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Game: freecell
Game #: 442080140

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Could you please stop letting people choose such obnoxious, politically motivated handles? I just want to come here and play a game and forget all the BS floating around on the Internet. When I see some of the handles people use, it makes me sick to see such disrespect and uncivil behavior on your site. Isn't life hard enough already? Please stop. Thank you for your consideration of this request.


  • If you see a name that you feel is obnoxious, send a private message to David or Jim and they will take care of it. They try to catch problems early, but both have lives (full time jobs and families) and don't monitor 24/7, although they do a remarkably good job.

  • Amen to krattm’s comment!

  • Hey Karen, calm down, it's gonna be OK

  • If I had to guess....People that use "Obnoxious Handles" do so in order to get attention...rile someone...or to see how many people will respond to them. It works...every time. They are probably sitting back and laughing their butts off about how many people they have upset.

    You have two choices...respond and give them pleasure...or...ignore them and ruin their day.

    I still can't figure out why I never notice the "Obnoxious Handles" until someone complains about them in the forum.

  • Thank you @Nan01

  • I dislike them too but I have noticed that the obnoxious names never do anything harder than simple Klondike, a game of Spider (the toughest level) is never bothered by them. They stay away from any game that is the least bit of a challenge - which shows their level of intelligence....

  • supremo...careful there. I play Klondike-3 simply because I like it....has nothing to do with my intelligence. That remark kind of spread over all of us Klondike players.

  • I agree @justhere. I usually play solitaire when my brain needs a rest...has nothing to do with how smart/stupid I am...just means I need a break from having to think! Some days thinking makes my head hurt!

  • supremo, holier than thou much? doosh

  • Hello supremo.Play a lot of Klondike do you?

  • Klondike game of the day.Nice easy one for you.Enjoy.

  • gmaterregmaterre REGISTERED
    edited January 13

    Shall we leave poor klondike players alone. Everyone has to start somewhere (sometimes I end the night with klondike). As for obnoxious handles, I suggest we don't touch them; who knows what we might catch 😱

  • gmaterre....hah!! Good one. :)

  • Thanks justhere.

  • I meant that the obnoxious names don't play the harder games sooooo.... do the harder games and you won't see their names. I play Klondike but I also play the harder games, all of it is for relation and fun.
    Those offended by my inoffensive comment are just clearly over-sensitive.

  • Well said

  • @supremo, not to change the subject, but changing the subject...If that is your cat in your profile, he/she is really cute.

  • gmaterregmaterre REGISTERED
    edited January 15

    Cats, now that's a relaxing subject. Dogs, too. I'm a multi-species pet lover. (Even snakes & ferrets)

  • it doesn't take much to offend people these days .. .. .. a piece of jewelry, a pair of shoes, the weather .. .. .. over-sensitive is an under-statement!

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