I see quite a bit of input on how fast players can solve games, I still maintain they must be cheating in some way!!!


  • I see quite a bit of input on how fast players can solve games. I still maintain they must be cheating in some way!!!

  • Could you repeat that please?

  • I don't think it's cheating: If you click on a card and the program finds a path to move that card AND MANY OTHERS, you can make good time. That is why I only play moves - though I do think time is a good tiebreaker.

  • It's not cheating if we're robots and have no soul.

  • I would laugh so loud at homedoggy, but robots also have no sense of humor.

  • We should finally admit that there's an "A" team of players being paid to rack up fantastic results to keep the lesser players in constant angst. Jim and Davids alien friends feed on angst, anxiety, and righteous anger.

  • David & Jim don't allow cheating of any kind on this wonderful site. You should feel ashamed of yourself for suggesting that.

  • Busted! I cheat and I freely admit it. I'm a software engineer and I plagiarized and combined elements of freeware chess and facial recognition programs to make my own solitaire solution program. I take a screenshot of the new game with my laptop, load it into the program, and in less than 15 seconds it yields the fastest of many possible solutions. Sorry, losers.

  • There we are.Sorted!

  • And yet @fasteddie1944 ...I don't see you on the leaderboard....but then again...I stick with Addiction.

  • If what you say is true, and I have no reason to doubt you, what is the gain in playing day after day? I can certainly understand the motivation in creating the program...but after you know it works, then what?

  • If it's faster, I'll let the program move the cards, and it helps. Mom taught me how to play the game, and I am pretty methodical which might slow me down. Then sometimes, I will have trouble even winning a game for a while because I get way ahead of myself. I don't really think there is a way to cheat, and even if there were, I would find little point in it. It's more fun to see how well and quickly I can play a game-honestly. If the game helps you by moving the cards, it's not cheating, just part of how the program is set up.

  • What happened to having FUN! playing a great free game site, freely given to us.

  • Well said.Just enjoy the game.

  • Solitaire is the name of the game, you play against and by yourself. It's a GAME, and the old saw we repeat to children and ignore in our day to day "it matter's not if you win or lose, but how you play the game". Years ago I watched a major league baseball game, the manager had left a tired pitcher on the mound in a "life or death" situation. The crowd was screaming, the play by play was roasting him. The pitcher got the last out and Whoopee go the naysayers. The manager then faced the hostile press to explain his action, his answer "Hey, it's only a game". In a church group we had a gentleman who organized volleyball games during picnics, players ages went from 6 to 70, the gentleman of note kept score and harrumphed at "bad" play. Why do we do that to ourselves and others? Play hard for your own satisfaction, enjoy the challenge, have fun.

  • Thank you all for your kind words.... as we all know that this site is free... and yes, it is a game... and it was downloaded on here for all of us to enjoy and have fun.. We are not in a contest or do we get paid for winning ... we play the games because we enjoy them and gives us something to do to entertain us. And as it was mentioned, that it does take a lot of practice and patience... I have been playing for many years since it first started and I don't win all the time.. and if I do, I'm happy... as I'm having fun... so enjoy, have fun and keep practicing....

  • Very well said, @Ptownpapa , and everyone, it's only a game. There's far, far, too much angst, anxiety, and righteous anger, in the world, without competitiveness, on this noncompetitive site, being a bone of contention. I know, though, that if Jim and David reconfigured the scores, so that everyone only saw their own, the griping would be even worse.

  • MonzieMonzie REGISTERED
    edited January 16

    Wait, "facial recognition programs"? LOLOLOL Here's a face for you to recognize B)

  • :# This one's better

  • Can we all go back to sleep now?

  • Well I am so fast, just watch this,,,done. Beat that.

  • Dang...he bad

  • Ha.

  • Where is the poop emoji?

  • Please....... not on this game "family" oriented site...

  • Bodily functions are a natural part of family life.

  • Graeme, seeing you at the #1 spot on klondike score board lately. Is it your wife's good cooking or is Treacle helping you? Maybe I'll catch up to you again one day but, no doubt, in the meantime i'll keep on practicing. Hope you are doing well. Binky

  • Graeme....just realized I should have started a new subject line instead of this one. Heaven forbid, I'm in no way suggesting cheating. Frankly, I don't see how you could call it cheating when in solitaire you're only playing against yourself.....another oops from binky

  • Haven't we gone through this before ?
    graeme and sage, a tortiere pie and carrots with a very nice aged port to finish , cheers lads !

  • Hello binky3.Thanks for you'r kind words.Sometimes I do well,sometimes not.Any success I may have is down to Chris who indeed feeds me well.I'm keeping Treacle away from the computer,he would see it as a new toy,with disastrous results.Enjoy you'r game,play regularly and you'll become better and better at it.Above all else enjoy yourself,there will always be those on this site who are more adept at these games than you or me don't let that put you off.Just play on.Nice to hear from you.

  • Hello mistinask and binky3.I will treat myself to a nice bottle of Cotes du Rhone followed by a large pork pie to-night.I do like pork pies.Chris has a cooking break on Saturdays and eats healthy salad.........I'm not into healthy salads,I'm sure their over-rated.My father enjoyed a steak and kidney pie for lunch regularly and he lived to 95.Will be viewing rugby to-night if I'm in a fit enough state.Cheers all!

  • Cici: so anyone who plays better than you is so very obviously cheating and anyone who's not as good as you obviously is a noob (first-timer who has no ideal what's going on or what they are suppose to be doing....think squirrel in the middle of the freeway during rush hour)???? [gamer-troll logic...source: playing online MMORPGs ]

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