Thanks for being there

So glad that this site is available while we self-quarantine. Thanks you guys.



  • I"ll second that. strange times out there,right

  • Same for me in France. Thanks!

  • Thank you - from south africa

  • And thank you -from 'we the north'

  • Chris and I self-isolating, apart from walking Treacle who refuses to be self-isolated.Plenty of time for Solitaire.Everything fine.

  • Especially glad for this site in these strange times.

  • Yes, so difficult right now. It is nice to have a distraction from fear.

  • Be safe, and if you're going to hoard go for the really useful stuff, good wine and dark beer. Lobster any one??
    Self-isolating doesn't have to be bland and boring. Thank you Greenfelt.

  • Thanks Jim & David for giving us this great free site during this crisis, Dr. Pepper , Almond Amaretto Cappuccino for the rain and wind in Tennessee , plenty of Rice, Chicken , and noodles for me all stocked up well. Stay safe everybody!

  • Good Luck and hope everyone keeps safe during this crisis

  • Fireweed is in Georgia, USA where are you all?

  • I am from West Vancouver, B.C., Canada

  • The other vancouver in WA

  • Currently Morehead Kentucky, about an hour east of Lexington

  • Cheers greenfelt from Sydney, Australia :)

  • Twin Cities here. Also heartfelt-grateful for Greenfelt.

  • Moondancer422Moondancer422 REGISTERED, NEWLY_REGISTERED

    Thanks from Everett, WA

  • A fantastic site ... thanks for the wonderful times I've spent enjoying it...
    From the Oregon Coast....

  • Yes, now I have a good excuse to be on your site all day ;)

  • God's little green acre in Piedmont North Carolina

  • Richmond, Virginia

  • Grazie da Bologna (Italia)

  • Thank you Jim & David for relief from monotony. Thank you all for camaraderie on this site. Reno is quiet. And, gasp, I'm down to my last 18 rolls of toilet paper ... from giant pack bought last year at Costco. No hoarding in this house. Hugs (elbow bump) to all. Keep healthy.

  • Accelerated research for vaccine.Human trials in April.Enjoying self-isolation with Chris and Treacle.Chris contemplating divorce.Thought I'd take up knitting.Cheer up my fellow solitairians all is not lost.Play on!

  • Graeme, I like your sense of humour. Keep it up as it makes me laugh heartily.

  • Yes, please keep up the humor. I am seriously anxious.

  • Try not to worry too much.It will pass.I'm off for a cup of tea and some coffee cake.Can't find Chris.Never mind.Bye all!

  • ...............followed by some Irish whisky to-night.Cheers!

  • Since we are all hunkered down and having a great enjoyable time playing games on this great site, we also need to have a lot of patience, since there are so many players, the system will be slow, as perhaps someone else is clicking on the same card you are, and it takes time to move, and also because this site is used by so many in so many different areas, by the time that "click" doesn't reach the card as fast as you'd like, All it takes is patience, having fun and enjoying the games.. and a lot of prayers go out to those who are affected by the virus. Keep on playing and don't give up, we're all in this together...

  • Thanks from Spain

  • Chesterfield, VA
    remjr13 --hey "neighbor"

  • Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. I sit here on my deck enjoying this glorious and sunny afternoon looking at the ever stunning Mount Baker in Washington State, right across the water from me. I am , like most of us, in self isolation. Keep safe everyone. S

  • Greetings from Florida where all the beaches are closing

  • Warm and sunny in Sanibel, Fl, where they've closed the public beaches, but resident beaches are still available, Never any crowds on them, They closed our library on Tuesday, thank god for the web and Green Felt

  • Thank you from SW Virginia!

  • Northern Michigan, avatar shows a visit from the Nina & the Pinta. Of course the picture was taken a long time ago. Wife and I are doing well, lots of TP. Thank you all for the camaraderie and of course a double down for Jim and Dave. Be safe all

  • Woodgate Beach in Queensland is never crowded at the best of times so I doubt they will be closing it anytime soon. Autumn is in the air here, hope this is all over soon.

  • Thanks heaps from Melbourne!

  • Thanks from Geneva Switzerland. Hunkered down here, difficult times ahead, being by myself. The most therapeutic part of the day is GREENFELT. Brilliant. I don't feel alone on this site. So grateful to you, David and Jim.

  • I Know what Kingfisher means. Somehow, seeing the same usernames on the site is like seeing old friends.

  • no casinos in Vegas let the games begin

  • thank you, stay healthy

  • Fireweed & Kingfisher. So true. Thanks, friends.

  • howdy greenfelties! from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona B)

  • Thank you so much from Madison, Wisconsin. Nice seeing all of the familiar names in the games I play. I think I prefer last winter's Arctic Vortex to this, but I can't complain, the cats and I are healthy. Take care, everyone, we can get through this and Geenfelt certainly helps!

  • sorry that should be greenfelt :D

  • Greetings from NZ. Us 'elderly' (those over 70 years - that's not old, I protest) have been in lockdown since Saturday, everyone else joins in at the stroke of midnight tomorrow and all cross fingers. Greenfelt Guys, we love you! Not only now, even if it is particularly heartfelt now. Kia kaha everyone.

  • Apparently,hand sanitisers contain at least 60% alcohol.Is this not a dreadful waste in our hour of need?I would suggest the powers that be should issue us with a bottle of good whisky daily in order to combat this viral evil.After a day of washing our hands,and if we are still alive,we could celebrate this achievement with the remainder.Of course,there are many unfortunates who don't like the stuff.Any of you who are in splendid isolation have any suggestions?My good wife,God bless her,has advised me to start taking vitamin tablets.I assume that,should I succumb to the virus the post-mortum will find me in good health.Due for a cup of tea and some Genoa cake shortly.Bye all!

  • In these parts liquor stores and beer stores are considered essential services. I'm sure business has been good, lately. graeme, your wife's right about taking vitamins, C is especially good right now. I had to Google Genoa cake, it's like Christmas fruit cake and looks delicious. Have a good day, everyone, and happy playing and self-isolating, from Ontario, Canada...

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