Music we enjoy while playing green felt games!

Once in a blue moon , I turn on the old record player or ole' cassette player and while playing and reading posts to get some inspiration in music, in the likes of Joe Satriani. Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabath, Heart, Lita Ford ,Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac,and many others as a person who enjoys many genres of Rock/Heavy Metal in the old school manner. I am interested in your choices of Music, please let's keep this real, fun and joyous.


  • I'm usually watching TV above the screen. Sorry not much of a contribution.

  • Classical with emphasis on the Renaissance (1400 - 1600) and Baroque (1600 - 1750) periods. I particularly like the guitar and lute; really, any of the string instruments. AND when I'm in the mood "Old Time Rock and Roll" (1979) by Bob Seger B) .

  • C & W....Rhythm and Blues...Jazz. Heavy on C & W.

  • I'm of the rock generation,Elvis,Elvis,Elvis.He had it all.Blues.....John Lee Hooker,Son house et al.

  • I very often have YouTube open in another window and I am picking out music from them. I am all over the lot when it comes to music. I like old rock and C & W. Growing up in AZ I grew to appreciate a lot of Spanish based music. My grand parents taught me about the big band era. And friend got me into classical. So I listen to all sorts of stuff while I play.

  • azgal :)
    Music is the spice of so many lives and is the best communication across all barriers.

  • I also like Native American Flute music just to wind down the day.

  • I am listening to cable tv news while playing in the morning, but in the evening I will go to blues (Howlin; Wolf, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, Muddy) and Motown (The Temptin' Temptations,The Miracles). I also love the old ballads

  • I listen to classical. From baroque forward. DC has a decent classical radio station, so that's what I usually have on in the background.

  • My musical tastes cast a really wide net. Still have over 600+ albums (vinyl discs with groves)
    A love of big bands I got from my father ...Glen Miller...Artie Shaw. He wasn't a 'big band' ...but I can listen to Louie Prima all day. The crooners...Sinatra...Tony Bennet. The jazz guys ...Louie...Ella...Dizzy. But mostly, it's '60s &'70s Rock & Roll focused mostly on bluesy artists...Canned Heat...Clapton...Jeff Beck. The '80s had U-2...Bruce...and the new wave stuff and a few obscure bands... The Housemartins. I enjoyed all the garage and grunge bands in the '90s but I'm probably in the minority.
    If I was stuck on a desert island with only 3 lp's...Jeff Beck, Blow By Blow...The Beatles, Abby Road...and Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here.
    If I had a 4th choice...I'd have to include that Vitas guy that fingsaint posted.

  • 4 for desert island Joe Satriani-Greatest Hits. Fight War of Words, Lita Ford-Lita Black Sabbath- Volume #4 alternates, Heart-Dog & Butterfly,

  • I had the great pleasure of seeing Elvis live in Portland, Oregon on November 26, 1976 just a few months before his untimely death. It cost $89.50 for the bus trip to Portland, 1 night hotel at the Sheraton Lloyd Centre and the concert, which was one great deal never to be repeated again.

  • I envy you.It was a pity he never came to the UK.He had such presence on stage.When I was 16,I still remember,after a nightshift,having a coffee,and,for the first time hearing the sound of his voice singing Heartbreak Hotel.It was the start of rock and roll for me and my generation.Although my music tastes have developed over the years from classic to blues and jazz,I still remember that moment in my life with a touch of nostalgia,but there again,I was young and the world was young,such are the experiences of youth.Forgive me for becoming lyrical but it evokes memories of a different life.Now back to solitaire.

  • Graeme, yes, Heartbreak Hotel, that was the first. Homedoggy, I love Ella's "A Foggy Day" and "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square," Does anyone like Patti Smith, "Horses"? I know all the words.:

  • @evermore, I missed that you mentioned Muddy Waters in an earlier post. I was friends with Bob Margolin (Steady Rollin') and we all came back to my place one night...quite an experience.

  • Rock N Roll never dies, it will always carry on. Good here feeling q lot better, Hope you are well there across the pond, Take Care , Have a good weekend.

  • I'm fine Gerald.It's a wet and misty day today.Good day for solitaire.L

  • This goes out to Homedoggy and Gerald64
    A proper cup of Joe to start your morning.. Enjoy!

  • Thx @Monkeynotale,
    I like my blues like I like my coffee...
    hot and with a kick.

  • Anybody in for some Tull , listen to Lullaby with flute solo, by Jethro Tull, Locomotive Breath, Aqualung is also classics. Gonna jam some Joe Satriani as well, Take care everyone have a good weekend, B)

  • Thanks monkey for the cool video!

  • Talkin' bout the blues -- ;

  • I'll take some Jethro Tull and a glass of wine... :smile: And thanks for the videos, everyone. :)

  • I totally agree, with the Jethro Tull, will stick to Dr. Pepper, Have a little instrumental rock/blues , my favorite Joe Satriani, Rubina Live, no lyrics tho he make his on words through his guitar and music.

  • Thanks for the video evermore, and I'm grateful someone likes a good musician w/ the flute, thanks Sage. Take care.

  • Let's jam some Santana Greatest Hits, here's one to go out to everyone, Take Care have a good day , a little Smooth by Santana /Rob Thomas.

  • anybody like The Ramones?

  • I have listened to the Ramones, don't listen to them have watched special of them on AXS tv. as far as that genre of music I am more apt to listen to Jefferson Starship, Blondie,Patty Smyth,Alanis Morrissette early stuff of her, etc. more of old school rocker/ heavy metal. Good to hear from you homedoggy. Take care stay dry, guess we all have some rain and storms to come.

  • oh look!!! this must be the music forum gerald started!!! last post May 2018 .. .. .. hmmm, wonder why they quit posting here

  • I'm here to stay , life happens

  • have a nice, tall glass of prune juice! it'll make u feel better :s

  • nothing to watch, just listen while tappin' the tickets 😎

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