Taco Soup
2 lb. ground beef 1 Vidahalia white onion fry seperatley in pan
In Crock Pot add 2 packs Taco seasoning 2 cans beef broth, 2 cans Bush's chili or pinto beans, 2 med cans petite diced tomatoes, 2 cans potato soup, 1 can mixed vegetables, Slow simmer stir occasionally til done , then add cooked ground beef, and onion , slow simmer , 30-40 minutes Note< after cooked and served in bowl I add diced jalopeno's , crush North of Border Cantina style tortilla chips and I add graded pepper jack cheese,crushed red pepper, you place all extras into bowls , for future meals. you can make any changes to your desires,and others, I like spicy food!

Cherry Pineapple Frozen Salad
1 can cherry pie filling, 1 big tub cool-whip , 1 can Carnation Eagle Brand Milk , 1 can crushed pineapple , 1 cup crushed pecans
Mix well in big serving dish, Place in freezer, til hardened/chilled, Slice in to serving size portions, then eat and serve, you can double items if desired for more servings!


  • Thank you Gerald64.... I will add that version to my collection of recipes.... I do have the Cherry recipe except I also add mini marshmallows which is the recipe I had ... Have a great weekend...

  • Sounds delicious, thank you, Gerald64! :)

  • Baked Onion 1 large white Vadahlia Onion cut in wedges place in microwavable dish cook 15 minutes til soft and golden brown, add salt and pepper in dish, you can use a little garlic powder
    *or wrap in aluminum foil with onion and butter, cook for 12-15 while your cooking in grill , or same for oven, pour into bowl after cooking , to add to your meal, For onion Lovers

  • Attention-on the cherry pineapple salad that is Evaporated Milk, my apologies

  • attention-on the cherry pineapple salad it is best to use condensed milk not evaporated milk, I apologize to everyone on ingredient!

  • Peanut Butter Pie
    1 small jar Peanut Butter
    1 small tub cool-whip
    1 Graham Cracker Shell
    place ingredients in mixing bowl , if you have a mixer whip well pour in to graham cracker shell, and chill in refrigerator. Very easy to mix , slice and serve. very delicious for Peanut Butter Lovers.

  • Green Bean Casserole
    cook or fry up sirloin steak medium or well done.slice in thin strips and pieces about 2-3 inches long
    cook some green beans, and mix up some mashed potatoes

    • in serving dish , add a bottom layer of mashed potatoes,layer a serving of green beans, add cuts of meat, pour over 2 small cans of mushroom soup over mixture, add 3-4 layers of meat and vegetables , preheat oven to 350 degrees, place dish in oven cook for 15-20 minutes until cooked togeather, slice into generous serving size to few family or friends, for a nice meal of meat and veggies, delicious! you can mix meat and vegetables according to size of serving dish.
  • I need to make the Taco Soup! Sounds delicious.

  • Hello jayG it is delicious, thank you for the comment, you can make any changes in the soup as desired and likes. Enjoy Bon Appetite!

  • I'm hungry anyone out there have a special favorite recipe?

  • - Chicago-style hot dogs, made by a southerner, Note: no ketchup, only mustard. I skip the relish, whatever you like. Goes great with potato salad. Perfect for the last day of summer! We're gonna eat some soon. (Go Cubs!)

  • As an avid Hockey fanatic and favorite team happens to be the Chicago Black Hawks , not a hot dog or mustard fan , kilbosa sorry can't spell it , like it on occasion , potato salad made with Mayonaise eggs and paprika sprinkled nicely on it, Hello evermore good to hear from you again, 1000 Island Dressing and Pickle or Sour Cream and Onion chips and Dr. Pepper, yummy. My recipes on this forum I put up are a smash all year around,

  • I have a creation, not quite a recipe. I'm a handful here, handful here kinda gal. I made this amazing whip cream/creme cheese frosting. Whip some heavy creme and add sugar to taste. I like mine a little less sweet. In a seperate bowl put a rectangular package of creme cheese. I use lowfat because i think it has a sharper flavor. Use a mixer to whip the creme cheese and add a little butter to smooth it out. I use about 4 tbs. Then carefully fold in the whip creme, just what you need to get the texture and flavor combo you want. It's super easy and you can modify how much butter and sugar to suit your own taste and food needs. Soooo good. Goes with banana cake and carrot cake very well. It also freezes, so you can eat it later with a spoon. Lol

  • @evermore Chicago Cubs hat is off to you. I grew up in New York but I like the Cubs also...and I love a Chicago Dog. Ingredients are impossible to find but there are a few places around here that make them. As a hot dog aficionado and enthusiast from way back, I can attest to the unique combination of flavors.
    Now ya got me hankering for one.

  • Well, here in Australia it's all about the meat pie. Go the Yankees and for hockey I'm a dreaded Leafs fan.

  • @jabba ...I've been told that one of the favorite topping on pizza in Australia is eggs. Any truth to this? Growing up in N.Y.C....toppings were kind of frowned upon, with anchovies being a rare exception. Anybody else have a weird pizza topping?
    The Mets were winning when I was a kid and I don't have a dog in the fight when it comes to hockey...but no shame in the Leafs.

  • Homedoggy - Eewh, gross. Not that I know of. We are all about the meat, heaps of that (land or sea) and loads of cheese. Not too many go for thin crust either.

  • Think I would rather have the eggs than the anchovies,

  • OH! Go Black Hawks, NHL hey! homedoggy not a fan of the Hurricanes they play in Raleigh started in Greensboro?

  • soon as catch a few more zzzz's gonna scramble some eggs and throw some Smuckers Jelly on top of em' yum ! yum !

  • @jabba ...I agree with G64. Eggs sound better than fish. Just something I read (not on the internet) and was seeking confirmation. Toppings of any sort were rare in N.Y.C. ...pizzeria...Italian culture. So it surprised me when I saw pepperoni. Now...anything goes. I draw the line a pineapple though.
    G64...went to one hockey game when they were here in Greensboro. I never want to hear The Scorpions again.
    Jelly on eggs????? How old are you?

  • Double Pepperoni w/ Jalapeno for Pizza , haven't had Italian Pizza in while had one in town Italian Pizzeria-Imre's no longer with us, don't care for fruit or chocolate on Pizza, apologize for Scorpions = NO More , eggs and jelly since was kid , my dad use to do it when was kid, have it once in a blue moon, I have been to 2 hockey games in Dallas when sister use to live there, I am 54 but tell everyone I am 29 lol, Good to hear from you my friend, Take Care

  • I used to put marshmallow cream on a peanut butter sandwich...and people thought I was a commie.

  • I used to throw bread in toaster and spread peanut butter on the hot toast, just called weird,

  • Oh Yum! We call those Fluffernutters and they are sooooo good. Had many as a kid and still love that combo.

  • I was born in Michigan and Toronto Maple Leafs was my dad's favorite team. He never watched any other sport, so of course I only like hockey. lol

  • ANYTHING goes with a peanut butter sandwich if you begin with the statement, "when I was younger"!!!
    How about apple slices or even banana slices? My mom loved Mayonnaise...
    Most add-ons benefit from using toast so that the sandwich doesn't fall apart!

  • Fluffernutters are still a guilty pleasure that takes me back to my childhood...

  • I've heard some people like honey or Chocolate syrup with peanut butter. Anything sweet I guess.

  • will stick with mixing jelly or bananas with peanut butter to make sandwiches, but my recipe for peanut butter pie on March 4th posting will suffice listed above , all the cool whip and peanut butter for my sweet tooth, yum ! yum !

  • This one is super easy and twangy. I use key lime juice. Don't know why they're calling it Atlantic Beach Pie because it's got it's roots in N.C. Call it Homedoggy Pie

  • This has been a most enjoyable post...
    Thanks to ALL the recipe providers!

  • Just nice to have something other than the usual complaints.I was going to present you all with a welsh recipe but the Welsh cockle-pickers association are hot on my heels followed by various bailiffs,local constabulary and not least,the Welsh Mafia.I have decided to keep a low profile.Once the dust has cleared I will emerge with a brilliant recipe that will not only astound you,but all other recipes will pale into insignificance.Watch this space.Just have to find my glasses.I'm not sure Treacle hasn't eaten my wife's recipe book.He's become very literary lately.

  • @graeme ...I've been meaning to mentioned Potato & Leek soup a couple weeks ago., Has the weather cooled that much in Wales were hot soup would be appropriate ....or are you enjoying it cold?
    I've never had vichyssoise before, but now you have me thinking. If I don't like it, I can warm it up.
    Awfully hot here for another month.

  • Bitterly cold here 26 degrees.I'm forced to where my thermal underware.Fortunately,Chris,with her usual foresight has recently patched the holes from last year.I would recommend the above soup with a dash of bourbon or, better still,a large bourbon with a dash of soup.It will warm the cockles of your heart.Oh dear,I,m in trouble again.Cheers.

  • 26 degrees SOUNDS cold to us here in the States...but that translates into almost 80F. Having hot soup in hot weather doesn't sound appealing but I might try the vichyssoise....with Tanqueray gin.

  • Is that 26 Celsius or Farenhiet ,lol Don't let Treacle get near the long john's will have more holes to patch, may look into Taco Soup , soon , know it's hot but I am not all up stairs anyway, will plan this in next few weeks since yah! like soup, it got me thinking, don't know about the fancy stuff yah! are talking about, Take Care graeme and homedoggy, and belly rub for Treacle,

  • Spiderwebs, I used to eat peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches -- when I was much younger. Now I have found chocolate peanut butter. That is best eaten on raisin bread with jam, preserves, jelly. It's also great from a spoon or knife.

    Homedoggy, pineapple and ham topping on a pizza is not bad. And anchovies are not to be eaten on anything!

  • i'm an unreconstructed relic of the pounds,shillings and pence era when 26 degrees meant just that.Now we have this ridiculously small number that people of a certain age like me have to translate.Keep well Gerald my friend.Homedoggy,what's a vichyssoise?Is it some rare species only encountered off the French coast?The gin sounds delicious.Bye all.

  • Vichyssoise is exactly the same as Potato and Leek soup...just served cold (weirdo French) I've never had it myself although i have had Potato and Leek soup that wasn't hot enough.

    I remember an All in the Family episode where they gave some to Archie Bunker and he was blowing on his spoonful to cool.
    jezz...don't tell anyone...but deep down...I don't mind a Hawaiian pizza, but there is something counter-intuitive about it. Anchovies, on the other hand, are in many of the meals you get at fancy restaurants. If there is a flavor you just can't may be anchovies. On pizza, however, it's just salty more than anything.

  • Ice Cream Cake
    Ingredients: Cool Whip ,Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cookies
    Take a good size rectangle bread pan, line with plastic wrap leave extra wrap to cover completely later , coat plastic with cool whip, place 4 Ice Cream Sandwiches on cool whip, crush up cookies your choice I used Chips A- Hoy Chocolate Chip Cookies, line with more cool whip again , repeat process of sandwiches and crushed cookies for 2 layers , then coat top with more Cool Whip Chill cover with the extra plastic wrap place in Freezer til it has Ice Cream texture say hour to hour 1/2 remove uncover cake , take a flat plate or pan and turn cake upside down on to plate, and slice in generous portions.
    Hint: I used Chocolate Chips , will do Oreo next, guess those that like to experiment may want your choice of cookies maybe for the wild sided people maybe smores with graham crackers, crushed up Hershey Bar and marsh mellows, fix now and maybe for family and kids for Christmas, Merry Christmas everyone, Bon Appetite' ! B)

  • Now I'm hungry

  • Aaaaagh! Drooling. Gerald64 ... rye bread toast w/peanut butter. That's what I grew up eating in Chicago. Go Black Hawks. And to add a little Cajun: Laissez les bons temps rouler

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