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Game: fortythieves
Game #: 1301657186

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  • Traduire en français

  • Si vous faites un clic droit, la boîte pop vous donnera-t-elle l'option "Traduire en français"?

  • Merci Beaucoup Sage
    Marcelin, Bonne chance pour vous amuser

    edited December 2019

    De rien, monsieur, c'est mon plaisir de converser en français chaque fois que j'en ai l'occasion. (Et encore mieux lorsque je suis assis devant mon ordinateur à l'aide de Google Translate. ;) )

  • Je t'aime Greenfelters. Tu me fais rire. ( I am amazed that the first sentence I remembered from High School French class, but alas I did not the second.)

  • Clever lot! I'll bet the Google Translater has got a hand in this.

  • Bonne annee a tous

  • Hello my friend.I'm off for a cup of tea and a piece of fruit cake. Happy New Year!

  • riverrat, Et à vous et à votre famille aussi.
    ps ... re photo à côté de votre nom. C'est magnifique, un cadre magnifique. où a-t-elle été prise? That's it. No more sallying thru the world of French for me. I will leave that to better minds.

  • I don't speak French nearly as well as I should, or even as well as I imagine I do, so, yes... I Google Translate most of the time. Is the tea and fruit cake all gone? Mmmm....... Bonne année à tous!

  • All gone I'm afraid.It's bread and dripping for the rest of the week.Plenty of tea though.Happy New Year!

  • Marde

  • No need for Google translate, at least on my box. As Wise pointed out right click and you're asked if you want the text translated to English. If you you can speak many languages you're a polyglot, 3 and you're trilingual, 2 you're bilingual, 1 you're an american. Happy new year to all.

    edited January 4

    I echo homedoggy's sentiments on missing the fruit cake. Bread and dripping it is, then, and milk, no sugar, please... :) Yes, Ptownpapa, that works. But, for translating English into other languages, Google Translate is very useful, too.

  • Polyglot?Well I never.You learn a lot on this site.No bread and dripping today,just strong, tea.No sugar.Never mind.Steak and kidney pie and chips to-night accompanied by a few glasses of wine to celebrate the forthcoming rugby cup of happiness runneth over but not the wine.Special Happy New Year to the Google Translater where ever he/she is..........I may need help.Bye all

  • Made some German Mehlsuppe (Flour soup) for breakfast...yum
    Shrimp and Grits tonight...double yum.
    Diet starts next week.

  • Dr. Pepper for now, big mug of Almond Amaretto Cappuccino in time for NFL Playoffs or NHL Hockey
    later have some Baked Leg Quarters unthawing for some Red Beans & Rice, with a little
    Louisiana Cajun Jerk Seasoning or Caribbean Jerk Seasoning with a smidgeon of garlic, butter, Red Pepper
    flakes, maybe a few diced Jalapeno, yum ! yum! Bon Appetit

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