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I have just found this game on the web I desperately needed to replace Mike Sedore's amazing Forty Thieves that I have played for more than 25 years. This is however a poor replacement, completely joyless non intuitive but most of all no FUN I've read the rules and the super rules (non of which work on a Mac with Track Pad) so guys if I'm doing it all wrong please help.
As a newbie I'm always ready to listen I just want to enjoy.


  • I'm not sure that I understand what it is about the Green Felt version of this game that makes it "completely joyless" and "non-intuitive". I've also never heard of the version you cite and therefore cannot compare it with GF's version, but I'm wondering if it implemented some one-off variant of the standard game. Forty Thieves is a solitaire variant with a low chance of winning - about 6.5%. The specific game you cited shows no winners in the High Scores - which is the norm, given the difficulty of winning. Joyful is not an adjective I would ever use when describing the experience of playing it.

    I have difficulty with the notion of any solitaire game being described as intuitive. To me, that word means something that requires little or no explanation - and no solitaire game I know fits that description. A bunch of playing cards arranged in a particular pattern without knowing the rules of the game isn't something I'd ordinarily want to tackle.

    What is it, precisely, that you are complaining about? What did the other version of the game do that GF's does not?

  • What choo talkin' bout Willis? Thought you were talking about varmints


    @midorosan, Both Jim and I use Macs with trackpads to create Green Felt. "Right click" on a trackpad is usually a "two finger" click. But you may have to enable that in the System Preferences (under Trackpad—"Alternate click").

    I'm not familiar with Mike Sedore's Forty Thieves. What is different about it that makes Green Felt seem joyless?

  • I started playing 40 thieves a few months ago and enjoy the game to the point where I play less of Klondike.Why do you have to win all the time?I find it equally enjoyable just resolving the game.There is less chance of winning compared with other games.Does it matter?Just play on.I trust midorosan will come to terms with the game.It's not an easy game to play but I wish him well with his efforts.

  • To midorasan, & OldDudeInKyotoFu, first apologize for my poor taste in humor, the computer technical terms am not in into aspects of knowing how to create variants in terms of technical skills, When I found this site compared to many other game sites that I have used and some still do , this is best one available , where you don't have to get annoyed by pop ups, interruptions, etc. as far as winning, I started in Free Cell , and have moved on over time to versions of Klondike, Golf, and several others that I play on regular basis, I am not here to win ever game, there are so many games of each it is virtually impossible to win all the time, I enjoy having fun when playing games , am not here to get high scores or attempt to compete, playing games gives me to enjoy relaxing time away from stress anxiety, and personal and medical issues, and enjoy chatting with a few great friends, as my good friend @graeme mentioned, I also find it enjoyable , it doesn't matter if I win, I give it my best effort every game I play , when I win that is because I had fun trying to resolve that game, he also mentioned in past to many players that hit home with me practice, practice, enjoy the games , have fun , play on , most important have fun, keep coming back it gets better the more you play the more you have fun, good luck to you.

  • @graeme: It is, in fact, the difficulty of winning that has me playing 40 Thieves almost exclusively. I'm even working on a computer program that will predict whether or not a particular shuffle of the 104 cards can be played to victory using any possible sequence of legal moves. I'm pondering whether or not to include a move recorder to allow the program to give its user the sequence(s) of moves, or to just give the user a "thumbs up" to let him or her know that it is possible but leave it up to the user to find the sequence. For now, I just hit the High Scores and see if anyone has scored 104. This, of course, is not sufficient - there may be any number of winnable games that no GF player has won yet because the winning sequence of moves is long and/or tortuous - but it will do for now.

    If you get a free moment, bring up a scientific calculator (either on your PC or online) and enter 104! (that's read "104 factorial) and the result will be the number of ways it is possible to shuffle a deck of 104 cards. It's astronomical, and it gives you some idea of why you can play these solitaire games your entire life without ever playing the same game twice!

  • Hello OldDudeinKyotoFu.I agree with you,it is the difficulty of resolving the game that has attracted me too.I think also,that the way each of us looks at these games is,or can be,quite subjective.The beauty of this forum is that we can explore this and,perhaps,benefit from the views of others.I'll keep an eye out for you.Enjoy the game.

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