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Game: freecell
Game #: 1127521173

What would you like to see?

I am puzzled by how someone wins with 98 moves in 9 seconds. How is this possible?


  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited February 19

    Super Moves...

    All explained in the Rules for each game and

    If speed is your goal, it can really help. Just another little greenfelt thing.

  • Maybe to join, applicants must read FAQs. It might save many, many STUPID questions. But the forum might become awfully slow. Just a thought.

  • @ggmaterre, Hey cut him some slack, it's a good question, and not everyone wants to search the site for info. @Grapefruit, it is not only super moves, but practicing a game over and over when not logged in. Also a touch screen is needed. Then erase your cookies and start playing. If you feel you have messed up just stop and go again. Also a lot of games start the timer as soon as the game opens, not when you make your first move. I believe there is a video by Lasso on here showing a super time. Best of luck!

  • Maybe if you think a question is stupid why even read it much less bother to answer it. I don't know...just a thought.

    There is just so much rudeness in the world that it would be nice if we all could just be a little kinder.

  • Also a crap way to cram in some spam

  • Forget the spam.A nice cup of tea and a piece of toast will brighten you'r day.Start the day with a smile and a game of solitaire........Play on.........and enjoy.Have a nice day ladies and gents.Almost time for my second cup of Assam.

  • @ggmaterre ...not a bad idea but I see no reason to condemn the many for the sins of the few. However, I did think that once a question is posed the player might be compelled to see the answer in a more effective way than a little '1' next to the icon in the toolbar. I never minded answering a players questions. but when they ask the same question a week later in a different post it becomes a bit tedious. Perhaps a drop box over the Green Felt home page letting them know that someone has responded. I guess they would still have to navigate to the forum all by their lonesome but at least it would end the repetition.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited February 22

    There is one person who has asked the same question 26 times and who has never checked back to see the answers and suggestions. And the Greenfelt guys have answered this person's questions. Oh well.

  • just play the games and enjoy!!!!!!!! Quit complaining

  • That was harsh. Are you sure you're Canadian?

  • @homedoggy Why is it any more harsh to tell people to stop complaining than telling someone that their question is stupid?

    Is it any worse to ask the same question over and over than for people to keep responding with the same response over and over?

    If nothing else I find this forum good for the study of human nature.

  • For the record, I do not believe I complained or referred to any ones question as stupid. I merely tried to think of a way to insure that the person who posed the question would actually see the response, hence the "You've got mail" pop up box. I understand the frustration of a player asking the same question 26 times AND the tedious nature of answering it each time so I get neither upset or contentious. Just trying to pitch in where I can. The problem is that people don't see the answers.

    As for my "harsh" was meant more tongue in cheek than anything and you can click on my user name for my past history

  • @homedoggy I'm sorry. Someone above implied that the OP's original question fell in the STUPID category.

    My apologies for any misunderstandings.

  • we good...thx

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