klondike (no foundation)

Am I the only one playing this game. It has a difficulty that is very catching - no aces are played. Try it.


  • Aces connect to below the Deuce as saw it, first time have played that game in while , didn't complete but quick game at 1:54 score of 23 moves 76 , game number #2375805522 1st out of 14 play on have fun. you didn't give no game number Sarge.

  • Hello Sgt.Snorkel.What game is this?Have I gone into a deep slumber and missed all the fun?i will be quite happy to join you if I can find it.Where are all these games coming from?Is there,in fact,a parallel universe out there?What have I missed?

  • Yes there is a parallel universe. Go to FAQ and scroll down to find some "secret" games.

  • Hello Kat59.Just found it.Thank-you for that.Well,well,you learn something every day.I can now enter the wonderful world of secret games.I had heard of this before but had taken no notice.I may have a go at some of these.Thanks.

  • Tie a string to your toe before going down the rabbit hole, graeme

  • Some of those Highly Classified Top Secret Games in FAQ are awesome , I play several of them as in Klondike(No Foundation) and Golf Wrap Around. Welcome to secret society, of Greenfelt.

  • Lemme know if there is a parallel Forum in Bizarro world

  • Hello my friend,just found it.Also had a message from riverrat55.Just played a couple of games of Klondike,no foundation.Am advised by riverrat55 that Golf Wrap Around is the bees-knees.I will try that next.Welcome to the wonderful world of top secret games...........am I allowed to divulge that?We don't want everyone to know otherwise everybody would want to play........so I'll keep it a secret.Cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit awaits.Then I will play on and enjoy the wonderful treats awaiting me.Sgt.Snorkel,here I come.

  • Welcome to the Worm Hole, Sgt. Snorkel enjoy your journey into our secret society. Hello homedoggy, hope to see you on scoreboard soon graeme and all new members.

  • I have been avoiding them because of my cumpulsive nature. Maybe i should also take the plunge.

  • Glad to see so many of you joining me in the fun of secret games.

  • Just off the Greens of Golf Wrap Around seen a few fresh faces, so grateful ! 4 as they say in Golf

  • **Klondike(no foundations) Game No. #288952237 Score: 1 Moves: 70 Time: 1:33 this game is headed for the wormhole! **

  • OOPS! got lucky message got out keep losing electricity due to storms , love the game of this Klondike put game I listed above started out good 40 seconds in no moves left. Give this game number a try !

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