The original Seahaven Towers by Art Cabral I played circa 1989 on a Mac II had very subtle sounds when you moved cards. I think it could be a great addition to Seahaven Towers here. It might be enough to simply crib the sounds from the original. You can watch a video here:

You can try it by downloading the ".hqx" file from and dropping it on the Mac window screen, then digging around in the "Downloads" folder inside "The Outside Word", and then dropping it on "StuffIt Expander" (the unzip-like utility of the era). You'll be left with a double-clickable Seahaven Towers app. It doesn't look like much now, but at the time it was revolutionary.

The sounds are stored as "snd" resources in the resource fork. I've extracted them and converted them to .wav and put them in a zip file here, so give it a go.


  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited June 28

    I just play music. I love the absence of sounds. But good job. You have mad computer skills!


    Thanks for the video, @richard619! I never played on an old Mac, but it’s neat to see! I think the first computer I played was on a Sun? We’ve been negative about sounds, but it might be worth reconsidering that now.

  • I like the silence or I play my own music. I get really tired of all the beeps and squawks from every gadget around. But I suppose I could always turn the sound off if it were implemented.

  • I'm the type who likes to mute sounds, too. But having the option is something to consider.

  • I like the sound of silence, but if you chose to implement please include option to turn sound off.

  • I agree , please include option to turn sound off

  • I second that.Nice to have the option but I prefer silence when I play.Too much noise in the world as it is.Each to his/her own.Keep safe.

  • It makes sense that the default would be sound off, but if we had the option to turn sound on I would like that. When I'm by myself not bothering people, I prefer subtle card sounds; silent cards make me feel like I'm going deaf.

  • Ha! Murphymouse, that's funny! :)

  • Love the all-too-rare silence ;)

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