Unbelievably short times to solve

Game: yukon
Game #: 2586116433

What would you like to see?

Am I supposed to believe that people are actually solving these puzzles in 25 seconds, or in a minute? You people who control this website should lock out anybody who purports to do them in ridiculously short times.


  • You people B) :D

  • @Albo80 the following thread, concerning the topic you raise, may be of interest to you:

  • am i supposed to take u seriously?

  • There are games I've won in 35 seconds and there are games that have taken a long time. But no one is cheating.

    edited June 2019

    I think "you people who control this website", a.k.a. David and Jim, should add a facepalm symbol to the emoticon selection. That would save me, anyway, a lot of time making Judge Judy expressions and typing replies out for the myriad complaints like this... https://www.inverse.com/article/23137-facepalm-emoji-history

    @Albo80, click on General Discussion, above your complaint title. Type "fast times" "game times" "short times" or any other way you would categorize your issue, in that box, and press Enter on your computer. You can read all the other replies, to all the other similar complaints, to your issue.

  • Thanks fingsaint, barzonymous, Sage

  • If the players that finish a game in a few seconds think its fun,then all the more power to them.
    I play the game to win on my terms.

  • Regardless of what game I play , I play for fun, since we here don't have to deal with ads or pop ups, I am not interested in times, or how many moves, if I finish 1st or 163rd am happy, Enjoy the games and have fun, is my motto.

  • Thanks to @Dale60 and @riverrat55 as the purpose of this site is to be able to play these games for enjoyment and have fun while playing. So enjoy the games...

  • I thought so too when I first started playing. But as I watch kids typing on their cell phones I am so amazed. And I thought I could type fast on a typewriter with all my fingers... I am glad the games scores aren’t affected by the total time too much. I’m constantly being distracted and I just pay attention to the number of moves. I play for fun and see how I do % wise. Sometimes it’s good for an older person’s ego!

  • I can accept that a game could be completed in 35 seconds, say, but 3 seconds. Come on.
    Either there is divine intervention or the player has a program to automatically make the moves.
    Perhaps after logging a successful game.

  • I would seriously like to know why the speed people play these games matters to anyone but the player. I tend to not notice anything that will never impact my life.

    I would love it if just one week would go by without someone questioning the honesty and integrity of players who play really well. My response when I see a fast time-awesome. Wow. And then I go on with my life and amble through the games at my own speed-which is sometimes fast and sometimes painfully slow. Because it does not matter. It's a game-not a life and death duel. Just have fun. I do.

  • And if the disbelievers cared to look there have been videos posted that prove it can be done by REAL humans

  • more than once these card games have helped me keep my sanity and / or helped me work thru something bothering me. that being said: i compete against myself. and if i see someone who has a really good score on one of the games i play all the time? challenge accepted!!! some of the times are really fast players....some are kinda wonky.....but use your own judgement and quit bytching about a free game being played freely

  • Thanks Ironbear !!!!!!

  • How many times do we have to explain.No matter how you rationalise it,not the slightest bit of notice is ever taken by these perennial moaners.This will never change.Trouble is,it's sometimes difficult to ignore.Merry Xmas all!

  • I thought I would throw in an element of Xmas spirit to salve the heated minds.Now for some shopping.Bye all.

  • Merry Xmas graeme !!!

  • Christmas in July is a thing! Merry Christmas to all.

  • Haha, priceless. Thank you for making my day graeme.

  • My pleasure lasso.Continue to have a good day all.Time for tea.

  • Mmmm... what's for tea? :)

  • What's for supper graeme

  • Why don't the "speed
    ' players scores get posted in a "pro" category after 5 ridiculously low scores? That way they can rob each other instead of the honest players.

  • Rob honest players? That’s a bit dramatic and unfair. I think what you may really be asking for is that everyone with a faster score than you should be disallowed so that you can win ‘by hook or by crook’ :)

  • With all due respect of how others play , able through advanced technical computer skills or people like me who is here for one reason , and that reason is to have fun playing this great site , free from subscription fees, pop ups, ads, set up by this sites great creators as a free site and ask nothing in turn from us, regardless of which games I play , I only play for fun if I come in first good for me, I come in 256th place am still happy , I don't focus on times or moves and don't focus on other players scores , no one here on this site is cheating or manipulating the computer, all games are based on skill, and making the right moves, if you focus on playing for fun and not the outcome or record times or what place you get on the leader board, I only play against myself and my abilities , and above having fun, Have fun , play on .

  • Well said riverrat55.My sentiments exactly.Hello Sage.Toast,strawberry jam and strong black tea.Riverrat55,sausages and mash.I think I have a touch of indigestion coming on.Never mind.Play on.

  • when i grow up, i want to be as awesome as riverrat55 and graeme are at handling folks / comments that make me--personally--wanna whack someone with a stick until they quit twitching, the stick breaks, or my arm gets tired....whichever comes first!! :smiley:

  • @ ironbear,thanks for your comment as well thanking riverrat55 & graeme, as you know this site was created a long time ago by two unselfish men who wanted all of us to be able to play any of these games.. instead of staring at a computer. There are many players on here that have been playing for a longtime as well as myself, and out of their kindness have helped others who have problems with a certain game. which is very nice & thoughtful.. as this site was created so we can all have fun, its not meant for anyone to voice their opinions on politics, religion or to harass others. It is meant to have something to enjoy and learn. As some of these games I hadn't played before, and its does help the mind to get involved playing and entertaining as well.. Thanks go out to those who take the time to help others with their game. and do hope that everyone will continue to enjoy and have fun on this site.

  • ...but still, can't we...just once...try things @Ironbear 's way

  • @homedoggy ... oh yea... that too. maybe that will work... (I forgot to mention that) :-)

  • anytime I can help in the whacking with the stick to head, have one question on that can I use the stick I use to go Snipe hunting, have to figure out what to do with catching bag!

  • I am happy if I complete a game the same day I start it.

  • Hi Guys....my partner and i play on the site nearly every day. She plays several games but our main game is Canfield. We are nearly always in the top ten playing legally. I was seeing a particular couple of nicks going just under the 60 seconds for a completed game....this was around 9 months ago. So i installed a program on linux for a 2 week period to see if i could beat that 60 second mark. I produced several times around 46s and low and behold i won canfield for the week. Alas my missus said "ok" you have had your fun now start playing normally. If anyone here tells you that you can get a game out in 60 seconds or under playing normally....its rubbish. just to jog a few players memories my nick (back 9 mnths ago was "BlueDeck and "Thinkaboutit").

  • @RedBack When I first started playing here the short times bothered me too. I thought I was a horrible player and that my brain had just gotten too old! Then I realized that a few players were using shortcuts, touch pads, etc...etc. That is when I quit worrying about other people's scores and just played my own way...slow and relaxing. Sometimes I forget that I am playing a timed game and just wander off for a bit...then I come back and finish up. I am more in to just trying to find all of the moves.

    I think that everyone should play in a manner that brings them what they need out of an online game. For some it is the need to win for other such as myself it is more about keeping my brain from withering away and to kill a little time.

  • Totally agree with Nan01, not bragging or patting myself on the back , @RedBack if you scroll up to my post on this forum to July 10th , in regards to same issue on this subject , the main thing is have fun and enjoy you and your partner will enjoy this great free site and great games,

  • Hi Nan01 and riverrat55....i do enjoy playing the games here. im not here to win at any cost. Being an ozzie one knows when one is being hoodwinked by some of the scores in Canfield. By the way watching a video to prove that a game can be won by "real humans" is frankly quite fabricated. Anyway i,ve had my say...Hey guys have a Merry Christmas to all.

  • Changing the subject a bit, but we go snow here in N Al today. It started about noon and came down pretty good all afternoon. Riverrat, did y'all get any of it. Not much accumulation but it was really pretty. Who else in the south got snow today? This is pretty big news for us.

  • Nah! binky we had forecast for 6am for snow guess it went north or you and northern Alabama got it , as had prepared for snow cream and maybe a small snowman , but not to be today , good to hear from you and wish you and family a Merry Christmas. Redback no harm no foul as you said and few of us say we are here just to have fun playing games and passing the time away , too cold to be outside so will have more time for games. Merry Christmas to you as well.

  • if u look closely, u will see that the game being played on the video is freecell, which offers "super moves" .. .. .. canfield is a different game altogether

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