Jim and David will do whatever they can with the time available to rectify the problem.They both have full-time jobs so it can't be easy.We have to remember they have allowed us the use of this site free of charge,and,I may add,what an excellent site it is.It has given me and many of my solitaire friends years of enjoyment.When something like this happens I realise how much I have come to look forward,not only to playing these games but actually corresponding with my fellow players.What's a day or two or three amongst friends.Just a little patience and we can once again resume our games and friendship.I'm off to do some gardening.


  • riverrat55riverrat55 REGISTERED
    edited March 2023

    Thanks graeme for your message to all the great players and friends on this site. Hopefully it will warm up here soon as have a lot of yard work and getting out new plants, from the wind, cold and recent storms, to do myself as spring here is upon us.

  • True for certain. Riverrat55 we had March in February and now we are paying for it big time. Patience in all things.

  • Thank you, @graeme, for reminder to be appreciative along with patience.
    I suppose that applies to 'never ending winter' in the Sierra Nevada as well.

  • Hello sierrarose.Lovely spring morning here.Daffodils are out and the sun is shining.Can feel the warmth of the sun now.Hope you'r 'never ending winter' finally ends and glorious spring arrives bringing with it new hope and optimism for the coming year.Keep safe.

  • Speaking of patience @greame, weren't you going through a home remodel. I know that can be a test for your patience. Hope all went well.

  • Hello homedoggy.Yes,double glazing amongst other things.Chris has been trying to remodel me for the last 56 years but with little success, [so she tells me] Peace and tranquillity reigns once again in our household.Hope you and Annette are well.Take care.

  • If pressed for comment I'll bet Chris wouldn't change a thing. Next time, book a room in the Cotswolds and leave a key under the mat for the workers.

  • Homedoggy,nice thought.Been there many times with Chris.Lovely part of the country.Keep safe.

  • I love this thread title because the game Solitaire is also called "Patience."

    edited March 2023

    @barzonymous That's what I thought when I saw the title... rather ingenious of @graeme

  • Hello Sage.In all honesty.It didn't dawn on me until the following day.However,I do like being called ingenious.Very kind of you.

  • @graeme , when something is true, it's true. Stay ingenious. And stay true.

  • Hello ggmaterre.Very nice of you.I'll endeavour to do that,but don't tell Chris.........she enjoys a good laugh.Don't want to spoil my new image.Look forward to saying something even more ingenious in the future.........after another cup of tea.Stay safe.

  • Celebrating the Coronation with @graeme and friends from across the pond. Long live the king.

  • Great day! Pomp and pageantry.What a spectacle! Second Coronation I've seen.It's nice to have something to celebrate for a change.Thanks homedoggy.Cheers to you and all my greenfelt friends.Keep safe.

  • Graeme, Sage , homedoggy etal, I thought it meant the game patience as well and always enjoy the comments.

  • Hello Fireweed.We were side-tracked along the way.Never mind,we'll soon find something else to deviate from.Take care.

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