easy hacks for spider 2 suiters

1 go to the far end of the line with the N key and it is much easier

2 only play the game on the weekends when the controllers are not at work.


  • Controllers? Who, or what, are the controllers?

  • The controllers, Sage. Don't make out like you don't know. I sent in my membership fee...now I win all the time.

    edited August 2018

    I suspect they mean Jim and me… Jokes on them though, we do this in our spare time so we actually pay more attention on the weekends :-).

    Also, new games are random and continually getting new ones doesn't make them easier and easier.

  • But...going to the far end with the 'N' key...that's legit.

  • Get em' Jim and David, lol

  • Apologize for my joke , it want happen again sorry homedoggy goodbye

  • what does that mean? going to the far end with the N key

  • I pressed N and it just changed the game number I was playing - maybe I am missing something

  • Getting to the far end with an N key?
    Narnia ;)

  • What's an N key?Is this some special device to enhance performance?This is now on my 'must have list'.

  • Kinda like a secret decoder ring.

    edited August 2018

    homedoggy... LOL! If only I could figure out how, and where, to send in my membership fee. And I'm amused by anyone who thinks that anything, and everything, can be "controlled", in this world, any more. Beyond, of course, what they, themselves, are capable of. It sounds like something out of 1984 or some other science fiction. Okay, I mean I'm amused by anyone who thinks that this site is more complicated, or should be made more complicated (e.g.: hint buttons), than what's presented.

    fingsaint, if it were only possible...

  • I'm all for Narnia too. Maybe that's where Jim and David go for a break!

  • Can I put my membership on account , account I don't have no account,

  • You can't stay away from this site very long. You miss too much. "N" keys. Hint buttons. What's next -- secret investigations into times?

  • This is all very exciting.Now back to my trusty quill and ink.

  • You have a quill and ink, I'm carving pictograms in rock

  • I'm sorry to hear that jabba,but all is not lost.I have a spare quill which will be sent to you by carrier-pidgin post-haste.Depending on the prevailing winds you should receive it by Xmas.Just send me your address by pictogram.

  • just use crude tools like they use to and carve it in stone long before paper and ink, when the wore leopard skins back many years ago. Hello graeme good morning to you my friend, Hope you and Treacle are well and hasn't eaten your chair, Hope it ain't your chair, Take Care , still rehabilitating and doing somewhat better, still have a ways to go.

  • oops .
    it is the card dump not the n key.
    I only play 2 suit and only the games showing 3 kings or more,
    much more of a game.

  • 🌕

  • My interpretation is that @NobodysaysBOO plays Spider two suit but chooses to constantly refresh the cards until at least 3 kings are displayed in the opening sequence as this gives a better chance of completing the game

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