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  • You're welcome.

  • You are cruel, you know I had to listen, just to see if it's true.
    AND it surely is... I rinsed my ears with soap and water and even mouthwash... no help.
    Maybe six pack of Guinness. Happy boxing day all, and a bright new year.

  • Isn't it awful.

  • Susan Boyle....except without the talent.

  • That was truly awful.

  • My mama taught me to always find something good in all things. I'm sure they didn't know someone was going to show it on a public forum.

  • Sorry, I have to back up. Find good in things where they can be found.

  • oh dear god !
    they must have great personalities ?
    Just finished the last of the bbq'd prime rib I did for Boxing Day family dinner ...... burp !

  • plum despicable

  • It was on a public forum. They sang it on a TV show in Canada.

  • mistimask, they probably do. Just because they may be better looking than you doesn't mean they should be bullied. homedoggy what is wrong with Susan Boyle. riverrat, you know I love you but please explain what is plum despicable. We're both southern and probably considered backward, but we're polite.......binky

  • I was just going along with everyone about the video , no offense meant binky.

  • Not offended at all riverrat. Was really just being flip about comments and no offense intended on my part. But, were any of us being paid on that TV show as judges. Are any of us Simon Cowell? Don't want to make anyone angry and get exiled from forum.....sorry.

  • The TV show in Canada was in 1986. The daughter is now a beautiful woman who makes fun of this video constantly.

  • binky3.... It's a big world out there for room for a lot of people and their views and expectations. You can't make everybody happy. The ladies in question were on TV, on an obviously religious telecast, the three of them (including the pastor) were certainly not dressed as we would expect either for TV or for a religious service, the singers looked and body language said "I really don't want to be here or do this". Riverrat55 said "they must have great Personalities ?" Not as an insult - a common observation. Something we all do - no one was bullied. No one used vile language, I have on and off - depending on how often I've used the gym - been viewed unkindly. We now are expected to accept everyone no matter what - insert definitions - that's great but it also behooves us to present ourselves as we wish to be seen. The ladies could not carry a note if we gave them a 5 gallon pail, IT WAS FUNNY.
    Political correctness is good, we must take care in our days to be empathetic and understanding. This whole forum though is about two women on TV 33 years ago who were an insult to the human voice in song. IT WAS FUNNY. PERIOD.

  • Thank you for getting it.

  • Y'all, I get it. I've just had a couple of sad and bad days. Agreed, everyone is entitled to their opinions as do I. I just simply didn't find the video funny. Opinions are just that, opinions, nothing else. I'll just keep mine to myself (or try to). What I feel shouldn't matter to any one of you. I will apologize to anyone who was offended by my remarks. THE END!!! OK?

  • I hope no one was offended, I was not for one, and everyone is indeed entitled to their opinions.
    I'am sorry that you've had some sadness during the holidays, it's the worst time for gloom.
    My childhood memories of the season are not " the best" to say the least and even now so many years
    gone I still have to work at being Jolly. My best wishes for a better year ahead Binky3.

  • I remember hearing a saying long ago that we are a group of people who would not normally mix in normal setting most of us here , there are a lot of good people on this site have come to know over last few years since been on here , you are not alone in I to have had my share of bad days as have had to deal with major medical issues as a bunch of people have a close family around me, sometime our humor or whatever you wish to call it doesn't come out right I myself am guilty of it. This site is just fun to be here to escape reality of everyday's ups and downs, I play games to have fun and enjoy some great people on this site, I was never offended , and am not focusing on what was said or who said it. I choose just to carry on. No words of wisdom to share with you , except have a Happy New Years and hopefully we can do a lot better in the new year to come. Take Care. Have Fun, Play on was famous words when I came on to this site and try to use my time playing games.

  • Well said sir.

  • Riverrat55 and all: I'm a noob, only been on this site for 2-3 months, read posts occasionally. When I do, I feel like I'm among friends. An extraordinary feeling for simply stumbling upon a website. Thus ... take care, have fun, play on and good tidings for the new year. Sierrarose

  • well binky my comments were never meant to hurt and only an attempt at light humour , sorry I offended you.
    its at the point now where you cannot offer any comment without being judged as prejudiced in some

  • also binky how do you know their better looking ?

  • Welcome to our happy little family , and totally agree play game and have fun , Happy New Year

  • We are a disparate group of people with many of us looking at things differently, certainly in regards to humour,but apart from the odd spat it's nearly always taken in good part.We are a large family and can be forgiven for a squab'ble now and again.I'm having a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit,I find this very soothing.Happy New Year to all my solitaire friends and may all our squab'bles be little ones.

  • The Red Dragon rules. I'm too am having my morning cuppa, good black tea cream and sugar - no biscuit.
    To all I may have startled with my vituperation, forgive me please, my age getting the best of me.
    I add this poem as penance....

    New Year's
    by Dana Gioia

    Let other mornings honor the miraculous. Eternity has festivals enough.
    This is the feast of our mortality, the most mundane and human holiday.

    On other days we misinterpret time, pretending that we live the present moment,
    but can this blur, this smudgy in-between, this tiny fissure where the future drips
    into the past, this flyspeck we call now be our true habitat?

    The present is the leaky palm of water that we skim from the swift silent river slipping by.

    The New Year always brings us what we want simply by bringing us along.
    To see a calendar with every day uncrossed, a field of snow without a single footprint.

  • Well said Ptownpapa but nothing to apologise for.Everything said has been good natured and with no ill intent.I do like you'r poem and would reply with a quote from the Merchant of Venice.........but I won't.Happy New Year to you with many more to come

  • To everyone on this feed, I am so sorry to have created such a stir. No hurt feelings on my part and I hope everything has settled. Dec.28th is my late Mother's B'day and I get sad during this time of year as I miss her so much. She was such a good person, never spoke badly about anyone unless it involved any of her kids. I realize that's no excuse but I just spoke without thinking first (she would not be proud). I am so glad to have so many friends on this site and wish all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Oh, mistinmask, I'm sure you are beautiful, both inside and out, as are all of you nice people.

  • Very nicely put.I'll second that.

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