I am tired of looking at the leader boards and seeing that someone ( ???? ) completeded a puzzle in 12 seconds!t the game!

Name Date Score Moves Time

1 JORDANIAN=AKHAKH 2018/02/04 10:09pm 52 101 13s
JORDANIAN=AKHAKH 2018/02/04 10:12pm 52 101 13s
3 timur 2018/02/05 9:48am 52 102 13s
4 benil 2018/02/05 3:01am 52 112 17s
5 olli1 2018/02/05 5:44am 52 232 41s
6 wrd0720 2018/02/04 7:21pm 52 110 48s
7 Sneffy 2018/02/05 1:04am 52 105 49s
8 cici 2018/02/05 4:14am 52 116 52s
9 timfitz 2018/02/04 8:45pm 52 98 54s
10 woodypilot 2018/02/04 11:09pm 52 114 54s
1127 Iamanonymoustoo 2018


  • Sooo....what took ya?

    Kidding...but I like that JORDANIAN replayed the game to see if he could click even faster.

  • I just started to play a number of the games in the last month !

    I believe in complimenting . . . .


    thanks MOM

  • I think I can fix your problems if you closely follow my instructions.
    1) switch to decaf
    2) take a nap

    Its called SOLITAIRE...the only score that matters is yours

  • ....but you put me in my place like a champ, lady

    edited February 2018

    LOL, homedoggy. Iamanonymoustoo, can you tell us which particular game you're finding these scores? There might be an easy answer, to your complaint, if we can check that game.

  • take a minute or 2 and explore the " LEADER BOARD "

    going off to find a real challenge !

    Signing off forever !

  • Thanks for trying Sage. My initial comment was misconstrued.

  • homedoggy I thought I was bad with people, I know I screwed up cause I allowed some one to get in my head, and get frustrated, someone had to say put me in my place as well. I know how you and plenty others when we deal with certain people, and now I will say Hello! From Tennessee USA

  • Upon reading the thread title, I pictured a mob with flaming torches marching toward the robots' lair!

  • Nah! we chase wabbits, share recipes , music likes,talk about weather life, etc. etc. the torches were banned, scared we would burn the bots at the stake.

  • Iamanonymoustoo: absolutely right! if some1ne able to catch a game exactly in 13 secs with 101 movez TWICE, he will be INDEED a robot! BTW: with this 'constellation' he can 'block' only ONE place (finish the game, 101m.,13sc.), not number 1 AND 2 spot!...there is an error in this game furthermore...

    bye & greetz,

  • Iamanonymoustoo.I would have thought the biggest challenge facing us would be this virus, not the usual rant about who did what in so many nano-seconds.Many of us have more serious concerns.............such as staying alive.I couldn't care less how others play.Why should you?

  • Making me wonder: can robots burn at the stake? Do they have flammable joint-lubricants or fuel? Batteries? Asking for a friend.

  • We can always ask Rodney or sometimes called Blinky from Lost in Space , my favorite robot !

  • I have a remote control Lost in Space robot... it says "Warning! Warning!"
    You guys crack me up...! I love this site!

  • Better to burn Dr. Smith at the stake! I always wondered why they didn't just jettison him . . .

  • I agree with your comment, Graeme. This virus is affecting too many people in a short time. The virus is definitely the worlds' biggest problem and who cares about how many seconds the game was completed in. I just play for fun and couldn't care less about the stats.

  • Homedoggy, you didn't comment on the 3 minute rest time between the two attempts! Zzz.....

  • Everybody needs a potty break.

  • Hope everyone has plenty of toilet paper , store shelves are empty.

  • Hello cdmusic.Yes,it's a bad time for everyone now.People are worried,anxious,frightened about health, jobs,the future.It will end.We just have to do the best we can for ourselves and our loved ones until this virus is beaten,and beaten it will be.Batten down the hatches and wait it out.Chris has Spring- cleaned today and I'm trying to find my glasses,books,all neatly put somewhere where I can't find them.I'll have to confront her about this.............from a safe distance.In the meantime,play on and look forward to a better time.


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