Helplessly Hopeless

So, occasionally I drift to a game of Hopeless. Not a game that requires a huge amount of thought when played at my level. I'll switch the game to the 3 color (easy) version and click away in a mindless exercise. Not really worrying about the outcome or where I stand on the leaderboard at the end of the day. But then, competitive juices start flowing, and you begin to notice things.
1) The rules are wrong.
The object of the game isn't about clearing away all the blocks. The object is, and always has been, about scoring as high as possible. Period...Underlined...Exclamation point...
No body cares ( not me anyway) if there is a block or two left over after a game in which you managed to score 18k points. I don't even think about clearing all the blocks until the last 3 or 4 clicks left.
2) The leader board
All respect in the world for @lizzwizzie , @Whazzzzzzzzup? , @DazedAndConfused , @plumb-broque and others who dedicate time and resources into finding just the right game that they think will allow them to score well beyond 30,000 points. The trick is to click the 'New Game' button until a game pops up with an over abundance of one color or another. Not a simple task, mind you. I, myself have clicked that button 150-200 times and not found a game I thought would achieve that lofty plane. And then, once a suitable game has been found, all the players play the same game, the same way and get the same score.
But, here lately I've decided to take a different tack on the game.
Now, when I play, I take the next game in order and decide if I want to play it high or low. If there are multiple groups where one color or another has bunched together, I might play 'High' and if I make it to 10k points...I win. But, if you hit the 'new game' button and the colors are mixed up like a dog's breakfast, I might decide to play that game 'Low' and click on only the smallest possible blocks in an effort to score UNDER 6k points. In other words, play to lose.
I find it as hard to play to lose as playing to win and it changes things up for me. I thought some of my Green Felt friends might enjoy an old game with a new twist.


  • Hello homedoggy.Ithink the above rivals St.Pauls last epistle to the Corinthians.Where did this sudden burst of literary energy come from?

  • Well, that's a new take. I'll have to give it try! And I'm impressed with the literary energy burst. I read the whole thing.

  • @homedoggy - interesting idea. Sounds fun!

    @Fireweed - I read it, too.

  • I am heaps and heaps lazier and less creative than homedoggy, but I also enjoy playing Hopeless. I am one of those people that finds games that result in high scores and try those, mostly because it's more fun for me to clear more of the board. Usually the same few games show up over and over in the leaderboard which is sad for lazy, uncreative me. I wish there was a way to see the top 50 or so games so I could plink away at those forever. That's a small, small problem as problems go, I know.

  • Sorry about getting wordy. I've been saving up.

  • @CindyinSeattle I wish those 3 games would just be retired so we could see the competitor change now and then.
    @homedoggy I enjoyed it. Keep it up. Always like a good thoughtful conversation.

  • @homedoggy You hadn't written anything in awhile!
    @graeme I've never seen a biblical reference before.
    Hopeless...I've just wasted 5 minutes that I'll never get back, but @homedoggy epistle to the Greenfelt forum makes up for it all.

  • @homedoggy....I used to play Hopeless for something different but never could figure out why or what the result was supposed to be about. I rather enjoyed your lengthy insight....but still don't know anything new.

  • CindyinSeattleCindyinSeattle REGISTERED
    edited December 2023

    @binky3...the trick is not just to clear the board, but to clear really big chunks. I focus on the most prevalent color and remove the OTHER colors, trying to link up as many of the prevalent color squares as possible. The highest scores come from having ALL of the prevalent color squares connected, and when you finally click on that big blob, you'll get a huge score.

  • Thanks @CindyinSeattle ....I'll give it another try.

  • Thanks Professor Homedoggy , gave the game a few tries , and will have a few more goes at it on Easy 3 , fun game to play amazing 8268 in first game , Wow! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

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