I know the old bromide (a trite and unoriginal idea or remark, typically intended to soothe or placate) that time passes faster the older you become, but, SERIOUSLY! Where did the year go???? I may be 66 years YOUNG, but... Anyway, hope everyone had a pleasant November. And I wish for you a grand December. David and Jim - THANK YOU for this remarkable site :) !


  • I'm still writing 2018 on my checks.

  • Yep, went straight from July to December. Enjoy the ride, may it be a smooth one.

  • Hello Jade,just a sprog.I'm trying to remember back through the mists of time when I was a young, dashing 66 year old.Was it that long ago?How time flies when you'r enjoying yourself.Enjoy you'r life Jade,every moment is precious and it's not over 'till the fat lady sings'.In my case she is just starting to warm up.Have a good December and enjoy Xmas.In any case play on regardless.Just had a nice cup of tea and some whisky cake.Warms the cockles of you'r heart.Bye all.

  • graeme, since I WILL live to be at LEAST 100, I've quite a few years yet. Happy Holidays to you, too :)!

  • 77 and don't feel old !!!!
    Graeme what is whiskey cake, in my house it never gets past the glass and ice stage ?

  • AlysounAlysoun REGISTERED
    edited December 2019
  • Hello Jade/Mistinask.Think I'll give the 100 bit a miss,parts have already dropped off or stopped working as it is.I don't think there would be much left of me by then.Hope you make it in better condition than me.Mistinask,just a few years younger than me.Like you,I do enjoy a wee dram.In regard to your question,it's fruit cake with an infusion of whisky,in this case Irish.Enjoy.

  • Hello Alysoun.Always love a cup of tea.Pity I've eaten all the whisky cake.Never mind,it's the thought that counts.Wish you well.

  • That's ok, I've used up my whiskey ration for this lifetime and the next!

  • Just a reminder...don't eat whiskey cake and drive.

  • Hello homedoggy.In which case I'll switch to banana cake instead.If you've not tried it,it's yummy.Bye all.

  • My Nan just turned 102 and she is truckin like she is still 80 - what a champ

  • When I drank Jim Beam I didn't need a glass was too lazy to wash the glass out drank right from Bottle , had my share of Rum Balls in my day, one recommendation use 86 proof , 151 is a little rough. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  • Ah yes graeme and riverrat55 , infused I have been a few times , single malt Macallan 18 year old .............. water of life indeed , that fruit cake idea sounds very good , just going out to talk to the department of finance and war to see if she would make something like that for the season, cheers lads !

  • Wow, Jabba! Your grandma is amazing! 💪

    edited December 2019

    Happy December @Jade1953, jabba's nan, and everyone! Perhaps someone should start a Christmas "recipes", thread...

  • Hi all. Graeme's post a while back about mince meat pie made me get out the food processor and whip up a batch. Trouble was, after it steeped in Canadian whiskey for a few days in the frig, it was so good I nibbled at it until there wasn't enough left for a pie. Not sorry! I especially like how the raisins and currents soak up the whiskey. Another waste of good liquor on food is cognac soaked carrots baked in the oven.

    for those of us that have a sweet tooth for christmas , enjoy a glass of whine or whiskey with them , Merry Christmas.

  • Hello cruisetheseas.Cognac soaked carrots baked in the oven sounds lethal.........but nice.Would certainly spice up the Xmas dinner.Will mention that to my better half.

  • Thank You, Sage. Have a GREAT Holiday Season :) !

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