Keep a list of the tougher games

The thread titled “This game’s a bear” got me thinking that some of us enjoy tackling games that are challenging to win. I for one have gotten into the habit of checking the High Scores and playing only games with best time > 1 minute. This approach to picking games obviously hits a bit of a wall with the set of games turning over at the top of each hour.
Anyway, the site could do the grunt work by keeping a list of the games with high best scores. This could be done several ways.

  • list all games with the best score above some threshold.
  • list the n toughest games from the past 24 hours (ideally a rolling 24-hour window rather than resetting at midnight GMT like the GotD)

Whichever way it's engineered, I think it would be preferable to use the average of the top ten scores rather than the top score so that good, challenging games don't fall off the list when a single player manages to record a good time.

Bonus points for providing some way for New Game to be limited to this list.

I don’t know there would be a market for doing the same things for games with fast times. That might be nice for games that are harder to win and especially those where many deals are impossible or very difficult to win.


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