Either purge unrecorded scores upon loading a new game, or stop showing dupe scores

Currently, if a user is not logged in while playing Game A, then logs in after playing Game B, the site records the score for not only Game B but also Game A.
While I can think of upsides to this, it also has a downside that I know is an annoyance to some regulars. Say Game A is a game of the day. After posting a fast score, the player thinks she can improve on it but doesn't want to clog the leader board with dupe scores while she's trying or, worst case, if never able to carve off another second, so she logs out. Turns out that's exactly how it plays out: several duplicate scores, but unable to improve upon her personal best. Eventually, she gives up (at least for the moment), goes to Game B, records a good score, and logs in. Well, despite her best efforts to avoid it, her dupe scores for the Game of the Day are now filling several prized slots on the leader board.

I see two solutions to this:
1. Stop showing dupe scores on the leader board (even when "Show a player's first score" is off.)
2. Purge unrecorded (anonymous) scores upon loading a new game.

Either would solve the specific case above, but #1 has two advantages:

  • it would save conscientious player from logging in and out repeatedly
  • it also addresses the case where a player neglects to log out while working to shave that elusive second off his score

Thanks & cheers,



    Hi @DeusExMachina,

    Thanks for your thoughtful post, but you are missing one key point in your description which is that other people shouldn't see a clogged leader board with your duplicated scores for just the reason you suggest; they don't want their high score table filled with someone else's random attempts at a good score or time. We do however show them to you as it would confusing if your own scores seemed to be forgotten by the system. Which score they see depends on value of the checkbox labeled "Show a player's first score, not their fastest".


  • Sorry, you're right, of course @jim . I should have said the "High Scores" popup window, not Leader Board.
    Here's an example of what I'm referring to:

    [and, for the record, mcandoit is _not _one of my many alter egos]

    1424 x 1379 - 208K

    The real problem is that our "only show a player once in the high score table" feature fails when there's a tie, which happens an awful lot when people are doing these <20s games.

  • Okay, then Option #3: display times to the millisecond ;-)

    ...Or #4: add some kind of digital speed bumps to slow us all down. Like randomly repositioning the stacks of cards with each replay or, better yet, in the middle of games.

    I’m often told that I’m full of ideas. At least I assume people mean “ideas” when they say I’m “full of it.”

  • I actually have the opposite view. It actually gives me hope when I see that some of the better players had to attempt the game several times before receiving their high score.

  • I see your point @Nan01 but the example @DeusExMachina gives, @Mcandoit does not get better scores with several attempts, simply a repetition of his very good scores. The repeating scoring in this case clogs up the scoreboard for people who also have excellent scores but less than @Mcandoit.

    In the case where there are tying scores, naming both players is legitimate; first player who achieved the score should be recognized first, as was done in the example. Wouldn't it be possible to have a feature that a player can only have one mention on the high score table and that being his/her highest score.

    The real problem is that our "only show a player once in the high score table" feature fails when there's a tie, which happens an awful lot when people are doing these <20s games.

    Not sure if I understood correctly, are you saying the program thinks that @Mcandoit are different players in the four times his score is registered?

    @deusExMachina...like your sense of humour.


  • @DeusExMachina ...Here in the South people say "Well...bless your heart" when they really mean "You're not very bright...are you?"
    I get that often.

  • Jack Frost has reservations here in Tennessee and may bring some snow Saturday and Sunday to Tennessee, brrrrrrrrrrr Just here to have fun playing games , guess I will never crack top 10 oh! well carry on.

  • @DeusExMachina, you could hop on a VPN before logging out to play your practice games. I assume it's IP address that GF tracks for anonymous players.

  • Hello homedoggy.I'm sorry to hear that you are not very bright.Could it be the weather?I know exactly how you feel.Having struggled to understand both zudensternen and DeusExMachina's contributions,and failed miserably,I feel I need to introduce myself to this technobabble or be excluded from the human race.In the meantime,I'll hop on a VPN and follow the GF tracks in the forlorne hope that I will finally see light at the end of the tunnel Hello Gerald,are you feeling better now?Hope you are making good progress with your treatment.Wet and windy here.Just put up the Xmas tree with the help of Treacle.........can't seem to find some of the decorations.........that's strange.

  • 13 th places game No. # 117510035 Free Cell REBEL YELL! getting better on Moves.

  • FlinkPoydFlinkPoyd REGISTERED
    edited December 2018

    Great idea, DeusExMachina. Or should I say “ideas”?

    Oh, and this post is really just for purposes of pushing another thread off the table...

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