Okay...we've done music and dancing an just plain funny videos...but Christmas is my favorite time of year. Pls post your favorites here.


  • stellar idea dog .. .. .. i can't think about Santa until the last turkey chimichanga is gone, will be collecting holiday tunes until then, hasta luego :)

  • That was nice, homedoggy, but I have to honor Thanksgiving before I can even think about Christmas. It irritates me no end that the stores start talking up Christmas before Thanksgiving has even come and gone. be you and I'll be me. :)

  • the radio station at work started playing a Christmas mix...put me in the spirit. Well...Canadian Thanksgiving was Oct. 10th so 'party on, Garth"

  • Hah! That explains a lot! :)

  • Around here,Thanksgiving is celebrated every Friday.

  • @homedoggy, I appreciated your video, enjoyed it very much. Of course it does seem like it was just a couple weeks ago we just had Christmas. I go in stores and see Holloween stuff on sale and think WHAT. Even though that's my birthday, it's just plain strange it's already come and gone.

  • Humbug!

  • graeme!!!! that doesn't sound like you at all. I believe it's the first negative thing I've heard from you. Please tell me it ain't so.

  • Hello binky3.I thought I'd pop that one in.Yes,I do like Xmas.Has to be better than last year.Our daughter is already asking me when I'm going to put up the decorations.She is putting her's up at the end of November.I'm trying to hang on to a week before Xmas......I'll never succeed,Chris will see to that! Look after yourself

  • My two favorite holidays seem to always get the short end of the stick. Easter, a most precious holiday to Christians all over the world, gets whittled down to bunnies, jelly beans and new clothes (but I do like any excuse for chocolate candy). Thanksgiving is a traditionally American holiday that grocery stores get excited about, and most everyone else tries to run over so as to make tracks towards Christmas. Please folks, let me celebrate being thankful for my Christianity in the Spring, and being thankful for everything else in the fall. Thank you

  • Thank you for your comments gmaterre. I agree wholeheartedly. Although we play Christmas songs all year. Good music is good music no matter the season.

  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus- Jimmy Boyd 1952
    Merry Christmas Everyone

  • @gmaterre , yes Black Friday's can be rough as have witnessed at our local Walmart , even ordering online is just as bad as example ordered Digital Camera , 3rd Party Company sent camera with instructions in Chinese, Luckily Know someone that knows someone at Walmart so got refund and camera free , thou still can't read instructions. lol

  • Several Novembers ago, I remember being terribly disappointed when I went looking for a few decorations for the Thanksgiving table and couldn't find a thing! The stores had gone directly from skeletons to Santa Claus, and this actually began before Halloween. I think that gmaterre is just saying "Slow down and enjoy the present".

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  • "... I'd make the of Easter an egg and the symbol of Christmas, a bottle..."

  • justherejusthere REGISTERED
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    riverrat55, I remember being very confused when I first heard that song when I was a little girl. Mommie kissing Santa Claus?? LOL. Do love the song now, though....good memories!

  • gmaterregmaterre REGISTERED
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    My exhusband was notorious for singing (with all our 6 children) Christmas songs all summer long. And with all the car windows down! It was great. But it didn't take away from Independence Day. I just believe in taking time for each holiday. I'll share my favorite Christmas song after Thanksgiving.

  • @gmaterre ,agree, one day at a time. Life goes by fast enough as it is. Peace.

  • 🌟🎄 🎁 i'm up, my lights r up, my tree is up .. .. .. let the madness begin!!! 🎄🌟🎁

  • There are many beautiful Christmas songs, both religious and secular. I found this flash mob at a mall that I really like. Hope you guys enjoy it.

  • gmaterre, that was great! Brought chills and tears. :)

  • @gmaterre , that was lovely.

  • Thank you. YouTube has several flash mob selections. Many are very good.

  • Animals sing 12 days of Christmas

  • we dont have any dogs in our family, unless u count uncle bill, but we do like to party, 'specially at this time of year .. .. ..

  • some special friends and more Vince Guaraldi music, covered by George Winston here .. .. ..

  • Heart- Ring them Bells

  • @homedoggy, thanks for sharing your video of F&F. I think I told you before how much I really enjoy that group. @riverrat..liked the the one you posted as well...really like Heart. Also, enjoyed the pet videos.

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    3 of my fav things, music, humor, and collard greens .. .. .. thanks Mom!

  • Merry Christmas

  • Wow, riverrat....that's what I call a beautiful Christmas song. Thanks dear friend.

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