I always finish in the double digits on the game of the day, however, I know some of the players either play non stop and have a program that records all their moves, or they are using bots. I read some really interesting articles on people using Bots to win on green felt free cell, so I know they are being used. If you have to cheat to win that doesn't show that you are better than other players, it just shows you are a cheater.


  • You found articles on that?? Hmmm. I can't imagine anyone being so concerned about how people they don't know win a game that they would write an article on it. And assuming that the fast players are winning by cheating-a lot of players are just really good and use every tool the game provides to win. It's a game. just have fun.

  • "If it's on the internet, it must be true."
    Abe Lincoln

  • Danger! Danger Will Robinson,
    Lost In Space

  • Using Bots? Do you mean like tea and biscuits and chocolate? ;) Or do you mean stronger stuff? :D

  • Substitute the word 'cheating' for 'using initiative' and 'expanding learning and understanding' and it shows an enquiring and explorative mind that pushes preconceived boundaries and is available to anyone to use as a measure of tenacity.

  • What a way with words Trinny. thanks, Cappuccino and fried cornbread for me , don't partake in drinking spirit water for Sage. old Abe had internet , hello homedoggy!

  • What do you do with a Bot?Do you have to feed it?

  • I'm not particularly good at the games. I just have my favourites and play those for fun. I don't take them too seriously or try super hard but I do occasionally get in the top ten so those bots can't be that good if even I can manage to score above them!

  • 10 w 40 motor oil for the bots dinner. Train it to answer the telephone.

    edited May 2019

    Exactly, Trinny! Thanks for mentioning that.

    riverrat55, I very rarely touch anything stronger than caffeine, myself. Don't overdo the tea and chocolate, either, and only think of biscuits. The fried cornbread sounds good. :)

    Alexa will answer your phone. I wonder if it can be programmed to play solitaire? "Alexa, how can I win this solitaire game in 10 seconds?" :D

  • youtube has bunch of videos on winning any solitaire games , any thing just like Alexa all you have to do is type it in the search have looked at em' tho none are from greenfelt. in record times or cheating , not a coffee drink but love my Almond Amaretto milk based, it has caffeine in it. White chocolate preferably, tea once a blue moon, Homemade buttermilk biscuits are good too. Thanks Sage.

  • Hey, just had a good thought maybe DeusExMachina or some others would place some of their famous videos on youtube to show how to beat free cell solitaire games in record time.

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