My user name on my account is Rev yet when I enter discussions it is Luv2bake. How do I change the latter back to Rev? Happy New Year everyone. Rev


  • homedoggyhomedoggy REGISTERED
    edited December 2021

    Send me some cookies and I'll fix it for you.

  • Hi Homedoggy. Belated Christmas Blessings to you and all those you hold dear. Happy New Year as well. It is so good to hear from you. I must confess that as my memory declines I have some understanding of computer cookies but have no understanding of how to copy them etc. Would it help if I send you privately, my numerical pass code? S

  • @luv2bake ... I believe @homedoggy 's meaning the edible kind... chocolate chip, shortbread or somesuch. To change your user name click on this link and you'll see how to...

  • Happy New Year to you Sage. I wondered about the cookies of the homemade variety and thought I'd mention 2 of my favourites but then thought otherwise. I think I might send Homedoggy a new recipe I tried and it was a huge success - the French Vanilla Bean Sablé Cookie.
    These times of super fast computers, telephones, etc. are changing so fast some of us seniors just can't keep up. I tried the link. I was able to keep my old user name but I could not keep my password. I just get so frustrated - not uncommon with those who suffer from continuing memory loss. Thanks for your help.
    Ps. Right now I am in Edmonton, Alberta visiting my grandchildren. Last week we hit a -55 celcius wind chill ... colder than the North Pole and I love it.

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
    edited January 4

    Hi @luv2bake

    I think that the forum is separate from the games site. I remember a few years ago when Jim and David were having problems with the server for the greenfelt games we were still able to use the forum for updates.
    So you likely have separate accounts for each site @Rev and @luv2bake . While you are on the forum now as @luv2bake click on the settings cog icon on the far right at the top of this page and sign out.
    Then if you go to the greenfelt games site and find you are signed in as @Rev navigate through the games menu to the forum via ‘contact us’ and hopefully you’ll be able to chat as @Rev

    Hope this works 🙂

  • Hello Rev.Good to hear from you again.Happy New Year.Keep safe.

  • Great to hear from you again Rev, and hope all is well with you, Stay Safe.Happy New Year
    Did someone say cookies, here is a very exotic cookie recipe that have tried and enjoyed it is from a book I read from Susan Witing Albert.
    Happy New Year Everyone !!!!

  • Since you guys won't stop chatting about cookies, I suppose I must bake some. Should it be oatmeal schotches, peanut butter with chocolate chips or monster cookies? Now I'm hungry.

  • Just had my porridge.

  • @gmaterre what is a monster cookie? I picture something about 12" in diameter. :D

  • @sierrarose , that monster cookie peeked my curiosity so found a good recipe for it.

  • Think I might make those! Thanks, @riverrat55. Happy Epiphany!

  • I like Kelly's adaptation of monster cookies. Yes, sierrarose, monster cookies are big, but where I come from they also have lots of goodies in them. Let's shift this thread--to cookies, cookies, we love cookies.

  • @gmaterre, @barzonymous @riverrat55 <3 <3 <3 I haven't baked cookies in forever. However, the Monster Cookie recipe looks delicious. It had me at "chewy." Good wishes to all on King's Day.

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