old friend

To Joan 1953
are you MONY MONY
if so contact me facebook
I still LOVE YOU


  • homedoggyhomedoggy REGISTERED
    edited February 16

    @popabud ...I gotta know....Did you ever hear from @joan1953 ???
    Sage and I did all we could.

  • homedoggy, I'm so glad you asked. I've been wondering the same thing. :)

  • Ooh la la intrigue on Greenfelt!

  • Since @joan1953 was last active on Green Felt in October 2019, I don't imagine so, unless she's Anonymous. :'(

  • And Budda, has anyone heard from Budda?

  • @homedoggy....hope your Cupid's magic works on these two long lost loves and for Valentine's day no less. Maybe you should start a love line on this site and see how many others you can connect. Keep us updated on your progress.

  • homedoggyhomedoggy REGISTERED
    edited February 19

    Ah, but Solitaire is, by nature, a solitary game. A Green Felt Dating Game...shudder the thought.

  • Wow - flashback. Havent seen Budda in ages, plus NRG, Jimbob, Meka, Tamarap and a whole bunch of people who used to be regulars. My memory isnt great so I can only remember a few.

  • It hasn't been THAT long, but long for graeme. @graeme... are you listening, my friend. I sure do need to hear from you. At least tell us what's for lunch today and may I join you????

  • OK...I just went back to Klondike and there you were graeme, #1. First time I've seen you on Klondike in a while. I've missed seeing you there.

  • Hello binky3.How are you? Still playing Klondike,but not as much as I used to.Play a lot more 40 thieves and Alternation now.Cold roast pork sandwiches for lunch,followed by my usual apple and two gallons of hot,black tea.Nice to see you'r message.Take care and look after yourself.Will keep in touch.

  • Morning "old friends" starting day with forums and some Klondike and Golf Wrap Around , maybe cook up something for myself later with Red Beans & Rice , Leg Quarters and some Cajun Seasonings. Hello @binky3 & @graeme, great to see you

  • Hello my friend.Hope you and you'r mam are well.Whats happened to homedoggy?He's very quiet lately.Has he been 'got at 'by the anonymice?Stay safe @ riverrat55,binky3,not forgetting homedoggy and the rest of my distant friends.

  • Hello @graeme , I see he had posted here in this forum a few days ago , otherwise only had a few messages from him , guess we will have to get on to him to bring him back to us. all well is here with mom and I as far as health , just dealing with strange weather here Mother Nature can't make up her mind either cold , sleet , windy or rain storms and throw in some warm weather , have never seen it this bad here.

  • binky3binky3 REGISTERED
    edited February 22

    Hey y'all @graeme & @riverrat. What a great way to open my lap top to find. I've been missing y'all like crazy. Yes I do believe @homedoggy has divorced us and gone to the anonymice graeme. Sounds like y'all have plans for some good eating. Would not turn down an invitation. Been spending a lot of time at my sister's, helping with her husband. He's still having some good days but a lot of bad ones too. So I really miss y'all when I'm gone. I can't log on to their system because they can't remember password. Her husband has changed it so many times and "of course" he can't remember last one. I can play under her user name but don't get on forum, but that's just my hang up.

    Please don't forget me, my dear friends. I love you so much. This goes to all my other friends as well. Yes @homedoggy, that includes you......bink. XOXO

  • Right here were I've always been. Playing a little less and not as may posts. Blessings to all.

  • Same to you doggy. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

  • Good to hear that you are all well.Plod on!

  • Hello @graeme....just saw you on Klondike. So good to see you there. It put a smile on my face and lifted my heart a little bit in these troubled days. Hope you and your family are doing okay. Please let me hear from you and Chris. Sending you hugs and kisses.

  • Hello binky3.All fine here.Still playing.We live in troubled times and life is so precious.Take care and love to you and your family.Porridge with grapes and blueberries and wholemeal toast plus my usual gallon of tea.Ready for anything now.Bye!

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