank you @homedoggy. A much needed laugh.

  • I for one, would be glad to contribute a minor amount of money to Jim and Dave for providing this site to us. It is greatly appreciated, and if we had a way of showing our appreciation, then that would be good!

    What say, Jim and Dave?

  • I, for one, am relieved that Jim and Dave are finally accepting payment. I've been most uncomfortable lo these past 2 years to be getting this for free. Much too close to socialism for my liking! Besides, how can anything that's free be any good. Think how much better the site will be once we're paying a fair market value for playing here. Bonus points for being able to look down on the takers who aren't paying their share. I do hope that some kind of badge will be added to both the avatars here on the forum and next to names in the leader board--a gold coin seems appropriate--so that we can tell who's on the right side of the ledger.

    I do hope Jim and David are practicing good social distancing at their software conference. Not to worry. If they're proper geeks (like me), social distancing is in their genes. We've been practicing it for decades!

  • Hope you all are enjoying the April Fools joke..... No charge has ever been on this site and its been a "free" one for many years... A little early for April on this post, but do hope no one has sent any payment.....

  • For the record...the address in the post is a phony. There is no Folly Springs Ca. and the PO Box and Zip Code will spell 'April Fools' on a phone.
    Any check sent will be returned.

  • On another note...since jim and david have been so gracious in supplying the site free of charge, and with some folks clearly willing to give, and the high cost of providing 'April Fools' gags hitting me in the wallet....

  • Hello homedoggy.Thank you for you'r excellent contribution in allaying fears and raising a smile in this terrible time.Being myself low on funds,instead of money,I will send you a tin of Welsh laverbread.It will be sent by carrier-pigeon so you should receive it in time for Xmas......depending on the prevailing winds.Cheers!

  • May I clear-up a misunderstanding.You all would be amazed that such a creature could carry such a weight.It is,in fact,a Welsh carrier-pigeon which is the size of a large pig but with wings,hence the word flying-pig.On a clear day you may see large numbers of these graceful creatures flying off to various destinations.Correct me if I,m wrong but I believe these wonders are only bred in Wales.I hope this nugget of information will aid you'r understanding of how we can transport such luxuries as laverbread across the pond.

  • A can of seaweed is exactly what I had in mind. A small tin will probably suffice so you can send the smaller flying pig. I'll give him some grits for the return trip. My best to Chris

  • graeme - are they the black and white pigs I have seen on documentaries (wings are hidden in these of course otherwise everyone would want one).

  • Homedoggy:

    You certainly had me fooled and once I realized the joke, it made me laugh heartily. This is definitely a great site to visit and I am very thankful for Jim and David to provide it free of charge. Looks like all the people on here are good people and it is an honour for me to be a part of this site.

  • Hello jabba.You are quite right but they are only seen on black and white documentaries.Be careful,stay safe.

  • homedoggy-Will try my best to procure one but they are much in demand by the wilder Welsh who tend to use them as rugby balls.When kicked for touch they tend to travel more accurately using their wings.I hasten to add that no flying pig is harmed in this sport due to the thick outer skin.In fact I'm informed they enjoy the experience, especially the reward of ten pints of Brains bitter after the match.I wish you and Annette well

  • Happy April Fools day everybody, stay safe and well in our time of social isolation.

  • Hurrrump! I demand a refund!

  • Wouldn't it be something if laverbread turned out to be the antidote. You heard it here first.

  • Hope that goes viral

    edited April 2020

    Alright, I give in! My cheque's in the mail. Personally, I find the gripes in the forum entertaining, and the holiday cards challenging, but how soon can I expect to start getting decent games? :'( :p :# ;)

  • Lemme put it this way...@lasso and @jabba joined years ago.

  • I'm sorry I missed that deadline,,,it was snowing so hard in my area of Virginia I wasn't able to see my computer. And I was having difficulty with the red clubs.

  • BTW does homedoggy write insurance policies or contracts? Perhaps when we don't have to social distance, we can have a reunion in Follly Springs, CA

  • This post didn't pop up on my computer til today (4/2) and I'm thinking WT*? Folly Springs here I come. Do we get to see Jim & David in person? Will there be laverbread?

  • Or flying pigs?

  • When I get my stimulus check will be renewing my membership!

  • Boy graeme... you weren't kidding

  • Do Pigs Fly? YEP !!!!

  • Ha!

  • Is Laverbread one of the groups featured on the favorite video thread?

  • I like it.Cheers homedoggy/riverrat55.

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited July 24

    Can I pay my membership with Venmo?

    (That’s all the good old threads I can dig up now—with which to bury a nasty thread. Time to go pick up tonight’s pizza!)
    Can someone else grab the baton?

  • Oh! Man is Membership Dues , due again, guess have to rob my piggy bank , great to see the old fun threads again.

  • I'm sorry, I can't buy a membership. I am hoping each day for the Queen of Jelly Beans and the 8 of Bunnies. If I have a paid membership, I'd miss them. 🙂

  • Oldies but goodies, thanks to all greenfelters and especially J&D who make this incredible space possible. Play on friends

  • I forget, is there a Veteran discount?

  • @DeusExMachina nice job of 'burying.' J&D, is there an 'old smoky' discount? Fires 50-100 miles away on 3 sides, AQI keeps rising. Cough, cough.

  • Sam did a good job "burying" today, too. Thanks!

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