Wales win

For those of you who are not the slightest bit interested.Wales beat Australia in a riveting World championship rugby match.My cup of happiness runeth over.To celebrate this wonderful occasion,I will now,while consuming a glass of celebratory wine,simultaneously play Klondike,40 thieves and Golf Wrap Around while singing the Welsh National Anthem.I offer my deepest sympathy to my Australian friends while I wipe away my crocodile tears.Bye.


  • Don't think I'll try that again.

  • Rubbish scores.

  • Raising my glass of Dr. Pepper to you graeme in toast for victory for the Wales big win the World Championship in Rugby. Congradulations on victory to all in South Wales. Cheers my friend. Let the tears flow in happiness , Treacle is begging for a chance at the hanky. Take Care have a beautiful celebration with wife and Treacle.

  • That's an awesome win. Congratulations. I look forward to your video of your celebration!

  • Hello barzonymous,riverrat55.Tough game.Sorry I can't send you a video of my decadent celebrations but I'm incompetent when it comes to things like that.Excuse my over the top response but it was a big game for Wales I never seem to learn............can't drink and play cards.Never works.Bye all.

  • Enjoy your celebration , Take Care my friend.

  • It was not the CHAMPIONSHIP game, it's still the knock out round and the referees had a lot to do with it.
    Still a game well won, let the Cymry celebrate. Going forward Graeme, there are still Ireland, and the All Blacks.
    Rugby is a great game, may Wales play well. OK there's also the Springboks but they play Italy on Friday.

  • Hello Ptownpapa.Yes lots of complaints about the referees.Australia one of the obstacles we had to overcome.Many more to come.Early days yet.Not looking too far ahead.Can't take anything for granted.Look what Japan did to Ireland.England against Russia tomorrow......who knows.Everything up for grabs.Who are you supporting?Better not start me off on rugby,I'll be here all night.All the best.

  • Who said lets talk about the weather?

  • me and homedoggy

  • Family in Aotearoa, first visited at yuletime 1999. Fell in love with the place but so did everyone else after LOTR. Been there for weddings, funerals and walkabouts since then. First contact with rugby was the All Blacks in NZ, an eye opener, american football is silly by comparison. I forget the exact number but the average USA football "play" lasts about 12 seconds, an hour game takes 3 hours tv time. Rugby, like futball, takes complete concentration, situational awareness, strength, speed and stamina for the long haul. Love the game. Watched the AB's play a very
    early Team USA in Soldier Field, Chicago - USA still not a "power" but I've seen some improvement. Since the disastrous loss to France that I'm still trying to forget the AB's have 3 world cups and 2 in a row which I'm sure you are aware off. The only games available in my area are at 6am, I believe I will get semis and finals - hoping for quarters. Good luck to Wales, I would love to see Wales/Fiji? is that next? Have a goog night.

  • Hello Ptownpapa.First an apology.It's Ireland playing Russia today,not England.Watched USA against France yesterday.They are becoming a good opposition.Very good game against France, nearly scored and pushed France who are still one of the top teams when they are on form.Wales playing Fiji 10.45am our time next Wednesday,probably about 6am your time.Should be a good game.Hope you can watch it.Have to rush off to change the toilet seat now.Ive given Chris a bucket to use in the garden............and a spade.Keep in touch.All the best.

  • Toilet seat changed.Can't find Chris.Now for Solitaire.

  • Play well

  • graeme, that sounds just like a tale my late brother would tell a telemarketer just to get rid of them. Y'all would have had a blast weaving yarns like that. When he, my 2 sisters and I got together he would get us going with some type of nonsense and it was pure delight. That's why I just love reading your remind me of my brother. binky

  • Hello binky3.That's very nice of you.It's only a bit of fun.Nice to be able to smile now and then.Better to laugh than cry.Time for tea.

  • Hey graeme , thought would give you a shout out from across the pond, just watched some of New Zealand kicking Namibia's arse as the aussies say down under under 71-9 , didn't know they score that much wow total annihilatiion, hope you located Chris haven't heard from you in a few days, hello to all including Treacle, binky wanna go gather some mussels down on the shoals, haven't done that in while those mussels sure would taste good with some Cajun Seasoning.

  • Hi riverrat. I just tried to send homedoggy a note re: his post to you about the Musle Shoals music industry but it got lost in the mail....I hate when that happens. I was telling him about how Muscle Shoals has one of the leading recording studios around for all genres. My cousin in in the country music songwriters hall of fame there as well as in Nashville. He has won multiple awards for a lot of big stars like Alan Jackson and Alabama. He co-wrote Chatahoochoo with Alan as well as several other songs on that album. I'm just a little east of Muscle Shoals in Huntsville. I've never gathered mussels before so that would be a first. Sounds good though.

  • I live in Western Tennessee, in Milan about 20 north of Jackson, Tenn. have spent some time down there with some friends when I was up around Pickwick Dam, and Birdsong resort. Never been to Huntsville on part of Alabama have been to is the shoals and Florence on river a few times. I looked it up about some of the music artist and the casket warehouse he mentioned but never been in town there. glitches are happen from time to time on sending messages on forums or private messages , I make mistakes but sometimes it just want connect, I just keep trying or repost later.Eating mussels is some good eating lot of people go diving for em' , but when water is down you could go out on sandbars and step on them to find them. Just keep trying message to homedoggy! Take Care.

  • Hey bink...well, you would think country music first in Alabama
    Roll Tide.

  • @graeme...if you find yourself in London next Sunday the Carolina Panthers are playing the Buccaneers in NFL football. Not quite rugby...but its as rough as we get until election time, then the gloves come off.

  • homedoggy, I think you'd first think of country music in Nashville, but it's big here too. Y'all don't have it in Carolina? Sorry I had to brag a little about my cousin....I'm really proud of him. His name is Jim McBride and is a pretty big deal around these here parts. If one was interested there's a good bit of info about him on internet. Yea, Roll Tide!

  • binky, there is a lot of your cousin on youtube , as did a quick search, thou there is several different people but one is labeled Flora-Bama , don't know which one is your cousin some has him listed with Waylon Jennings, and Conway Twitty. and has a bunch of feeds on youtube of Jim McBride

  • Gerald, he's the one with Waylon and Conway. I know there are more than one Jim McBrides, but they usually connect mine with being from Huntsville and was a mail carrier.

  • Thanks binky have done some cool research and it has his life story in Huntsville Alabama, and photo of him so I know now who he is and what songs he wrote and for whom, so it will be easier to find him on youtube , Thank you

  • Hello homedoggy.Sunday I'm watching Wales finish off Uruguay.Wednesday it's Wales against Fiji..So much to watch,so little time left.Hope everything fine with you'r family.Riverrat 55,New Zealand are favourites for the World cup but I still fancy Wales.........but I would wouldn't I.Did find Chris afterwards.Wondering around the garden with a bucket and spade.Treacle fine,helping me with the gardening.I'm still cleaning up the result of his efforts.Hope you and you'r mam are well.Now for Solitaire.Play on as always.Take care.

  • @binky3 music is everywhere...just not my thing. I do like the older stuff especially Patsy Cline. Call me crazy.

  • graeme, I am so glad you found your wife....I was a little concerned. I followed your stories about Treacie. Poor pup has eaten so many of your electronics and slippers I hope he doesn't have to have his own gastro specialist. He sounds special. Is is tea time yet?

  • Hello binky3.Treacle has a cast-iron constitution,seems to be able to eat anything that isn't moving.He's very much part of the family.Yes,I did find Chris and she didn't need to use the bucket and spade after all.Almost tea-time.........cup of tea and one or two chocolate biscuits.Nice to hear from you.Take care.

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