Addiction is fun

I have played this game that the website calls Addiction since I was a kid where I used an actual deck of cards. I never had a name for it before so this name is as good as any.

I have a habit that has kicked in recently where I like to play some online games in sequence where I don't go to the next game in the sequence until I have won the current game. I am now going through Addiction from game #1. I have noticed that all the games I have gone through so far has been won previously by someone, so I wonder if others go through this method of play. With the huge number of games that are available through whatever random number generator is in effect. the sheer odds of even hitting a number in the first few thousands is very small, so that leads me to believe maybe others have the same approach, so I ask, do any of you out there go through this process too?



  • Hey Jack, aka Gameguy I agree, Addiction is a great game. It's complicated and not crowded with a gajillion players. For me, it's more important to score highly and play well then it is to play the game to completion. I might play a game a second time because I wasn't pleased with how I played, and try a different initial path. But every time you move a card it changes the game for all subsequent moves. I will make liberal use of the "undo" button when a chosen path proves unproductive. But I just play the games as they come...even playing the GOTD once or twice.
    I have noticed the I am almost always in the top 10% of players when the 'leader board' pops up. Probably a nod to the relatively low number of players then to any skill I have.
    Your approach sounds interesting although I would have never thought to play it like that. Best of luck to you JackofHearts...stay well and happy Thanksgiving.

  • The way you play Addiction Jack is the same as I use to with Freecell but it was another site before I found Green Felt . This is just a great site as there are so many options to play both on an hourly and daily basis. It was after playing several of the other games that I found Addiction and then took ages to work out how to play it reasonably. I certainly would not recommend starting at No1 with Addiction as each puzzle is a real test to solve and I could waste even more time than I do each day trying to solve it and other games.
    Whilst posting, from a Brit , can I wish all you Americans a great Thanksgiving today and perhaps Home Doggy, if you have the time , explain to me GOTD means

  • Game Of The Day GOTD Happy Harvest festival

  • Thanks Fireweed.. Probably should have got there!!!

  • For the life of me, I can't seem to remember my exact path beyond the first couple of moves. And if the moves are not exact, a totally different outcome can, and will, result. Today, I played the GOTD and came in #44 with a score of 44. Respectable considering 1100 people had played. Was I satisfied? NO. Should I have quit? ABSOLUTELY.
    But noooo! Played it again and came in #181 with a 19 score. AAAGH.
    I know that strategies are hard to explain, but was wondering if you guys would like to try. In a previous thread I said I tried to move the picture cards to the right side of the screen and take your time deciding which deuce to move into a open spot on the left. Any other wisdom from the collective would be appreciated.

  • What's a gajillion player?Is it a new type of robot made especially to win games?Can I have one please.Not doing so well lately,need all the help I can get.Wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.Cheers!

  • Perhaps I should have used a 'google'
    Happy Thanksgiving and a blueberry scone to you and Chris.

  • Birty69- I used to play this same way with Freecell when it was the Microsoft embedded version and got pretty high in the numbers over time. There was one game, number 11892. if I remember correctly that I believe was unsolvable in that version.

  • My only strategy is to delay the shuffle as long as possible. I would love some tips. I tried googling "help for addiction", but...

  • I don't have any special guidelines beyond the obvious. I try to move the smaller cards left and the higher cards to the right and try to think through as many moves as possible before making them to get an idea of what to expect ahead. However, when you play through the same game a number of times and exhausted the more obvious moves, you have to go back and consider the moves that seem less promising because the solution sometimes takes what appears to be the less promising route.

  • I do try to see the dominant suits in each row at the end of the game and then go to them the next time through. It seems like if i can get the right order for the suits, I have a good chance of completing the game.

  • I hate when your first two shuffles are pretty productive, but you can't seem to close the deal.

  • So far in the games I have played in sequence, two of them were won when the first pass and in one, the second pass resulted in no 2s placed at the leftmost position.

  • Jack your memory is obviously better than mine as I cannot remember the game number but there was one that I spent hours trying to fathom out. In the end I gave up but luckily I shared the number with my sister in law who , sure enough the clever girl, a few days later text me that she had solved it and furthermore showed me the path which was highly impressive . Since then I have been reluctant to seek her advice in fear of being shown up again.

    With regard to tips on Addiction, Lasso , I think you have the right idea, ascertain the dominant suits at the end of games. However I always start with the same combinations for each game and after a few I have a sense where they should be and work at that. Also , playing a game where you know it isn't going to win , but at some point , the cards seem to be falling into place gives me a clue what one or two of the combinations should be. The only other hint is that I look to see how long it has taken the quickest person to solve it which tells me , if solved quickly it will be C,D,H,S or C,S,D,H or something along those lines, and if slowly, some random combination will be required to complete the game. Today, Lasso I saw you solved it in less than a minute so I used the more obvious combinations and luckily found it in three tries but not as fast as you!

  • In full disclosure, winning seems to be a bit random for me. I just lucked out on my suit choices and it fell in to place. Addiction and golf are the hardest games for me.

  • The one Freecell game I was referring to I played over the course of an entire year and I am fairly certain it was not win-able.

  • I finally passed Allydotk in Addiction, something I felt would not happen because of his/her head start to the game apparently playing in sequence starting about 2 years before me. Up until I won game #558 Allydotk was the only other person to win every game from game #1 to #557. Currently, I am the only one to win #558, It is just a simple game, but we do set these little goals for ourselves, don't we?

  • Got a 39 for 5th place. Best I could do. Tough game.
    Thx JoH

  • Well I may have met my match. I had successfully won every game in sequence starting with Game #1 until I got to #643. The most cards I have succeeded in playing is 27 and that may be as good as possible, I don;t know, but it is a bear.

  • Wow...thats Lou Gehrig stuff right there. How many games were you the only winner?
    Ballpark is okay...don't go back through 650 games.

  • Re-read your previous statement...duh

  • Hate to brake this to ya JoH...
    Got a 31 on my 2nd run through. I think its do-able. I'll try again 2nite.

  • I will give it a shot. Some major random chancery goes on for me though. Not holding my breath. lol

  • Homedoggie, I can remember I think 3 games that I was the only one to win, give or take, but not certain..

  • Also, that is good to know that you scored higher, I will go back to it at some point.

  • 34 for me

  • Back in the olden days, an aunt made a chart for Freecell starting with 1 of whatever program she used and checked them off as she played so I started doing that.Then life interfered. Eventually I had to clean out the desk and my chart got pitched. Now I'm trying to do that with 40 Thieves. Some of those games have never been won.

  • Arborist won #643 so I have to go back to work!

  • Okay, I am back on track. I managed to win #643 so the streak continues.

  • You go, Gameguy

  • My favourite game. It is very challenging and very strategic. I am constantly improving my Approach and win more frequently. I have a number of strategies and continuing to add new ones. Don't get too concerned about keeping High cards to the left in your first hand at the very least. I also work backwards. I see what I need to move from the left and look for ways to move that

  • A Call to Arms for you Addiction fans. If you have followed the exploits of @JackofHearts on these pages, he is beyond getting a perfect score in the first 750 consecutive games. This leads me to believe that all Addiction games are winnable...that is until I encountered game #2091722950. This game has become my white whale. My everlasting gratitude goes to anyone who can help me bring it down.

  • Another 7 minutes I can't get back. I was on the board with a 13th place for #2091722950.

  • So I have now won every game from 1 to 1008. At some point I need to go back and win some of the early games because I did not place in the first 10 so they don't show up for others to confirm it.

  • One trick that seems to help win a game in over 50% of games, I believe, is to note where the kings wind up in the end of game not won. I try to place the suits in the rows where the kings of the suit appear.

  • Congratulations @JackofHearts - great result from sustained effort. And thanks for sharing the tip about the Kings :)

  • I just won a game of Addiction!

  • Thank you for the tip. This game is a mystery to me. And congratulations!

  • I am declaring today... After much deliberation and soul searching... that game number 209-172-2950 is unwinnable. My Addiction was turning into an obsession and the therapy was starting to get too expensive. 20 quid to anybody who whoops it.

  • That game mocks us. Listen...even now she beckons.

  • The game 2091722950 is winnable.

  • You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. I thought I'd have to wait a while till you got to game 2 billion. Where do I send the $20?

  • Buy yourself a bottle of scotch and we will be even! You probably need to spend more than $20!

  • I thought maybe that number was a phone number to reach the sexy girls that kept showing up during a game :wink:

  • I'll double it and make a contribution to my favorite charity in your name.
    Thv Jack

  • ....but I'm a little low on Glenlivet also.

  • I just hit game #1100 on first try.

  • Hi @JackofHearts how are you are going on your mission to conquer Addiction one game at a time? Hoping to hear good news :)

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