not humanly possible

I see scores of 11 seconds for 99 moves! That is 9 moves a second! Today a score of 81 moves in 17 seconds. That is 4.7 moves a second! I don't care how much you practice or even if you have a solution chart to follow, the human hand can not move that fast. This has to be done with an electronic solver.


  • And again I ask-why does this matter?

    There is a video available in one of the 3 million other threads about this, showing exactly how humanly possible this is.

    It also depends on the game.

  • It's no use @barzonymous. We can't keep this farse going forever. The Borg have turned us all into bots and plugged us into the matrix. Good on you @Hostile . You've discovered our secret.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited January 14

    You're right, @homedoggy. It's futile to keep the secret anymore. He's on his way to being "one of us." Should we also admit there's a secret handshake?

  • Maybe it's the Tommyknockers

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    Shhhh. No names. Or they might figure out the location of the secret meeting places.

  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
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    I outed Jim and David a while back - I trailed them to their hidden Starship. Someone will have to beg them for the
    memory wiper. The meeting is on for next Wednesday at Graeme's in Cardiff, wink, wink, check your code book for
    location translation

  • Handshake ?????????????? no one showed me the handshake !!!
    Damn , will have to commiserate with graeme and see what he's having for lunch or perhaps sage can come back to the Island and we can go fishing and crabbing and devise new handshakes ????AL

  • The manual shows the handshake on page 23.

  • It's embedded in my circuit array.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    Well, now it is-after you download from the manual. Your area must have been scheduled for a circuit update before mine. I'm still manually downloading.

  • I heard someone might give you some instructions on how to get one of those contraptions called a decoder ring, that may help out, can't say who that might be!

  • You didn't get yours? That was at the meeting at location 13.

  • Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!

  • The decoder ring will be meeting in Cardiff.Time and place to be announced shortly.Tea and whisky cake [Irish] will be served.Only those affiliated to our organisation will be allowed in bots.

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    The 3-rotor scrambler will be set in 26 × 26 × 26 = 17,576 ways, and the 4-rotor scrambler in 26 × 17,576 = 456,976 ways

  • Decoder ring: send your cereal box tops to Sky King? (and that's how old I am!) Tee hee

  • Thanks for all the funny memes, I'm amused. This morning's game of the day has 1 solution of 83 moves in 9 seconds and 2 solutions of 93 and 98 moves in in 10 seconds! hat is 9 moves a second! There is no way a human can move that fast. I play this game for a challenge. I do not see the challenge in pushing a solve app button.

  • howdy hostile, i understand ur skepticism, it happens all the time around here, assuming ur talking about freecell .. .. .. this subject has come up so many times, if u do a little research u will find videos posted by Deus ExMachina as well as 3bc showing just how they have mastered the game .. .. ..

    here's 1:

    as with all games here, it's up to u how u play 'em .. .. .. have a groovy day!

  • How fast is auto complete? I''m not being snarky, I am wondering. Because at least part of a win, for me, is auto complete. And in freecell, when i tap on the screen, the cards fly.

  • There aren't any magic buttons or apps or "keyboard assists".
    As has been mentioned often, touchscreen is a key factor, you'll never achieve the lightning scores with a mouse.
    Keep playing and PUSH your dexterity.

  • You can auto play? I’m glad I don’t know how to do that!

  • Sky King? Decoder rings?
    Oh I remember them well ;)
    Can I join the club?

    Still have em' on ebay , you can order yours today

    graeme while you bring the whiskey cake and tea, for those of us at the meeting will be bringing a southern delight in Mississippi Mud Cake, yummy!

  • Excellent idea!We can invite ZMN.Mississippi Mud Cake sounds .................different.Hope you and you'r mam are fine.Cheers!


    Lets not be so hostile to people asking questions. Not everyone scours the forum reading all topics—many if not most bug reports posted here are first time posts for people. Jim and I want to encourage bug reports and questions, even if they can be repetitive.

    However, this comes up a whole lot so I've added some of the videos that were passed around the forum last year to a new entry in the FAQ. Here's the link: If there are any good ones I missed let me know.

    Next time someone posts about this (in a couple hours :D ), just the post the link.

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
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    Gee, @david, #cheaters for hash/anchor? That's kinda prejudicial, isn't it. To say nothing of undermining the whole point. Might I suggest:

    • #Nope,NoCheatingGoingOnHere
    • #SkillPractice(andawholelottahelpfromSuperMoves)
    • #Cheaters?WeAin'tGotNotCheaters.WeDon'tNeedNoCheaters.IDon'tHaveToShowYouAnySTINKINGcheaters
    • or at least #cheaters?
  • riverrat55, lovin the new pic. Don't suppose it's the view out your window!

  • Thanks jabba wish I was back on the river. would have to have a campfire going thou.....

  • Yes,we should never be hostile to Hostile.Perhaps we should encourage him to have a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit in times of stress.It cools the heated mind.Time for a cup of tea.Bye all!

  • Hostile imagine if you played a game of cards over and over and over again without completing it until you memorized every play.You could then complete the game in 9 seconds. I don’t believe there is any magic buttons or apps. I also don’t believe there’s any cheating going on.To each his own. I just like to play cards

  • Great advice!
    Push your imagination,
    Go your own way,
    Have fun doing it.....

  • Memory games are great to help slow the onset of dementia and alzheimers

  • I'm happy to hit in the top 100 with a laptop trackpad on my first go at Klondike of the Day. I'll try touch.... and yes, auto finish is a time saver.

  • Boom 8th out of 964! I should be in the top 10 for a couple minutes at least?

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